Healing Time – NineStarKi energy March Full Moon


Healing Time

In a way the energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of the March full moon, offers an opportunity for healing. Not on a physical, but on an emotional and psychic level. A real moment of healing time.


The Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon is 7-7-5; that is 7-metal, 7-metal, 5-earth. The energy cycle of this profile starts in the third position. This is where 5-earth resides, emphasizing the need to take responsibility for your actions; past, present and future ones. It also emphasizes the need to act responsibly. And, also, to act from a place of autonomy and personal authority. From there, the connection is made with 7-metal in the first position. 7-Metal is the element that determines the general tendency of the energy of this year. Also, the first position is related to your personal general nature. This general nature sees itself not only reflected in the energetic tendency of this year. It also is reflected in the energetic tendencies of the inner world in the second position. Or vice versa if you like.


7-Metal is the element that presents itself to the world through the life-aspect ‘children’. With a 7-metal in both the first and second position of this profile, the life-aspect ‘children’ is emphasized and its characteristics enhanced. 7-Metal directly points towards children and their position in this world. But more so it points towards the child in yourself and the kid you once were.


The 5-earth in this profile is inviting you to take responsibility and become aware of the influences that modelled and shaped you as a child (7-metal). The energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon, invites you to understand the mindset and restrictive circumstances you grew up in as a child. You can take responsibility for the effect this mindset had on you, by checking its present validity for you. Is it still accurate? Is it still serving you? And is it still valid? Or has it turned into a set of restrictions you never knew how to liberate yourself from. Maybe you didn’t even notice you had to, or wanted to.

Dark Side

Many of you have turned inwards and looked your personal dark side in the eye. Confronting yourself with your hidden, nasty parts. In the process of doing so, much is overlooked. Especially that which is really obvious and actually right in front of you. It is that which has become so incorporated and accepted, you don’t even notice it there anymore, so you forget to question its presence. This has everything to do with upbringing. The people who raised you taught you how to approach and deal with the world and other people. They taught you how to relate to the world and others and offered a set of rules and viewpoints to live by.


As a child you were dependent on your parents, your caretakers, whose approach to life you never doubted or questioned. On growing up you’ve probably discarded one or two of those settings as not longer appropriate for you. However many of the rules and settings that were offered to you as a child, already had their effect on the deeper levels of your being. On the parts of you you are unconscious about. Neatly tucked away in the corners of your mind however, they strongly dictate the way you think and act. So although 5-earth in this profile invites you to act autonomously, hardly any of us really is capable of doing so.


With the energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon, these hidden influencers on your life become exposed and their working revealed. This raises the question if and how you want to deal with this information and if you want to make use of the healing time on offer.


Remember that the set of rules you’ve lived by so far, probably, to a certain degree, have served you well. Although you feel the need to maybe strongly dismiss them as no longer useful and suitable to your life now, remember to show compassion for their presence! For your parents and caretakers who offered you those these, meant well. Their guidelines for living, you took on as a child without questioning if they really served your higher purpose, were offered with the best intentions and to the best of their abilities.


Also have compassion for your self, as a child, for you didn’t know better than to appreciate the conditions you grew up in. You’ve initially accepted them as standard, as the obvious way how to live your life for you didn’t know any better. Yet.


Show some compassion for your soul’s struggle to make itself noticeable by breaking the rules that you’ve used so far to manage your life. Open up to the healing time that’s on offer this full moon.


And feel compassion for yourself, for putting up a fight with yourself about whether you want to break free or want to keep obeying the rules that weren’t yours in the first place.


It’s by using the softness of compassion that you can cut the cords of limiting believes and life rules that are no longer in service of your Self, of your soul. Like a child that can soften the most toughest situation by approaching it with an open, naïve and playful curiosity. So too can you return to the authentic child within yourself. Use its skills to crack open the straitjacket that has kept it under control for so long. The softness of compassion can be used in many ways and in many directions. Using it is stepping into the quality of the healing time the energy of this Nine Star Ki profile has to offer us.

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