Birth, Unimaginably Visionary Visions and Dispelling of Darkness – NineStarKi profile – July-Full Moon


July 9, 2017 – 06:08 UTC in Capricorn; on new birth, unimaginably visionary visions exuberant enthusiasm, dispelling of darkness and the dangerously exploding impatience to get to the realization of all of this

The Nine Star Ki profile if this Full Moon is: 1 – 3 – 3.

Visions Beyond

It’s time to give birth to something new! The energy of this full moon is challenging you to step beyond. Beyond the edge. Beyond your fears that hide in the unconscious 1-water world and beyond the ancestral patterns that 3-wood is communicating strongly now. It’s time to liberate yourself and ride the waves of fortune heading your way. It’s time to connect with visions beyond your imagination.


This full moon’s energy can feel as a tricky territory and it can feel as dramatic and dynamic. It can -if you let it- propel you beyond your limitations into new territory. The double 3-wood in this profile can destroy any stubborn obstacles that are keeping you stuck; it can help you break free. It has no problem raising conflicts over controversies, imbalances or injustice. This is strong energy that can generate strong feelings, maybe some paranoia and unfortunately also can erupt into aggressive but also volatile outbursts. Especially if you’re not conscious of the emotions that are hidden in the unconscious underwater world of 1-water.


A double 3-wood constellation is very forceful in energy. It needs to own its space. Otherwise, its energy can initiate too many good ideas. Push too far and overdo it. Exercising not the best of judgments. It is therefore very necessary to get clear on your intentions!

Also, 3-wood wants to honor. Those that helped you get where you are right now. Your parents for instance, and your teachers. Those that offended and challenged you, pushing you to reach further and achieve more in better ways. Thank them for their dishonesty. Their way of cheating on you. It was just a way of fertilizing your growth!


Take heed! Listen to your voice of inner wisdom. This too is 1-water related. Everybody can at any time connect with their true source of authentic energy, your personal internal guidance system that leads the way. If you let it! Or it can lead you astray if it is governed by fear. Let go of fear, cleanse yourself from it, so you can get on accomplishing what your soul wants to get accomplished in this lifetime.


Ask yourself what it is you are afraid of. Look for the hidden meaning behind feelings and appearances. Look for stagnant energy patterns in your home, especially those connected with ancestral energies embedded in art and furniture that belonged to family members that passed away. Release and cleanse those energies in order to get rid of the powerful but sneaky grip they have on your life.

Yes, you have to be utterly courageous to face the emotions, the deep fear, that is undermining your strength and stamina. But this full moon supports you with enough invigorating courage to do so.

It can be helpful to connect with the spirits of the waters. Go to the beach, sit at a river or take a bath in the moonlight. The combination of the full moon and the strong water energy of 1-water present will have an increased purifying effect.


This is a great moment in time to liberate yourself from what’s holding you back. Free yourself! Take a leap of faith and jump into the ocean of immeasurable resource life has on offer for you. Do so with caution. Soften your anger and irritation. Don’t unload your emotions on the one standing in front of you. That too will be liberating and will help clear the way to resolution.

Dispeller of Darkness

The double 3-wood energy is one of the strongest energies to help dispel the old, to dispel darkness. 3-Wood is the energy connected with new birth. That super auspicious moment in time when new life comes into being. When it breaks through obstacles and leaves the safe, watery, dark womb to open up to a whole new life filled with opportunities. This is that time. This is a very strong moment in which power is opening up and in which abundance is heading your way. Settle in your power. Settle in your truth. Connect with your source of inner wisdom, your inner Guru.


3-Wood is the energy connected with the new. It can hold unimaginably visionary visions of a new future. 3-Wood tears down the walls of the known only to create a path into new and yet unknown territory. Because of the double 3-wood, the energy of this full moon has an almost unstoppable quality to it. Surrender and give birth. Breathe through the pain and fear that comes with the process. And fasten your seatbelt; great transformation is on its way.

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