Family Affairs and Breakthroughs – NineStarKi profile August Full Moon


August 7, 2017 – 19:11 UTC in Aquarius; on family affairs, breakthroughs, growth, support, silence, visionary visions and the danger of exploding impatience to get to the realization of all this.

Today’s Nine Star Ki profile: 1 – 3 – 3.

In loving memory to all that supported me into becoming who I am today and will be in the future.


This Full Moon questions you on your family affairs and how they affect your life-career. On how you relate to others, be those blood relatives or people that belong to a newly founded family like friends, co-workers or neighbors. The double 3-wood energy in this profile is all about the family in which you are rooted. It’s about relationships and the ability to connect with others.

It’s also about growth, change, ideas, visions, breakthroughs, and irritability. And nothing irritates us more than family. They mirror our pains and itches. Our shortcomings and annoyances that live in the shadow of our inner world we would love to escape from.

So we ignore our family. Leave them by migrating into new territory. Creating new family structures with newly found friends so we can grow in ways we prefer to grow. And that is exactly what is keeping us from growing in ways we aren’t capable of growing on our own. It’s the escape from the family itch that can keep us stuck in patterns that comfort.


Also, sometimes our relatives aren’t capable of giving us the support we need in order to grow and evolve ourselves into the greatness of our personal authenticity already present within us.

Take time to know what needs to heal in your relationship with your family and your past. Also, take the time to accept the fact that you cannot turn family into the support you need if they just can’t. Know which flaws and shortcomings you need to accept so you don’t waste your time and energy on wanting to change them. And don’t break the things you need; you need a family to come home to!


Growth is exciting and impatient. It’s refreshing. It’s challenging and it shakes things up. Growth creates a crisis in order to have the breakthroughs necessary for new life to come into being. Like giving birth, growth is accompanied with the burden of becoming. It enables us to focus on the new to come creating a breakthrough and forgetting the past. Healthy growth, however, is only possible if the soil is fertile. If what has nurtured us, be that good or bad, is composted into nutrients that are food for the soul, food for a deeper level of understanding ourselves and of our relatives and relationships. Then growth can be a gateway into transformative self-understanding.


Growing is very opportunistic, with a strong focus on the future and little respect for the past. Mostly. However, if growth is underpinned with lessons learned from the past. With the experienced knowledge that your forefathers generously share with you through your DNA, then growth can create a breakthrough into territories yet unexplored. Then growth can show itself as true transformation.

If you are able to release emotional clutter by transforming it into valuable compost for new growth. If you give respect to your family and forefathers and get out of your way, it is way easier to accept and acknowledge the naturally inherited support that runs through your veins and nurtures your life-career into existence.


This life-career may be beyond your imagination, encompassing territories yet unexplored. It may take root in visionary visions unthought of by many but dreamed of by many more. Visions of better worlds. Of safer communities. Worlds that can last into further futures. And into more harmoniously organized communities in which people aren’t judged by what they’ve achieved but by who they are intrinsically, energetically, soulfully, archetypally.

Those visions need to find support in solid and good ground. They need to find support in the past. Our communal past and trauma. It is the past and trauma that we’ve embodied and learned from and never want to go back to. That we want to break free from. That we never ever want to be repeated. Not ever. That is support in the form of learned experience. The kind that makes change inevitable.

Allowing this support to take root creates a life-career that may surprise what life has on offer for you. It certainly will help you to stay more true to your calling. And know that what is possible probably outgrows the limits of your understanding and the emotional patterns inherited. It offers a breakthrough beyond belief!


We all probably feel the need for change. Whether that is consciously or unconsciously. Some of us are so impatient they want to riot, bomb even, this change into existence. One can only wonder what the quality of the past is that supports the rooting of this kind of change. And what our contribution in creating this past has been.

Healthy change, however, is not to be found in the hysterical rhetoric of current politicians, or in violently changing current political affairs. Nor is it found in denial of past mistakes.

It is found though in the personal and silence space of the soul. The space in which no political bleat is heard. Where no parental judgment is present. And no incapable family obscures the light of your authenticity. This space is yours and yours only. It is this true source of silence in which you can listen to the subtle messages your heart and soul is sending you. It is in this silence where the universe can share its unmeasurable power with you. The power that can reconnect you with your personal source of ascension and enlightenment.


So re-connect to your inner guidance system. Connect with those who share your dreams and visions. And with those that sincerely want to help you create more thoughtfully and in better, stronger and more loving ways. Bond with those you love and who love you back unconditionally. Find a new family to connect with, or cleanse your relationship with family. That is when you can start dedicating your time to what you’re true you want to accomplish in this lifetime.

For the power of this special moment in time is yours. Use it! And use it well! For its influence helps shape the future and nourishes growth for months to come!

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