Relationship – NineStarKi energy November Full Moon



With whom are you in relationship with? Quite a question to answer. The November full moon brings us the benefits of relationship themes and the burdens of the same as well that help you get to the core of this question.


The Nine Star Ki profiel of this full moon is 8-2-2; that is 8-earth, 2-earth, 2-earth. As earth is the stabilizing and comforting element, this profile seems to communicate ease and security. It seems to, because every element has an up-, or yang, and a downside, or yin. Which side is activated depends on the season in which the element occurs and the yin-yang quality of that season.


Autumn is a season that is yin, it is the season of the element metal, an element known for its implacable ability to reveal, penetrate, uncover, dissect, analyze and confront. Metal wants you to go deep and then even deeper. It wants you to find the source of your agony; the needle in the hay stack of life’s emotional chaos. 


Metal wants you to become still and listen to what needs attention inside, deeply hidden away under layers of habits, neglect, ignorance and will-power to just keep on going on. It wants you to recognize these layer as being unhelpful suppressors of intense emotions that are real but never easy. Feelings that you like to escape from because you just don’t know how to process them.


It’s these intense emotions, these feelings that unconsciously shape the way you relate to others, but foremost to yourself. 2-Earth is the relationship element and the word relationship immediately has us look around for the other party. 


The season of metal however turns your attention inwards, towards the relationship with yourself. It’s there where you lay the foundation on which every other relationship is built and takes on shape. Which, by-the-way, is also a strong 2-earth process. With a Nine Star Ki profile that consists of two 2-earth elements, combined with an 8-earth, there are a lot of relationship issues that want you to mull over. Again. And the metal season offers no easy escape: it pinpoints the shadows that lurk in the landscapes of our emotional lives. 


The energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon therefore is not at all about stability and comfort. Or about ease and security. It’s all about breaking what keeps you stuck in systemic, cultural, familial and personal patterns that no longer suit your potential, nor a healthy relationship with yourself. This Nine Star Ki profile is about breaking what keeps you from creating a more honest version of yourself. Breaking free from what once was useful but now is getting in the way of becoming more of who you truly are. Breaking what is getting in the way of deepening the relationship with yourself. The metal season helps to choose what’s real instead of what’s easy.


So you have to say goodbye: leave what doesn’t work for you. Shed an old skin or two and reclaim what nourishes you and supports new stability, creating an inner feeling of being at ease. Being able to rely on inner stability and comfort, on inner ease and security, sets your soul free to develop in any which way it wants.


Setting yourself free from any relationship that is disrespectful to the true core of your being, enables your loved ones to do the same. Breaking challenging spells on the way that have held your blood-line captive for many generations. 


So honor your relationship with yourself. Honor who you are at the core of your being. Own your ability to shapeshift into a form that is more suited for your soul’s potential to surface and take on shape. And honor the rich depths on which this relationship is built. 



Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share my writing, please be so kind to quote it and link it to this post and my website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work (and word) around, I really appreciate it. I really appreciate you! Thank you!

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