Intense Change – NineStarKi Energy May Full Moon


Intense Change

In last month’s full moon blog I mentioned that there’s a tremendous lot of change going on that really is in demand of your attention. Well, this month this process gets intensified. It’s catching up speed since in the Nine Star Ki profile of this month’s full moon, 8-earth resides in not one, but two positions. So it’s kind of doubling up of changing, revolting energy, resulting in not only your outside world, but your inner world turning upside down now too.

Psyche and Matter

The Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon is 8-8-5, that is 8-earth, 8-earth, 5-earth; so it’s only earth elements presenting themselves here. This means it’s all about what has become manifest in reality, in the day-to-day, practical and physical matter of things. This profile therefore tells the story about how you have manifested your spiritual intentions so far; how your psyche found its way into matter. (There was, by the way, an interesting symposium on this topic in 2014, I was proud to be one of the presenters. More on that here.) Also, a profile occupied by earth elements that evoke change, means the change is going to take place in reality, in the day-to-day, practical and physical matter of things. 

Solid Ground

The cycle in this profile starts in the third position where 5-earth resides. 5-Earth is the element of Mother Earth herself and -in a way- of her divine, feminine life force. It is also the representation of you as an autonomous, individual authority. Placed in the third position, in combination with the start of the cycle of this profile in this position, 5-earth is asked to take action in what it is best at: taking position and finding some solid ground to stand and rely on.

This is much needed in order to stay with and in the process of massive change the two 8-earth elements evoke in this profile, but at the same time is quite a challenge because of all the shifting and changing that is going on. 5-Earth helps you to show diligence, commitment, restraint and strength in facing what is awaiting you. Because it is very necessary to stay with the discomfort created. To stay with the agony of not knowing what will happen next. To endure and stay patient.

If you reach out to easy solutions on offer too soon, you’ll probably end up shifting the old and outdated from one place to another, repeating what wasn’t working in the end. Don’t resist or things will fester. Holding on to what you consider safe in a way is saying no to life and its continuously changing cycles. Holding on too long turns you into a dinosaur waiting to become extinct. 


The middle position represents your inner world and is connected to your soulpurpose. Last month, this inner world was all fired up by 9-fire residing there. Hopefully you managed to get a glimpse of what your true passion in life is. Now, 8-earth takes its turn and it creates change. It turns things upside down and inside out. Maybe, despite all the change this year already had on offer, you were still able to connect with some stability in your inner world, through connection with your soulpurpose.

This month the last pieces of this inner stability are being thrown out of the window. Nothing to rely on anymore here; just change. It’s all about change this month. Almost all of life is about change and your ability to adapt to it. You can clearly state that the middle position of this Nine Star Ki profile, hence your inner world, is experiencing some turmoil this month and the light and passion you found last month, could get obscured and blurred by what’s going on.

Change-Nina-Elshof-Feng-ShuiNo Man’s Land

When in the process of change, the old falls apart although the new is yet to arrive. Being in this no man’s land is scary. It raises questions about who you are, where you come from and where you’re supposed to go. It doubts the vision you’ve created of life for yourself and the passion that was leading your way so far. And it even doubts the purpose you thought you had in life and the reason for getting out of your bed in the morning. Priorities are in need of rearranging. It seems nothing is true anymore; as if fake news guided you through life long before you even could consider it being fake. Remember that every moment of creation is chaotic: it’s when what was, changes into what will be, into what has yet to come into being. 


Comfort allows you to feel safe and secure but also holds you captured in the past. Growth on the other hand requires handling uncertainty and insecurity, and becoming tolerant in handling discomfort. The Nine Star Ki profile of the full moon of May wants to break free from what comforts, from traditions and laws that no longer serve your greater good, from the past that no longer holds your heart and from old junk that clutters your clarity.

It challenges what you belief and follow; it challenges the gods you give praise to and the politics you idolize. The energy of this profile generates change by having you dig deep through many layers of built up expectations, disappointments, experiences -both positive and negative-, knowledge gained, lessons learnt and those left unlearned. Becoming a genuinely free version of yourself actually requires digging into the messiness of your life. It is this change that wants you to slow down to digest all that in order to find the gold that’s hidden between these layers. The gold about what is true to your heart and to your soul. Yes, honor your past, but break free from what can’t support you forward and what’s keeping you on a path that is not yours to travel.


So what to do about a situation that feels like a roller coaster running out of control? How to deal with the situation? 8-Earth invites you to have your entire being, your entire body present in this process of change. So trust your body! Your body knows where it wants to go and how to get there. It knows what is true to your heart and what you need to do to get more of that. It thrives on the cycles of life and follows the natural patterns of birth, growth, death and rebirth. Because it is connected to both Mother Earth and Mother Nature, it can provide you with strength and confidence. And it follows the cycles and patterns that bring health and wealth to your system and appreciates that everything is temporary: all shall pass. This too shall pass. Your body knows. Stick with it!

Be aware though that this one isn’t here to just sit out, waiting for things to pass. Active participation sets your creation skills in motion! And each time you do so you’ll develop these skills and fine-tune them into instruments that will prove themselves helpful in living your life to the max. In following the wisdom that’s baked into your body: the wisdom of Mother Earth. 


Also, 8-earth is about finding pleasure in working your way through life in a way that feeds your soul. It helps you sift through everything that’s there to get to what nurtures your new cycle of growth. Grinding, also, softens the sharp edges and eases harshness of what doesn’t belong to your life. The more true you are in this to yourself, the more attractive your life becomes to yourself and others: follow the gold, follow your bliss and doors will be opened.


Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work please quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, I really appreciate it and you! Thank you!

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