NineStarKi – Full Moon – September


The NineStarKi profile of todays full moon is that of rebirth and major breakthrough.

September 16, 2016 – 21:07 UTC in Pisces

The NineStarKi profile of today is: 2 – 4 – 3. It’s about cutting (violently) loose the mother attachment (2-earth) in order to create a major breakthrough or even rebirth (3- and 4-wood).

This full moon will put you under pressure. She gives you no room to escape from the choices that you need to make or from what needs to be put behind. This can make you defensive, maybe even aggressive. If you’re not paying attention, you’re emotions could even run away with you. Almost literally! The presence of the 4-wood en 3-wood elements in this profile, hunt you down, provoke agitation. They challenge you to free yourself from trusted but obstructing patterns. They ask you how you relate to yourself and to life. And in which way you obstruct yourself from growing and willfully turn down any movement.

Where does this obstruction come from? Which painful events in your past hunt you down and prevent you from changing your current conditioning? In which way do you, yourself, create your own stubborn obstacle?

By integrating the past, integrating the moments that you weren’t treated sincerely, that you weren’t valued what you are worth, that you didn’t receive nor give yourself the care and dedication you needed, that you envied the free minded spirit of others, is integrating the food that can be transformed into fresh compost on which 4-wood and 3-wood can thrive.

In the meanwhile 2-earth meekly experiences this overwhelmingly wood-energy. She tries to maintain her stability, behave as a caring mother and as such not to obstruct the (re)birth of her child. She gets that obstruction causes all kind of problems. She senses that at this moment in time, this crucial moment only unconditional diligence is what is needed. It’s a challenge for her because normally she is the one that likes to determine the conditions, that likes to mould and raise. She sighs and waits.

She’s the portal through which something new is born into this world. This is something she needs to obey, she needs to support. She knows, she feels this new that is about to be (re)born through 4- and 3-wood will inevitably change her life. She will become a mother. Get a new identity. She still feels a resistance towards the space this newly born is demanding for itself. She resists to abandon her precious conditioning, her so deeply cherished framing and set of rules that others offered her to follow. She resists to give up on her current status quo. To abandon her save and secure position and break it open. To bend for change and movement.

She deeply feels how her comfortably acquired position is going to be torn apart. She fights. She yells. She screams to the point the inevitable has reached and nothing ever will be the same again anymore. To the moment her pain degenerates to just a dot in the memory of time. And she has created space for a new generation to come into existence merely by stepping out of the way.



This is the moment in which dreams and ideals receive the space to grow. In which hope for a new future is born. And in which there is room for newly found freedom. That is the moment in which the unconditional surrender to life itself, with all its inherent processes, takes you on a journey to new and yet undiscovered places, new possibilities, new chances. Beyond what is known, safe and familiar (2-earth). It is the moment in which you grand yourself permission the space you need. It is the moment in which you shed the dead woods of the past. It is the moment in which you are willing to take the step into the unknown. This unknown is called life! Live! Go beyond!

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