Undercurrent – NineStarKi profile Full Moon – December


December 14, 2016 – 01:06 UTC in Gemini; about the undercurrent and your innermost feelings

The Nine Star Ki profile of today is: 2 – 1 – 6. Time to (re)connect with your source and dive under into the waterworld which is full potential.


This is the last full moon of the year. It is thé moment to think about the course you want to set yourself on for the next year. This is the moment to immerse into the infinite source from which everything derives and that is filled with potential.

What is it you are in search off? What is your focus when diving into the unknown? Which fulfillment of wishes and dreams are you looking for? What are you innermost feelings about?

It is the moment to establish contact with your underworld and to dive under and become invisible for a while.


It is the moment to be still. To fall silent. To rest and take it easy so you can re-establish your relation (2-earth) with your inner world (1-water in the second position). This can touch some pain and sorrow. Move some tears. No matter how little the sorrow is, it can still be a source of influence on your life that is unwanted. Like an undercurrent that drags you under and sets the course for you.

As long as these little sorrows are at work in an unconscious way, they can turn your life into an unwanted direction. Or make themselves noticed through obstacles that hinder the flow in your life. As soon as you start to listen to what they have to tell you and you are able to connect with them unconditionally, they can bring afloat wonderful gifts and treasures.


This moment in time, this full moon, asks for silent awareness. It asks to surrender to that which you normally are too busy to pay attention to. It asks to stop and pause a bit before you run out of zest. It asks to feel the drops of moonwater fall down onto your heart and bring to life the desires of your soul that lie dormant.

This is the time to connect yourself not only with your authentic wishes, but also with your authentic potential. Now is the time to reconnect this potential and these wishes that float around in your inner source, with those of the biggest source ever: the universe. Now is the time to bridge (6-metal in the third position) the gap between your unconscious and your conscious. Between your authentic source and that of the universe. Now is the time to re-establish this connection that maybe became obscured by the day-to-day-delusion. Now is the time to trust that everything that belongs to your personal flow of life, will find its way to you and announce itself. Trust the process.

The only thing you have to do is to get a clear focus (6-metal in the third position) in order to become a better swimmer so you can reach new, golden-sandy shores. Trust the process.

Undercurrent – Toni Frissell*


It is the moment in time in which your innermost feelings can surface. In which the hidden, undercurrent of your life becomes visible in order for you to recognize the tides that destine the flow of your life. It is a strong current. One that can drag you under in the maelstrom that life can become sometimes.

To listen quietly, bob quietly and letting the dynamics of the present flow carry you, will bring you to your soul’s desired destination. The destination your soul has in mind for you. Surrendering yourself now will lay the fundaments for you to move ahead altogether more quickly in the year to come.

Moving Ahead

And that things will move ahead more quickly for those that have settled their obstacles is beyond any doubt! On January 22 I will talk about this when addressing the Nine Star Ki predictions for 2017. It is an unprecedented chance to become acquainted with what the new year has to offer you. You are most welcome to join me!

*This picture is from the album ‘Undercurrent’ by Bill Evans and Jim Hall. It is taken by Toni Frissell it’s original title is ‘Weeki Wachee Spring’, Florida.

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