Webinar: Feng Shui, Crop Circles, Jung & the reemergence of the archetypal Feminine

Heaven and Earth

Feng Shui is a philosophical approach in trying to explain and understand how the forces of earth and cosmos inseparably operate and interact with eachother, since we – as human beings – are exposed to the big influence that cosmic and earthly energies have on us and on our lives. We interact with both the cosmic and earthly influences on a daily bases and it is how we choose to deal with them that is creating everything around us as a result of that.

From the cosmos we receive intentional impulses that have a desire to manifest themselves. From the earth emerges the ability of absorbing intention to manifest this into form and matter. In coöperation these two will become a creational force. So without intention, matter would not take on form nor have meaning. Without matter, intention would not be able to become manifest. Always intention is looking for matter to become manifest, to be able to manifest itself. Form is intention that became manifest and action is intention in movement. The unity of spirit and matter is what this is all about, because it is spirit that is able to focus through intention, hence giving meaning to the matter that is being created.

Human beings are matter that is full of intention, because we are beings that interact between heaven and earth maybe even try ‘Building heaven on earth’. (Dwight Webb, 2012 – iUniverse)

Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, there is a centre axis present in the Ba Gua that consists of:

  • yang; spirit, fire, light, heaven, soul, sperm
  • yin; source, water, darkness, earth, body, ovum
  • inbetween; in the centre, you’ll find human

This is called the axis of life as opposed to the axis of evil that some people prefer to worship. This old Taiji symbol is a reflection of that principle and is made up of three circles.

Old Taiji symbol
Old Taiji symbol

What we see here is the principle of polarity, represented by yin and yang. It is this principle of polarity and the referrral to its cosmic and earthly origin, that Feng Shui tries to explain in terms of spirituality. The yang force represents the energy of the cosmos that trickles down on us. The yin force represents the energy of the earth that vaporizes out of the earth. Both principles are interdependent and part of polarity and therefore cannot exist without eachother. As Jazz Rasool already pointed out in last weeks episode of this webinar series, you cannot have light without darkness, no light without shadow. So you cannot have life without death etcetera. These inseparable principles of yin and yang, of earth and cosmos are a bit too big for us to grasp immediately, still they were created in order to understand the bigger, universal picture that we are part off.

Slowly over the centuries, we have gained more and more knowledge on an increasing level of mechanisms that are based on interaction between and coöperation of energies deriving from both cosmic and earthly forces. These forces influence us as human beings and challenge us of mastering them. We try and learn to understand not only what is happening around us but also why it is happening. The awareness that you cannot influence the cycle of the sun nor the rotational and gravitational forces of the earth, creates the need to understand them in order to be able to work with them instead of against them. Unfortunately the gained knowledge is more and more put to use as a controling force. Feng Shui explains the world by re-connecting it to a more natural and a circular perspective of movement of these mechanisms and energies rather then by affixing it with facts and conclusions. You could therefore consider Feng Shui to be the art of consciousness.


We create the world around us according to our own (subconscious) images and archetypes. However the bigger part of this process is not perceived out of consciousness, but out of lack of consciousness. Feng Shui is describing and analysing the reality that we have created in terms of archetypal phenomena. For instance if in Feng Shui one discribes a function in the house like a kitchen, one immediately is able to consciously and subconcsiously connect to the archetypal images attached to this function and what it represents in a human life. We know what kind of process takes place in a kitchen, what function this space it is meant for and, to a certain level, know what kind of furniture and attributes one can expect in a kitchen. Maybe we add some own, personal, thoughts to the archetype maybe some memories too, but in general when we refer to a kitchen all people understand what it is we’re talking about. If however, on some level, our relationship with a kitchen as an archetypal representation of certain processes in our life  is disturbed, this will create an off balance situation in this kitchen. This off balance can show as a fridge that doesn’t work, or pots and pans with broken handles, or furniture that doesn’t belong in a kitchen – like a bed -, or as an overall messiness. It is our subconsciousness that creates a mess around us as a wake up call to our consciousness to  become aware what we are creating and why.

