TRUST – NineStarKi profile October Full Moon


October 5 2017 – 19:40 UTC in Aries; on emotions, essence, power and TRUST.

Today’s Nine Star Ki profile is: 1 – 1 – 5.


Ok. So it’s been rough and tough lately. With huge amounts of emotions of all sorts crashing on the shores of your seemingly secure foundations. Maybe you’ve experienced these foundations to be less stable then you’ve hoped them to be. Or you’ve discovered them to be way more solid then expected.

Which way ever, things will change now the energy of the Full Moon is finding solid ground again and, at the same time, invites you to take a dive into deep waters. It invites you to surrender to what could turn out to be a prosperous flow of life force energy.


The dominant presence of water energy can be scary at times in an overwhelming way. It offers however also the best opportunity to re-establish your contact with the truest and most sincere core of your being. Diving into this flow therefor is rejuvenating, refreshing and can definitely clear the clouds of fear and darkness away. Not because they will disappear or dissolve on the blink of an eye, but because touching the true essence of your core being will strengthen and empower you in unforeseen ways. It offers you a well deserved chance for recuperation. And will sure as h**l offer you the gift of your own personal (maybe much needed) transformation.


The word of this month is TRUST, in capitals, yes. And yes, again. It has come by this year once or twice before. That’s because 2017 is a year dominated by the energy of the element water. No matter how we toss or turn, the water challenges our ability to trust and surrender to this flow of life force energy, of unconscious motivations that are strong as tsunamis. This time however TRUST comes from a place of unconditional and unconscious strength. This TRUST asks you to reconnect with source. Your source.


So be the authority you need in your life by returning to your center; the source of your spiritual self. The energy of this months Nine Star Ki profile, of this months Full Moon will illuminate the hidden aspects of your life, your hidden source of personal power.

So you need to become clear about what it is life asks you to do. Find clarity in your intentions through reflection and introspection. Find the purity of the passion behind your actions. Your motivational driving force will open up the journeys you know you need to go on. Journeys that take you to destinations yet unknown. So TRUST the journey.

Archetypal Feminine

Take heed though! For the battle between the element earth (5-earth) and the two water elements (1-water) present in this profile, symbolically represent the archetypal masculine and feminine colliding in intense interactions.

So find the truth that is yours and own it. TRUST it. And go for it!

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