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How are you doing so far under the turmoil creating influence of the dominating 8-earth energy of this year? Had enough yet? No? Well, good for you, cause there’s more interesting energy heading your way: directing you towards personal victory.


The July Full Moon energy is represented by the Nine Star Ki profile 8-6-7. That is 8-earth, 6-metal, 7-metal. Yes, a bit like last month’s profile, but now the direction of energy turns inward, shaking you to the core. It also opens energy portals to new levels of spirituality and victory. 


6-Metal is the element that sits in the position of the inner world. This is the world of your inner felt truth, feelings, anxieties, grief and sadness, tears not shed and hurt not expressed. But it’s also the world where you can reconnect with your spiritual origin and your soul purpose. 6-Metal in itself represents not only the capacity to think about a situation and analyse it to the core.

It also is the element that is spiritual in the truest sense of the word: it’s all about energy. It’s about the clarity of your energy and the ways you let it be obscured by demons from the past. It is about the strength of your energy and all the ways you have proven yourself more than capable of bringing it to its knees. And it’s also about the focussing of energy in the direction your soul wants to evolve and all the ways you’ve allowed yourself to intervene in this course by following the path of others, getting lost on the way.


The combination of 8-earth and 6-metal energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of the July Full Moon honors the guide in you. The inner teacher or guru that knows what’s best for you. This Full Moon is a great time to reconnect with that part of you that is teacher or guru; invite this part back into your life and follow its leads.

It is wise, it is precise and stern, but also utterly honest and brutally intense; it doesn’t allow any faint of heart drama, it just wants to succeed in getting the lesson learned. Learning what life wants to teach you, is the most effective way of getting rid of all obstacles that obstruct your path to wholeness, healing and happiness. 6-Metal adds a scrutinizing quality to this process, allowing no details to escape.

In this profile, 6-metal also is the sword that helps your inner teacher to cut through the crap dispelling the darkness that surrounds it and eliminating the poison that comes from it, so that what rarely can be seen in regular life, is revealed. The immediate result is release of the tension necessary to keep all the s**t under the lid and unexpressed.

Victory-Nina-Elshof-Feng-ShuiSpirit World 

This month it’s all about taking the wisdom of 8-earth inwards so you can recognize feelings and emotions that need to be expressed; you know what needs to go. That’s not easy to deal with and is only answered with complete honesty about what needs to leave you, what wasn’t meant for you anyway. It’s confronting, but if you stay calm, refrain from escapism and let the hurt be felt, you can breathe your way through the pain and agony located somewhere in your body. 8-Earth holds the wisdom to help 6-metal make choices based on intrinsic and ancient knowledge: the knowledge of your body, of the body of Mother Earth.

6-Metal can connect the seen with the unseen; the spirit world of promises and intentions; of people living in other realms; and of spells that kept us bound  from living freely. So once the blocking energies are released, weird things can start to happen. Like feeling free and liberated, or feeling happy! 

So set boundaries, say no to what keeps you small and insignificant, be clear on what to focus on, take your decisions, be fearless about it and claim your victory! And remember, it’s alway darkest just before dawn. 


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