If we create the reality we are living in and at the same time this reality is creating us, then we not only are actually part of creation in progress, but also creating ourselves. And this is actually what the yin and yang symbol is about, being consciousness in motion, where the outer world is a reflection of the inner world and vice versa. In the Western world, Feng Shui is known as ‘the art of placement’, however that is not what it is about, since that would be a fixing and fixating method. It is about understanding creation to re-connect to what has been created as being part and a reflextion of ourselves. When looking at a house as being the creation of ones unconsciouss then analyzing this house will open up to the opportunity to be guided to a deeper consciousness of self.


This can be explained when looking at polarity as opposed to duality. The principle of polarity embodies the idea that everything has its opposite. All manifested things have two sides, two aspects, or two poles. Everything ‘is’ and ‘isn’t’ at the same time, there are two sides to everything, opposites are identical in nature, yet different in degree and all paradoxes may be reconciled. This is an ‘and’ ‘and’ principle.

Duality can be explained by looking at Boolean algebra for instance, which operates according to a dual principle. This is the subarea of algebra in which the values of the variables are the truth values true and false, usually denoted 1 and 0 respectively, like in a binary operation. This is an ‘either’ ‘or’ principle. In a binaire operation two things cannot exist at the same time, where in a situation of polarity not only two poles exist at the same time, but they also create a third body that can be compared to a magnetic field. In a binairy situation, two quantities are completely separate and are not interconnected at all.

Interesting is that in the old days the table of ten numbers according to the Pythagoreans, started with Monad, one, which was considered to remain always in the same condition: separate from multitude. This number was followed by Duad which was despised by the Pythagorans because it was the symbol of polarity, hence not separate form multitude anymore. Duad also was considered to be connected to the great mother of wisdom and related to Isis, Venus, Juno and Ceres!

To understand the principle of polarity, one can take a look at a magnetic bipole in which two poles are interconnected not in a linear cause-and-effect way, but in a movable, interacting way like in a magnetic field. The interesting thing here is that there is similarity in how a magnetic field and the interconnectedness between the two poles look like, and the stage of mitosis in which a cell duplicates itself into two genetically alike daughter cells. When you take a look at this field being created, you are looking at a field of movement of infinite possibilities; infinite potential of creation. Once intention focuses on this movement, the process will slow down and it will step by step take on form; changing movement into matter.

Mitosis - anaphase
Mitosis – anaphase

The only way you can reach this field of infinite possibilities, is thròugh the unity of yin and yang. It just takes those two polar forces that together can open up the appearing of this magnetic field. This process by the way, always demands the sacrifice of dying the little death of self of each individual yin or yang quality, in order to be able to move on to a higher unity. Two opposites meeting in polarity form a strong creational force that can result not only in a magnetic field or a new cell, but in anything that likes to take on form. Over the years many Crop Circles have appeared that refer to either the magnetic field or the principle of yin and yang.

Avebury Trusloe, 22/07/2000
Avebury Trusloe – 22/07/2000 – ©Steve Alexander

New Research

Both men and women have been researching the Crop Circle phenomenon in a masculine way by deduction, measurement and analysis which in time was followed by a more feminine approach of sensing and tuning into the phenomenon using intuïtion and gut feeling. We’re on the verge now of moving on to the next level of ‘research’ which would require both abilities to collaborate in order to be able to overcome their intrinsic limitations and get into communicating with the phenomenon through connection, in other words, connected communication. This is communication from the heart, the one place in a human being where equal integration of conscious and unconscious can take place. Thus taking the two opposites of masculine and feminine research to a higher unity of research; a research from the heart that has more unconditional and perceiving abilities to it. Connected communication also involves establishing an emotional relationship with the phenomenon.

This is a very necessary step we need to consciously undertake since the ratio creates distance and allianates us from the phenomenon, following a linear track that takes us up and away, inflating the ego so that we become disconnected from reality, escaping from it by for instance creating our own sacred community from which the rest of the world – i.e. the evil, dark part – is excluded and that we therefore don’t need to take responsibility for anymore. A state of mind many people also obtain by taking drugs by the way.

