The Hackpen Hill Cropcircle, Synchronicity and the Star-of-David alignment; A planetary Love Story in Seven Days

Since I’m not a very fact-driven person as in a scientific way, but rather an observer of processes from which I intuïtively derive clues to act upon, I’d like to take you on this sort of Harry-Potter-like personal journey of events in a story-telling way which I will present to you on a subsequently weekly basis. If you feel the urge to put all the facts in a more scientific alignment, please feel free to do so. (You might want to let me know). Therefore also, this story doesn’t start at the beginning, although it might seem to start at the beginning…

Day 2

As I started off my journey from Holland to England to join the Glastonbury Symposium on July 26, there was just this feeling of big relieve to leave, for a brief period of time, a busy work life behind and to be able to join the tribe of like-minded people once again and touch base with the heart-chakra energy of Glastonbury. However, on the first day of this always inspiring Symposium – it was actually on the first morning – I felt there where things being cooked up and I was supposed to be one of the ingredients. It all started when the second speaker of the day (of the Symposium actually) came on stage and started talking his talk about the re-emergence of the feminine in relation to Jung and Crop Circles. As every year, I hadn’t really taken a look at the program to avoid creating expectations and a mind-set which could narrow the flow of information presented. Instead I’d like to sort of dive into this vast bowl filled by the speakers with their intentions, knowledge and information and flow around in it to see where it will take me and. So this guy comes on stage talking about a topic – actually two – that interests me very much: Jung and the feminine, not necessarily related to each other and not cecessarily in that order. Jung has had my interest because I think that the way he explained the nature of human psyche, relates to the way that Nine Star Ki is able to analyse a persons blueprint of life or, if you like, the other way around. Also the feminine is of interest to me because in the Feng Shui world of Yin and Yang, the Yin part relates to the feminine principle of a more fluid, receptive and intuitive state of being. Which I feel very acquainted with and which people are very much in need of today since the masculine principle is overpowering the feminine in many ways.

Listening to this talk, on one point the speaker presents some drawings by a lady who dreamt these images which were subsequently analized by Toni Wolff, who was not only a very close associate to Jung but also his ‘second wife’. These drawings, by Irine Champernowne, depict the creation of a cropcircle in the way it is explained today. However these drawings originate from 1951! I felt this very interesting because I have received many imprints and images related to the origin of cropcircles and other phenomena, which are all coming to proof by different, more scientifically oriented researchers today.

So here I am, listening to this talk, looking at these pictures and getting this feeling of something being stirred up. That happens to me, it is hard to describe but it always makes me pay even more attention to what is going on waiting for surprise to kick in. At the end of his talk, the speaker asks the audience whether there would be someone willing to drive him to Wiltshire to visit some cropcircles, since he doesn’t have a car (he flew in from Canada) nor knows his way around. This is where a – to me familiar – voice responds in my head: ‘That’ll be you girl!’. It makes me giggle a bit since the guy on stage is rather attractive too. Anyway, I know my qualities by now and wasn’t going to participate in an elbow driven rush with other women to the podium in order to offer my services and to be chosen ‘the lucky one’. Sorry, I’m too good for that! So I just wrote a little note with my name and phone number on it and handed it in at the front desk. If my intuition is correct, things will be arranged just the way they’re supposed to be arranged.

As they did.

(Next post in about a week from now. Don’t miss it!)

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