How to deal with strong opposites – NineStarKi profile March Blue Full Moon


How to deal with strong opposites – NineStarKi profile Blue Full Moon – March 31, 2018 – 02:37pm UTC in Libra

Today’s Nine Star Ki profile is: 9 – 4 – 1


This Nine Star Ki profile is about opposites. Opposites in power, in temperature, in movement and in emotions. 9-Fire can be the fiesty one while 1-Water can be the whiny one. 9-Fire wants to reach out. 1-Water wants to withdraw. Therefore there’s a good probability the two collide and cause anxiety and stressful experiences. Because 9-Fire really can be a bully for the dreams and visions you have for your life in itself and more specific for your career. 9-Fire is very prone to keep you going. Striving for more, bigger, better, shinier. But any process of creation needs time to rest. Time to refuel and replenish.

[inlinetweet prefix=”‘” tweeter=”” suffix=”‘”]Any process of creation needs time to rest. Time to refuel and replenish.[/inlinetweet]


Also 1-Water can put an extreme focus on the shadows, doubts and fears that dwell within you. Since this element is in the third position of this Nine Star Ki profile, this influence is expressed through the way you come into action. Quite a paradox since 1-Water is paralyzing in many ways; how to come into action then? With it’s innate ability to obscure your vision of reality by pushing you underwater, 1-Water strongly influences your capacity of making clear decisions.

Therefore everything can seem blurred and unclear. And as a result you have no idea what to do or to decide. So ask yourself: where do you let fear interrupt your growth? Where do you let it interrupt your career? If you don’t follow your creative process because of fear for lack of money, I suggest you watch this awesome video of Amanda Palmer who conquered this fear in a very creative way!

[inlinetweet prefix=”‘” tweeter=”” suffix=”‘”]Where do you let fear interrupt your growth? Where do you let it interrupt your career?[/inlinetweet]


The energy of this full moon’s Nine Star Ki profile, invites you to get clear about what it is you really want. It’s time to stop the bullying and also stop the fears and anxieties of controlling your life’s path. Find the centre in yourself by using the energy of the element that is in the centre position of this profile: 4-Wood. 4-Wood can bring balance to the extremities of Fire and Water. 4-Wood can bring balance to your personal extremities. This energy also invites you to look at the your connection with other people. Some are supportive and help you reach your life’s goals and therefore assist you to be more centered. Others aren’t helping at all to be creative and authentic and therefore have you move from your centre.


4-Wood invites you to come into action and take matters in your own hand by reconnecting to what is driving you from the core of your being. This is not about control. Nor is it about molding your future. This is about opening your hands and let your growth find it’s own, organic way to come into being. It’s about giving way to the birthing process of your creativity. 4-Wood shows you the way of creating space for growth in ways you haven’t even thought about. Yet. Making room, creating space for what is yet unseen, is best achieved by trust and hope.

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You can’t really tell what the future holds for you. Nor can you predict how things will evolve. But what you can do is connect to this force of life within you. The same force that drove you from your mother’s womb into existence. The same force that has spring return year after year. It’s a force that can’t be ignored nor controlled. So let your life come into being by removing the blockades of fear, anxiety and bullying willfulness. And let yourself be surprised be the amazing beauty of your creations.

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