Hailey Wood - Ashbury, 16/07/2007
Hailey Wood – Ashbury, 16/07/2007 – ©Steve Alexander

Whereas a sole intuïtive approach can get lost in a boundless ocean of emotions taking us down deeper into a process of solidification by means of addictions to drama, food and matter, loosing track of the light of spirit within us. But it’s the circular self of the heart that is able to connect those two forces and create a complete new perspective on the subject, which can be a very liberating one. Because this stage of merging of energies only can happen when the two joining forces unconditionally accept the opposite and are able to let go of any tendency to condemnate the other. Like you see when yin and yang merge into the oneness of the Tao circle.

Crop Circles

Now Crop Circles are an interesting phenomenon. Palden Jenkins once made a remark, that Andy Thomas has referred to as well, that made me realise that what we are looking at is actually not there anymore. It is something that has not taken on form but is merely an imprint of an intentional impulse. Like leaving a footprint in the sand; you’re foot is not there anymore only the memory of it’s previous presence remains visible. This imprint also is something you cannot take with you. That by the way is why it is so hard to find hard evidence on what a Crop Circle is. However absence of evidence is not evidence of absence!

So you can ask yourself if the Crop Circle phenomenon isn’t just something we have to witness as an interaction between heaven and earth so to say, and that it – maybe – has nothing to do with us at all?

Was it meant for us at all? One can only wonder since some formations have been highly charged with electromagnetic energy at such level that electrical equipment and communication devices fail inside these formations. Now this phenomenon of electromagnetic interference or EMI is well known for its disruptive interaction of electrical circuits, for instance in sensitive medical equipment. That is why you have to turn off your mobile phone on entering a hospital. One can only wonder what kind of effect this kind of highly charged energy would have on the very sensitive electrical circuit of a human body. Will our body show signs off failure after having been in a charged formation? Or will it cause simple degradation of data or maybe even a total loss of data as happens when EMI is at play?

The one body that is able to deal with these highly charged impulses is that of Mother Earth. Through her body these impulses are absorbed and digested and are subsequently influencing the energy patterns of earth’s magnetic field. At the same time earth also is radiating her energy in which now these highly charged impulses are embodied, into the gravitational field that surrounds and effects us, hence connecting us with the energy of Crop Circles in a way that is manageble to the human system and at the same time influencing – and maybe changing – that human system.

Could it be that the cosmic impulse that was received and that resulted in a Crop Circle, merely was meant to be received by Mother Earth and that as a result of her energy being ‘adjusted’ or ‘inspired’ that we are affected on a physical level because the earth’s energy pattern changes? Could it be that Mother Earth is opening up to and receiving energy from Father Heaven just as a woman does a man? Could it be that we are witnessing a unity of two major forces, a sacred wedding so to say, in order to create a new form of offspring, a new form of human being?

A Round Thing

Toni Wolff called the new symbol that is re-emerging a round thing. The round thing actually is a symbol that is very old and not only represents the self, but the wholeness and interconnectedness of everything. So the symbol itself isn’t new but, as Toni eloquently put it, is something re-emerging, meaning that it is familiar to us already but we somehow just forgot about it. Now it is coming back to us and offering us the possibility to consciously re-connect with it again.

As a wedding ring, the round thing reminds us of the fact that true unity only is possible first within oneself as the unification of the inner feminine and masculine in the heart and secondly of unifying one heart with another through a wedding for instance. Establishing a heart connection is something many of us tend to call love, but the connection that is truly meant here is something that moves beyond our perception of romantic love, it is something I like to call bliss. Being in a state of feeling completely fulfilled, united and happy and unconditionally in love with the whole universe including the dark side. We lost this circular principle as one of our archetypes long ago. We only can ask ourselves when and where it was we lost it. It probably won’t surprise you that Christianity, that is the church as an institute, had a hand in this. Something I’m researching at the moment by the way.

