MAGIC – NineStarKi profile November Full Moon


November 3, 10:22pm PST – November 4, 2017 – 05:22 UTC in Taurus; on spirit, spells, ghosts and MAGIC

Today’s Nine Star Ki profile is: 1 – 9 – 6.


This is the time of year in which the veil between here and there, between what is, what was and will be is thin and almost penetrable. Death is near and so is magic.

Magic-Nina-Elshof-Feng-ShuiIt’s also the time of year in which we can feel the ones that have passed away to come closer. Maybe you can hear their silent whisper in the dark or detect their subtle presence from the corner of your eye. This full moon is one at which the portal to the spirit realm can be easily opened. It sure will have you realize that we are not alone. Never.


Our lives are full with personal ghosts of the past and of those that belong to our ancestors. There are demons of wrong choices and traumatic events. So ask yourself what is inherited? What do your personal ghosts of the past look like? Which suffering is passed on through your DNA? In which way did our ancestors, and we, cause harm to others? And in which way are we responsible for the demons that were created as a result?

This process could, by the way, cause some inflammation problems of the blatter.


We are not alone. Your life isn’t invented all by yourself, nor is it isolated from other human beings: we are interconnected with generations before us and generations to come. Now is a good time to experience the help but also to recognize the obstruction coming to us from the dark unseen which needs to be addressed, accepted and integrated.

Also remember that your deeds, your solutions to personal problems and your achievements in this lifetime are passed on beyond the realms of the unseen into next generations.


In the here and now we are the intermediates between what has been and what is to come. We hold the key to interpret our past as we do, or change the narrative. By doing so, we contribute to transformations that will immediately impact our reality. We also contribute to transformations yet to come. Not only for us personally but for all life that is going to be created.


So which spells need to be broken? Which curses do you need to free yourself from?

Apply the knowledge gained from lessons learned. Embrace the compassion of the wise man or woman that lives in your heart. It will help you soften the edges of wounds that hurt. Of wounds that anchor your complexes. It’s a thin line between love and hate. Between life and death.


Our spirits matter. Our spirits create matter. And matter created by our spirits is shaping who we are and what we do. Synchronistic events are created to be recognized by your heart. They are the opportunities for change and transformation that often cross our paths because an unseen hand is offering direction. And help. Maybe it’s the hand of some loved one who passed away. Maybe it’s our own future hand that reaches back to offer us help in the now.


So dust off your magic want, brew your witchy brew and own the magic abilities that are yours!

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