Do You Trust Your Undercurrent? – NineStarKi Energy June Full Moon


Undercurrent: NineStarKi energy Full Moon – June 28, 2018 – 04:54pm UTC in Capricorn

Today’s Nine Star Ki energy is: 9 – 1 – 4


The 9-1-4 profile of this full moon reminds us of our source. Of the vast, dark, deep waters we are born from and to which we well return. For some this vast, dark, deep waterworld may feel like a big, black hole in which one can disappear, never to return again. For others it feels like true source; the well of one’s origin and true potential.

[inlinetweet prefix=”‘” tweeter=”” suffix=”‘”]Water is the world in which our biggest talents slumber, waiting to become alive.[/inlinetweet]


This full moon is through the 1 of 1-water strongly connected with these principles. Since it also is positioned in the middel of the profile, the 1-water energy penetrates deeply into our own unconscious. The world where our biggest traumas and fears dwell. But also the world in which our biggest talents slumber, waiting to become alive. It’s the traumas and fears however that obscure a clear view on our most untouched talents.


Mingled with the energy of 9-fire in the first position, the already present feelings of chaos and turmoil can easily switch into overdrive. Despite that, the trick however is to imagine yourself floating in a little boat in the middle of the ocean, with no ability to influence the course it takes or to change direction. Panic will more certainly rock your boat than bring salvation. So the trick is to trust the undercurrent. Have them surfaced what needs to be acknowledged and recognized under the spotlight of the summers sun. Acknowledge the slumbering talents and qualities. Acknowledge too the traumas and fears that played a role in creating the unrest you may feel in your undercurrent. Let them surface and accompany you on your journey.


Also feel the tides and the flow of a bigger current that carries you and, maybe yet unrecognizable, also ripples through into the undercurrent of your life shaping it in unimaginable ways. Trust the bigger plan; you don’t need SatNav if you allow yourself to rest in that flow. Just allow yourself to sink into this bigger flow. It will take your little boat to the right shore to land on at the right time.


The helpful companion in this profile is 4-wood. The element that can translate your feelings and water-issues into words. Remember, as long as things remain unexpressed, as long as thing are left unspoken, there’s a chance that they disturb and cause delays in life’s bigger travel plan. Unexpressed issues are like the under water part of the iceberg that took the Titanic down.

[inlinetweet prefix=”‘” tweeter=”” suffix=”‘”]Unexpressed issues are like the under water part of the iceberg that took the Titanic down.[/inlinetweet]


So when one of your talents or one of your monsters cracks through the surface of your unconscious waterworld, not only take a close look at it. Also invite it into a conversation. It’s the messenger that holds an important message you need to become conscious about.

Transformational Connection

It’s through this beautiful quality of the 4-wood energy that a supportive connection with the energy of 9-fire can be established. The element that puts transformation in the spotlight! The element that invites you to take up a completely different and a way more clear position in your life. Not only this month, but the whole year around as you can read here.

Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, I really appreciate it and you! Thank you!

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