HEAT & CHAOS- NineStarKi Energy January Moon


Today’s Nine Star Ki profile is: 1 – 6 – 9.

There’s a heat embedded in the energy of this January moon. The 9-fire produces a heat that can incite your ego to inflate into grandiose proportions. Especially because 9-fire’s position is isolated from the main energy cycle of this profile; it can easily run out of control. This energy therefor can also express itself in chaos and dismay. It, however, offers a great opportunity to transform your fears (1-water) into courage (9-vuur)! To boil those fears down and let them evaporate into thin air.

This fire touches our unconscious and all the unresolved issues that lie dormant beneath the shimmering surface of accustomed politeness. It’s the penetrating purpose of 6-metal to shatter this illusion so we can witness who we really are in the core of ourselves. The energy of 6-metal also proves to be helpful in learning to say no to what is not serving you.

One of the areas where this aspect can present itself, is around agreements or contracts. Specially the ones that cover money or transport issues. Problems could surface due to suppressed emotions or unexpressed feelings that ask for clarification. For example by saying no to agreements that are blurred and unclear. Don’t let self doubt take control here! Go for what you really need in your life and don’t agree on getting second best!

The interesting combination of elements present in the energy of this moon, also invite you to work with the power and magic of tantra. Snake-like in nature, 6-metal in combination with 1-water, heated by 9-fire stimulate meditative and thoughtful sexuality. Through the process of tantra it is possible to reconnect with life’s infinite source of wisdom and authenticity.

Be careful though to not loose yourself in this infinity! The art of tantra can stimulate your Kundalini energy to rise and make your head spin. If you’ve never experienced this before, it could cause you to loose your mind a bit. So take care and beware. Only work with sincere and trustworthy tantric therapists and only go where it still feels comfortable for you.

Know that the energy of this moon has hypnotic abilities that can invoke moon sickness! A typical case of lunatic could be the result. Especially where you get in your own way, shadow is created that blurs your clarity of mind.

Where you live your life with sincere and authentic intention, a possibility is created to release that what no longer serves. It’s good to realize this might be one of the last chances to clear what’s obstructing your path to glory. The rest of this year will be one big challenge to see where you don’t grand yourself the glory you deserve. This year asks you to claim your throne and crown yourself into personal king- or queen-hood.

note: This week I will publish my Nine Star Ki predictions for 2018 in my blog. Keep reading…

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