Intrinsic Sincerity – NineStarKi Energy August Full Moon


Intrinsic Sincerity – NineStarKi Energy August Full Moon

Today’s Nine Star Ki energy is: 9 – 8 – 6


All the fire energy of the July full moon has not only created a tremendous amount of chaos, wildfires and upheaval. For many the heat has blown them off their feet, leaving them shaken to the core of their being. Maybe you’ve experienced this too, loosing your quiet and calm due to yet another bloody hot, sweaty night. With such scorching influence staying true to yourself is almost impossible. A Mission Impossible to accomplish intrinsic sincerity. Curious how Ethan Hunt would’ve dealt with such a challenge. 😀


However, tides are meant to turn. Including the tides of energy. The Nine Star Ki energy of the August full moon creates a turning of the movement of energy as experienced until now. Your attention is drawn inwards and ik offers you the possibility to reconnect with the core of who you are. Leaving the chaotic, tumultuous and unsettling energies for what they are, the 9-8-6 energy of this full moon is offering an opening into a new reality. The new reality of YOU, replacing the reality of the attention demanding world around you. 


The energy of this profile helps you to become conscious about the barriers that were unconsciously created and that have disconnected you from source and from yourself. This disconnection can be recognized in the way you think (6-metal). It’s to be found in the self sabotage mechanisms that are great in keeping you from becoming. It can be recognized in your scarcity mentality that you think helps protect you but in reality is the bodice that keeps you from living a free life. Those are the barriers in your thinking  that get in the way of living your life’s purpose. 

What are your barriers in your thinking that get in the way of living your lifes purpose?

Sincerity Sincerity

This profile uses the transformative firepower of 9-fire to bring light to the dark corners of your past. It also stimulates the 8-earth energy to stop holding on, to digest this past and let go; healing the stubborn wounds of the past along the way. The next step of this profile offers the possibility to enter the inner world of 6-metal; the world of clear insight and intrinsic sincerity. This inner world invites you to seek the solace of the inner hermit so you can get life back on track again and regain direction. It’s through clearing the clutter that’s on your mind that you can find the purity of intent and of your souls intentions. 


All that’s needed to achieve this, is love. Your mind needs to be nurtured with loving thoughts (9-fire) and embodied, accepted and integrated life experiences (8-earth). Learn to love the experience life is. Love your personal life experiences. Love the faults and flaws and sufferings. The pains and losses. Learning to love your personal history will enable you to transform the way you think about yourself. Value the mistakes, appreciate the nasty parts you’re not proud of. Learn to love them and embrace them as yours. It will help resolve the barrier between you and yourself. Between you and source. 


The Nine Star Ki energy of the August full moon helps to clear your mind and thoughts and recover from (mental) imbalance and (physical) illness. It’s the 6-metal in this profile that is darn good in solving riddles, putting the pieces of a puzzle together and unravelling knots that kept you in a bond. It’s this 6-metal energy that’s darn good in helping you to become congruent again. Focus, prayers and affirmations also belong to the concept of 6-metal. Therefor I end this blog this time with a couple of affirmations. Feel free to rephrase so they resonate with what is important to you.

I Am True To Myself!


All my personal experiences are digested, integrated and transformed into an abundant flow of information that I can use to help others. 

All my personal experiences are part of who I am and of who I am becoming.

All my personal experiences show me the way to what my purpose in life is and make me aware of what I am capable of.

I honor the energies that are at the basis of any construct my mind comes up with.

I honor my capacity to choose wisely whether and how I use these constructs. 

Healing the way I think about myself is a way of transforming what I have to offer the world and of what I am able to share with you.

I am true to myself!


Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, I really appreciate it and you! Thank you! 

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