Creative Self – NineStarKi energy December Full Moon


Creative Self

The energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon invites you to turn within, even more so, to turn away form outer distractions and find the purity and clarity of your personal source of power and potency: your creative self.


The Nine Star Ki profiel of this full moon is 8-1-3; that is 8-earth, 1-water, 3-wood. The energy cycle of this profile starts in de middle position where 1-water resides, emphasizing the sensitivity of the inner, unconscious world. From there, the connection is made with 3-wood in the third position, the position of action, of acting out. Taking what you find at the core depth of who you are in the 1-water world in this deeply focused second position, and connecting it to the level of ‘being’, is like bringing your gift, that what makes you unique, to share with the world. It’s like spreading your word about what you are devoted to. It’s like putting your hands where your mouth is. Yes, it is a struggle to dive deep into your own resources and to survive this journey through your personal underworld. But it will be worth while! 

Luctor et emergo!  


This is a flow of energy that is hard to control and that can easily sweep you of your feet and dissolve any present securities. 3-Wood in the third position however, is nurtured by this somewhat uncontrollable water energy. It absorbs it to the max and uses it to build dreams and visions of a future that is different from anything known in the present. So something’s gotta give.


3-Wood helps your initial inner potential grow root and flourish. It doesn’t need a manual, it just lives, grows and thrives. Like a newborn baby isn’t in any way concerned with how to live life, it just does, without fear or hesitation.


Healthy growth needs some guidance. It needs your discernment in order to decide which branch to grow and which should go. Choosing wisely, pruning excessive growth, will prove beneficial to the whole system of the tree. Growth needs your discernment in recognizing what is supportive and what drains your life-force-energy. 


The energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon also is about trust. Do you trust where your growth needs to go? Without consciously knowing where it will end? Don’t let fear of what may come from the surfacing of your deepest troubles have you stop the thriving of your potential that is surfacing due process as well.


It takes some courage to do so. It takes the development of some much needed 9-fire energy to complete the cycle of this month’s Nine Star Ki profile and to be able to reach the solid fundaments of the ancient wisdom, the wisdom of the body as represented by 8-earth in the first position. That is where rest can be found as well as the confidence that everything is ok as it is. Even if it’s not ok, that too is ok as it is.


It takes some courage to be able to truly belief in yourself and devote time, energy and attention to what is seeking a stage to be presented on. Denying, suppressing or devaluating your creative self-expression is like setting a time-bomb and lowering it into a volcano. It’s not a question íf things will fall apart, just whèn. Basically honoring your creativity is a way of paying tribute to yourself. A way of letting love find its way to your heart. 


But then comes 8-earth. The element that weighs its options and finds it difficult to go for the easiest of solutions. It rather wants to take everything into account and into consideration. So it ponders and takes its time to reflect before taking a decision, any decision. This part of the process also asks your trust. You can’t force your way out of digestion. You have to trust the process. No matter how long it takes to digest the year, your life so far and take decisions accordingly.


So you wait and trust. You find confidence in the process. You allow yourself to submerge in the deepest, darkest of depths of your inner water world. And you resurface filled with hope and new ideas for the future to evolve. The challenge here is not the waiting, the trusting, nor the conquering of fear or impatience. The true challenge this profile brings is the challenge of embracing love for self, love for your creative self. We can conquer mountains, overcome disasters, live through wars and plagues, but the most difficult thing to do is to love oneself and accept, harness and acknowledge ones own creativity.   

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