Intens Fire Dragon Energy – NineStarKi Energy July Full Moon


Intens Fire Dragon Energy – NineStarKi Energy July Full Moon

Today’s Nine Star Ki energy is: 9 – 9 – 5


There’s double fire energy in this profile and this is expressed by intens energy building towards even more intensity. We feel the heat and experience the wild energy, the chaos. We see it represented in the hot weather and in shocking events like the extreme wild fires across the globe. Maybe we can sense that more extreme weather is underway. Be that tornados our even more drought. The sun is burning a whole in the sky like the devil is on his heels. And it’s all very upsetting and inflammatory.


This is fire energy at its best. It scorches your skin. It sets your mind on fire. It’s the beast inside that’s raw and growls and not easy to handle. It’s unexpressed anger and the destruction this anger creates when left unconscious. And it is pure jealousy and ego-driven actions. Fire creates irritation about ignored passions and un-lived potential. It’s easily hurt, frustrated and quickly becomes exaggerated. And it’s dangerous when left unnoticed. 


I was a firefighter. I’ve faced severe fires. Entered burning buildings. Battled wild fires. But I was trained to do so. Trained to recognize and deal with the extreme character of fire. Never to turn my back, always look it in the eye. Fire is like the energy of the dragon. Fire, like the dragon, challenges you to reclaim your power and stand your ground. 


Saint George didn’t slay the dragon by neglecting him or running away in fear, nor by sending him love, light blessings and positive affirmations. True light workers, like firefighters, are able to look the dragon in the eye, feel their fear and still find the courage in the core of their being to do something about it. Now you don’t have to slay your dragon if you’re a vegetarian, taming him is alright too.


To face and tame this dragon, all it takes for you is to acknowledge and consciously embody all the strength, passion and experience you’ve taken for granted up till now. If a dragon grows bigger, it can only do so because there’s obviously more fire energy it can feed off from. All the dragon, all this double fire energy asks you to do is to become your personal firefighter, your personal Saint George.

Spiritual Growth

Because fire, also, seeks spiritual growth and a way to personal enlightenment. It does so in forceful ways like mentioned before. It definitely is not nice and easy going cause ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’ – Fred DeVito. The double fire energy in this profile support you in leaving your comfort zone for what it is: comfort, not growth.


What dragons are you facing at the moment? What matters of the heart need your attention? Which situations need your undivided attention and courage? Which matters ask you to leave your comfort zone and take on the courage to take the next step? If still in doubt, know that now is the time to take action!

Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, I really appreciate it and you! Thank you! 

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