Becoming – NineStarKi energy August Full Moon



The Nine Star Ki profile of the full moon of August is 7-3-9, that is 7-metal, 3-wood, 9-fire. 7-Metal is the element dominating the energy of this year, focusing our energy towards spiritual growth. 3-Wood and 9-fire however have a completely different focus. They direct our energy towards action and are more goal oriented. Learning how to connect those opposing energies, is learning how to connect action with reflection. This connection holds the promise of becoming who we spiritually are supposed to be!

Driving force

After the wisdom seeking energy of 8-earth that was present in last months full moon profile, now we are in need of something else. There’s anger that wants to express itself. There are all sorts of emotions that live in the inner world that want to make themselves noticed, acknowledged and expressed. All this 3-wood energy that both in this profile as in this year’s profile resides in a position connected with the unconscious and the inner world, communicate issues from this same unconscious and inner world. Issues, long forgotten, but still present as tangible emotionalities. 3-Wood this month, offers the opportunity to put into words what feels vague or illusive, but to our inner world also feels like a very realistic driving force behind our actions. 


3-Wood is the element that represents the start of a new cycle. It represents birth, spring and hope for the future. Also, it represents the ability to put into words, both verbal and in writing, what wants to be born from you: new ideas, solutions to problems, love poems or merely expressions of what is deeply felt. Expressing in words what lives in your inner world is sharing with others what they maybe are in need of. Speaking your truth, writing down your words of inner wisdom is consciously being of service to others without exactly knowing how.


3-Wood represents creation of life itself; it’s magic. It’s the element of the birthing process that is so profound, sacred and yet also so natural. The same birthing process we are in the midst of right now, of this new world that is wanting to manifest itself. If we only let it and don’t interfere with overthinking it. If we only let it and don’t obstruct its passage into becoming, we would allow creation to take place.


As 3-wood resides in the middle position of the Nine Star Ki profile of the August full moon, it means that this month something from your inner world, from the unconscious (maybe your individual unconscious or the collective unconscious) seeks its way into existence. Putting your feelings and deepest needs and desires into words, is, in a way, trusting your messages by allowing them existence, exactly by expressing them. By finding truth in trusting your intuition, you’ll be able to listen to what your inner world of self wants you to know.


Also, research your past to find what’s obstructing the future, your future, from happening. This month 9-fire can be helpful with that. 9-Fire is the light that enables you to see what you’ve manifested so far. And I mean really, actually, literally manifested within your direct surroundings: your home! Take a look around: what is the story the living room, your study, your bedroom is telling you? Which longing is present but not lived? Which dreams are dreamt but not expressed? How does your home supports what you really would like to manifest for yourself? And how does your home reflect the obstructions you’ve unconsciously created? Which furniture, paintings, clocks, mugs, silverware carry memories of events or people? Which parts of those memories do you like and remember and which are painful and suppressed? 


The paradox is, that that what is suppressed, can’t be easily remembered. You need help doing so. For instance by talking with people you share this memory with. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, wives, husbands, sons, daughters… Ask them how they recollect a certain person or event; how they felt you related to this person or event; ask them what was tangibly present but never expressed. Talking with others can help you reconnect with yourself, your self. 3-Wood is the element of family: talk with them and share what you feel with them! Your process is in need of it. The process the world is in, is in need of it, for it helps weaving a structure of social stability as an antidote to the social distancing. 


Working your way through and becoming conscious of what you’ve manifested in your direct surroundings, is paying attention to what obstructs the passage of creation into becoming. An obstruction in your life, in your energy flow is like a tight knot that lacks love, attention and compassion. It’s like an energetic tumor that seeks treatment to find healing and integration. When you research this obstruction you’ll find it’s probably made up from everything you’ve repressed, neglected, ignored, banned and denied from being present. Basically any obstruction, any energetic knot is pain not felt, pain not lived. This month 9-fire helps you to shine a light on this and assists in transforming it with love and compassion. 


So the question is if you are willing to work your way through these obstructions and knots? Are you willing to be honest about them? Are you willing to be honest about the power dynamics that are at play, both internally and externally, that want to continue suppressing what holds you hostage? And are you willing to work your way through that as well? Reflecting on your past shows your willingness to learn.

All this working and learning is an earth element thing. It is the element earth that, in this Nine Star Ki profile, connects the 3-wood and 9-fire energies, with that of the possibility of spiritual growth of 7-metal. So we need to work, process and learn. And boy do we need to learn. Fast. Because the world is in need of a different focus, a different direction, a different quality of what we are able to manifest. The world, we, are in need of becoming who we spiritually are supposed to be!

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