Time-Map 2016: Nine Star Ki profile of the January Full Moon

The Nine Star Ki predictions for 2016 will be published on February 4th.

The Full Moon of January 24 shines her light on the accompanying Nine Star Ki profile 3 – 3 – 5. This is the last Full Moon that comes with the 3-Wood year that started February 19, 2015. It is the second time this Nine Star Ki profile comes round in the time span of this Chinese year and it is actually the fifth time the profile of a double 3 with 5 is active; in February we had 3-5-3, in March 3-5-3, in May 3-3-5, in November 3-5-3 and now in January 2016 again 3-3-5. This explains a lot about the inherent tention many of us have felt this past year. The tension between the old (5-Earth) and the new (3-Wood) or to put it in archetypal terms: the tension between the father and the seeker. Since I’m learning about the Jungian archetypes, I’d like to explore them a bit more. The coming year I’ll try to add a new dimension to this Nine Star Ki – Full Moon blog by connecting to the archetypes now and again, whenever I’ll be able to explain it in a sensible way. So bear with me and please put your comment into writing: I love to hear what your thoughts and reflections are on this.

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January 24, 2016 – 01:47am UTC in Leo

The Nine Star Ki profile of today is: 3 – 3 – 5 – It’s characteristics are being stuck between the past (5-Earth) and the future (3-Wood).

The Nine Star Ki profile of this Full Moon is revisiting a tension we felt throughout the whole past lunisolar year and that kept resurfacing a couple of times. It’s all about wanting to move forward, bringing in the new, yet feeling unable or unqualified to do so because of old, fixed, conservative, social, traditional or parental limitations and conditionings. Wether these limitations are truly present or are just occupying the darker corners of our mind and subconscious doesn’t make any difference to the outcome; we are hindered by them one way or the other. This profile is, which ever way you turn it, about being stuck between the past (5-Earth) and the future (3-Wood) experiencing the now as a frustratingly prison of present. Yes, that’s annoying and it can make 3-Wood turn to it’s angry and energetic part, the part related to the warrior that wants to fight battles. Most of the times to liberate the good, but sometimes also just out of annoyance with the opposite whether that be something good or bad. 3-Wood likes to shatter the altars of the old forgetting that they also form a valuable and solid fundament on which the new can be built. Striving forwards, striving to give birth to new and exciting things, 3-Wood is both the rebel and the child, very impatiently searching and fighting it’s way out, out into the open and free.

Birth and Rebirth Nina Elshof Feng Shui
Birth and Rebirth

In a way 3-Wood is very aware of where it originates from: without the (hopefully) lovingly coming together of its parents, it wouldn’t have come into existence itself at all. So there’s a deep and strongly felt connection with the roots from which we sprout this Full Moon, be that those with our blood relatives or those with relations we’ve created ourselves. And at the same time there’s this big rejection of these same roots that make us feel stuck in one place and in the eyes of 3-Wood are in desperate need of transformation. Acknowledging the fact that we do need some solidity, some kind of fertile ground to support all these new things we want to achieve, is like acknowledging that we have to put a tree with its roots into the dirt in order for it to be able to grow toward the skies.

So if you want to get somewhere in the new year, it’s time now to get to the dull earthy bit and to get your things in order, pay your bills, take on the responsibilities that come with leading a physical life and ground your growth. Get your act together! Love your physical life! Last call before, in February, we dive into the world of a new lunisolar year with a different character of energy for which now the fundaments are being layed.

Clean your house, make sure your body is supported by a healthy regime of enough rest and sleep, a sound diet and enough exercise. Also be aware of the fact that you sometimes need the social community to help you out. The solitude 3-Wood really enjoys, can’t resolve the problems on its own. So taking time to stay connected to family, friends and community will pay off in the long run. And most of all: keep on showing up! 3-Wood loves to escape for escape sake. It loves to wander around wether that be in a literal sense or in a spiritual and fantastic way; 3-Wood easily becomes distracted and gets bored even more easy. 5-Earth in this Full Moon profile in all its opposition to 3-Wood shows where we need to learn and what we need to develop in ourselves to avoid that we’ll loose ourselves in too much newness, alternative, idealistic, rebellious something that no one can comprehend. Mind your wings from melting!

Yes, 5-Earth might sound to some as the dull, conservative, community minded mother or father that really is concerned with your social standard and status which reflects your achievements; boring for some, safe and familiar to others. The two 3-Woods would love to run from that and unleash themselves. However, there’s a lesson that the recurrence of the 3-Wood & 5-Earth combo is offering: it’s good to toss out boring rules and purging our lives. It is however also good to create a save and sound fundament that supports our new growth. Meditate on which parts of your old you need to go and which ground you in the fundament of experience, lending weight, authority and self-esteem to your knowledge, hence stabilizing your development, without hindering it. Return from your ego-flight to the sun and learn to use the powers of the physical realm: it will help you grow into a true magician of life!


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  2. Penny Butterell

    Hi Nina, Many thanks again for another great full moon reading.I had reached the stage in my journey when I thought I had superseded my astrology from any sort of system,but every month it feels like this system or your reading is written personally for me.I read it and say”how did she know that I was feeling that,doing that,hoping that!!??It,s always spot on and encouraging ,Thankyou. Much love and hope all is well in your world, PennyX

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    1. Hi Penny!
      Thanks for your comment. I’m merely reflecting the movement of energies that influence us on a personal level.
      And I’m a bit psychic of course, tuning in to your desires and needs. 😀
      I’m fine thank you, despite a frustrating Nine Star Ki profile this month.
      Three big L’s for you.

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