Paradoxical Living – Living A Life In Paradox


Paradoxical Living – Living A Life In Paradox

This Is Not Just A Year Of Change And Transition

It is a year in which several cycles of movement of energy, both cosmic and earthly in origin, converge and interlock, creating a reciprocal enhancement of their individual power and impact.

This process we are experiencing right now, therefore is of gigantic proportions and has a similar gigantic impact. The themes and issues that surface as a result match these titanic proportions in size and importance.

So What Exactly Is Happening?

As we developed as a species, it became more and more clear that, apart from having a body, we first discovered we have a mind that we can use to think. So we started to think. At least some did. Then focus shifted towards us becoming aware of having a soul too. So we started to acknowledge our spirituality. At least some did, to some extend. And mind you, these are processes of evolution that take thousands of years to develop!

This Year, We, Are Just A Tiny Little Dot On A Huge Timeline!

This little dot however is more than just that, the paradox is, that it is insignificant and yet it’s also a pivotal point. It is the point when everything comes together: cycles of movement of energy interlock. It is the point when momentum is created for a huge and necessary shift.

Things Are About To Flip

Any pivotal point is also a point at which everything not only comes together, but is becoming dense and tight as a knot as well. Like a ballet dancer contracts all muscles to find balance ‘en pointe’ Or as expressed on the tarot card ‘the magician’ from the tarot deck by Aleister Crowley, on which the figure, also ‘en pointe’, is surfing a wave of energy, also on the tip of his toes. It is a very, very delicate balance and before you know it, you loose center and balance, and take a nosedive. We are here to untie the knot, to breath air into this density, and to ensure we flip in the right direction.

In Essence This Is Not About A Shift In Power Or Status Quo, But A Shift In Consciousness

From a body oriented society that found guidance in the spirit of nature and in honoring mother earth, we evolved into a mind oriented society that found guidance in the spirit of a male god in the heavens and in the spirit of science. Now we are up for developing a next step: to develop a soul oriented society that will find guidance in the integrated spirits of nature and heaven, of mother earth and father heaven. 

Our Next Evolutionary Step

Our next evolutionary step is to re-integrate body wisdom, intuition and the wisdom of natural processes, and have them coalesce with the knowledge we have gained over decades of research and analysis of that same body and natural processes. Up till now this knowledge has only lead to controlling natural processes, including those of our own bodies. Now we are facing the task of having them work together in a process of co-creation. 

As a result of the fact that we have used the gained knowledge so far, to violate and manipulate natural laws, f.i. like ’traditional’ Feng Shui methods teach you how to control and manipulate energies, the bill with consequences is presented to us now. So far it’s nice to understand a little of what is going on. But what to do next?

1) Become aware of this.

Inform yourself about the increased abuse over the past centuries, of everything yin, everything vulnerable that can not defend itself. With a climax building from 1955 onwards, when a 81-year cycle of 9-fire energy started to run our business. 

And inform yourself in the right way: someone else’s emotions are someone else’s emotions. Leave them with this someone else, don’t make them yours! Facts and evidence however are objective and can be reproduced by anybody who is able to do the research in a phenomenological way; that is a way of perceiving and describing the phenomenon without interpretation. 

Karen Hamaker-Zondag is my teacher in Jungian psychology. She’s a researcher that is very capable of discriminating facts from fiction. She developed an extraordinary clear and insightful course about the backgrounds of the current crisis. I sincerely recommend taking this course to find objective (and shocking) information to gain consciousness about what currenttruly truly is at play.

2) Take responsibility.

Even if you didn’t rape and abused the yin qualities personally, you’ve contributed! With every IVF treatment; every ounce of cheap beef you bought; every Primark t-shirt in your closet; every mile you’ve flown; every unnecessary gadget you bought just because you could; yes, every strawberry you bought with Christmas (northern hemisphere), you actually did contribute to abusing the natural laws, raping mother earth and her children (some literally) and disrespectful treatment of yin qualities. We all did just because we could. Me too. #metoo

Paradox-Nina-Elshof-Feng-Shui3) Face your personal dark sides.

This is called shadow work and it is something many prefer to avoid because it really rattles the shackles with which you keep up your appearances. If we don’t do this first, we’ll allow all of the above continued existence. Once something is named and accounted for, it cannot continue to live in the shadows and escape from our consciousness. Once something is exposed, it can be questioned, brought to trial, dismissed and confronted.

We then can take the control back it had over us because of us being unconscious. The latter, however, from now on can no longer be an excuse. More so, if you continue to use unconsciousness as an excuse, you will miss the boat: the evolutionary process of becoming conscious living souls will continue without you. And that, of course, can be a choice too. 

Taking up shadow work is something you can not achieve alone, since what you seek to confront is in the shadows, in the darkness of your unconscious, of which you are unconscious about. You need some other that can help put the finger on the blind spot.

I sincerely recommend working with a Jungian therapist, since Jung was able to develop the knowledge about the unconscious to a next level. To help you find a good therapist, I like to introduce Jungian Online to you with therapist from all over the world that can help you in five different languages:

4) Start integrating yin and yang

Where it all comes down to in this process is our ability to integrate and absorb the qualities of yin and yang within ourselves. That is so much easier said than done. Because when you start doing this, you’ll find your self on the brink of living a life of paradoxes.

You will start to learn how to follow your intuition and at the same time learn to discern what is right to follow so that your intuition is lead in the right direction.

You’ll learn to be strong and autonomously independent, yet at the same time experience being fully connected with others and the world and dependent of them.

You will learn to harness your creative powers and the magical ability to materialize thought. At the same time you’ll experience that you yourself are a creation of the powers of others, and are the materialized thought of a universal force. 

You will learn how to follow the natural flow of earth bound processes and energies (no more strawberries at Christmas) and still will be able to make up your own mind on how to integrate these processes and energies into your choice of manifestation. 

5) Start the process of co-creation

From step 4 onwards you’ll be able to contribute to a new cycle fo existence, a new cycle in evolution. Which, mind you, will still take a long while to develop. And please don’t make the hippy mistake of thinking that escaping from the present on an LSD trip is contributing to creating this new cycle of evolution. It’s nothing more than an escape from reality. As is the revival of this sixties aspect in the form of the use of ayahuasca: still no creation, just an escape. 

In real life we have to do the work, getting our hands dirty in unearthing what has been present all the time but was covered up with layer upon layer of very sticky, stinking mess. 

We have to do the work of exposing what we don’t like to see, we don’t like to face and don’t like to acknowledge: that there are people out there that do not have our best interest in mind and that we have allowed them to do so and gave them room to develop because we enjoyed the superficial comfort and luxury they’ve created for us so much and didn’t want to give this up. 

Every time in-equality is an issue, know that that is a sign of im-balance between the two most powerful  universal life forces: yin and yang, the archetypal feminine and the archetypal masculine, represented by mother earth and father heaven. When you take, you gotta give. When you give, you gotta take. Be of service and be served. Be served and be of service.

The universe likes you to stand up to the equation and start co-creating. Now. Focus on the right thing to help flip the situation in the right direction. Yes, we have to stand up to injustice, but know that what you focus on, will grow. What is out there, is present in you as well. Working your way through the shadows in your inner world is the most powerful contribution of undermining the evil in the outer world: you eliminate its breeding ground. 

Welcome to living a life in paradox. Being able to hold the paradox is being able to responsibly and consciously co-create. Being able to hold the paradox is being able to be self-referent. 

Conceptual Feng Shui teaches you how to hold the paradox.


Do I contradict myself?

Very well then I contradict myself,

(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

Walt Whitman – from “Song of Myself”, Part 51 

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