In order to understand the original chaotic unity, the opus alchymicum taught us to break it down into four elements as Jung explained. It was a necessary step in order to be able to break down this chaotic unity into more digestable pieces.

Four Elements ©Nina Elshof Feng Shui
Four Elements ©Nina Elshof Feng Shui

However this step had to be followed by re-combining these elements again into a higher unity of five elements: being that the four elements and the one, aether (or ether), that binds all individual elements together into a pentagram. From a pentagram one can very easily draw a perfect circle. Not only that, the pentagram itself is a representation of human life form and humanity.

Five Elements ©Nina Elshof Feng Shui
Five Elements ©Nina Elshof Feng Shui

Nicola Tesla: “Only the existence of a field of force can account for the motions of the bodies as observed, and its assumption dispenses with space curvature. […] So are all attempts to explain the working of the universe without recognizing the existence of the ether and the indispensable function it plays in the phenomena.”

The breaking down of the chaotic unity into four elements and hindering the re-unity into a higher level of five elements, have captured us in a square prison ever since, disconnected from the circle and its cyclical movement.

And there is more, since the five elements can not only re-connect you to a circular movement of energy, they also can point you in a direction on how to re-connect with the bigger unifying field that is connected to the principle of yin and yang as mentioned before. Using Feng Shui and the instruments of both yin and yang as well as the five elements, will help to not only put this creational phenomenon into bigger perspective, but also to transform it into a more tangible and easy-to-handle form which can be applied to any given situation like Crop Circles. This will give every individual the opportunity to connect with the Crop Circles from a more personal perspective and create connected communication with it.

Connecting with the Crop Circle phenomenon through the heart and approaching it from the heart will create limitless and infinite possibilities, since it is the heart that represents the unity of yin and yang, of the feminine and masculine, of matter and mind, of conscious and subconscious. Many Crop Circles have appeared that have a reference to both the magnetic field and the principle of yin and yang, reminding us of their importance.

Hillside Farm - Westwood, 20/07/2008
Hillside Farm – Westwood, 20/07/2008 – ©Steve Alexander

The way one experiences a Crop Circle, largely depends on the persons mindset on entering the formation. Being skeptical will contribute to having a mindset that operates through a more linear, deductive and logical way of observation. Interestingly the prefix ‘ob’ refers to ‘toward’ end ‘to’, but also ‘against’. Which indicates an action is required coming from the observer towards the object that is being observed that will establish contact that already has a direction or focus. So entering a crop circle with a personal default mindset probably will result in leaving out other possible options and filtering out other information that doesn’t fit your default mindset. Like looking for a red book and not being able to find it, because it is actually a yellow book. Our default mindset limits our ability to perceive and apprehend. When something, like a focus or direction, is coming out of a person, nothing can come in at the same time; one can not be in-formed.

Whereas entering a Crop Circle with a mindset that is willing to perceive this formation as it is, leads to a different approach in which the direction of the action is reversed; creating a more open mind for any information that wants to come through, coming from the Crop Circle towards the person perceiving it.

Perceiving not only means ‘to become aware of’ but also ‘indentify by means of the senses’ hence using not only the mind but also other instruments such as intuïtion and sensitivity to obtain information. When information is entering a persons system who is in a perceiving mode, it’s hard to create focus or determine this information at the same time, so nothing can come out at the same time. Now it’s time to move from observing to perceiving, in order to let nature unfold itself to us, including the Crop Circle phenomenon. Because opening up to the universe doesn’t require questions to be answered, but merely the willingness of information to be received.

Hackpen Hill, 15/07/2013
Hackpen Hill – 15/07/2013 – photo Katie Troyan

To come down from the focused mind into a more perceiving state of receiptivity might be obtained by using dowsing rods. It will help shift from a thinking to a feeling state hence opening up the senses to a more broader perspective of what is present or has been present.

As we are creation in progress; it is consciousness that is nature’s most intimate mystery.

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