Bridge To The Future – NineStarKi energy June Full Moon


Bridge To The Future – Nine Star Ki energy June Full Moon


8-Earth has impact, massive impact, probably more than you realize. It’s the element that shapes your future based on lessons learned and events experienced in the past. This month will make clear the healing you’ve done on a foundational level. All future things exist in the past, so be grateful for what has visited you! Also, the energy of the month supports you in connecting the past with a future direction, bridging the gap between them.


The question however is which of that can be used as a guide towards a new direction in life. It’s depending on your discernment of choosing what is right to follow and on knowing when to stop waving your magic wand and wishing for better things to happen. This month wants you to become aware of the spells you cast and take responsibility for them.


The Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon is 8-7-6, that is 8-earth, 7-metal, 6-metal. While 8-earth digests and integrates was has been, 7-metal is the one that creatively opens up your mind for new possibilities. Like a child exploring the world from a fresh and new perspective; finding new ways to look at old things and managing life into a whole different direction from its parents. 6-Metal is the element that cuts cords of attachment, chooses clear directions and takes decisions based on integrity and sincerity. 6-Metal is all about the quality of energy and using that energy to bridge gaps that are only present in your mind. 


Wishful thinking is only helpful if a bridge can be built from it that enables your dreams to land on solid ground, otherwise you live in a fantasy world that is about to collapse. If worked through properly, dreams don’t take you away into a reality that is not of this earth, but will support you with the necessary guts and courage to strive towards what you are worth achieving. Dreams, then, are the messengers that carry gifts waiting to be received. 


This process is in need of a clear mind and of clarity about your inner strengths and your capacity to take charge of the situation. Also, it is in need of your clarity about when to leave things that are not in your control, to the gods. 


Boxes are being cracked open, boundaries crossed and hurdles taken. This month it is possible that your dreams on a fantastic future are being met by people who operate on the same frequency as yourself. They will prove themselves very helpful! Mind them, when in doubt, because they will remind you of all the reasons why you do what you do in the world. Because there’s truth in dreams of others too. 


Staying true to your inner strength and truth, in a way, enables others to do the same. It will help you to stay tuned and centered when the going gets tough. And it definitely will at some point in the days to come. Staying true to your inner strength and truth also channels what is present without others being consciously aware of this; this month you’ll be able to speak and incorporate truth of others too. They might however find it hard to be confronted with. And as others are speaking your truth, you yourself might be confronted with a truth you weren’t yet aware of.

Also 8-earth, in the silent secrecy of the inner process, is still working hard behind the scenes to digest and integrate what needs to be digested and integrated. From there it works on shaping a different future. Mind you: different, so not necessarily better on a personal level! Because, remember, this 8-earth year is much about changing what was, in order to find the gold required to built a new future with. 

Remember: there’s much to be grateful for!


Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work please quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, I really appreciate it and you! Thank you!

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