Cosmic Turning Point – NineStarKi energy February Full Moon


Cosmic Turning Point

This is the first Full Moon of a new and exciting year that lies ahead of us. A year that can be regarded as one big cosmic turning point that can push us in a different direction than we’ve expected. This Full Moon is the announcer of the change that’s gonna come. And before it all takes off, she offers us a moment of rest and quiet. When energies turn, when there’s a turning point we’ve reached, the movement of energy stops for a moment before it can move in the opposite direction. This Full Moon harbors this stillness that leaves us at peace for a moment.


The Nine Star Ki profiel of this full moon is 7-8-4; that is 7-metal, 8-earth, 4-wood. The energy cycle of this profile starts in de middle position where 8-earth resides. This emphasizes the process of digesting what is left untouched, yet, in the inner, unconscious world. From there, the connection is made with 7-metal in the first position. This is the position related to the general tendency of the energy of this year. Take responsibility for what you find at the core depth of who you are in the 8-earth world in the second position. From there this is connected with the first position that is related to your general nature.

It is this general nature that sees itself reflected in the energetic tendency of this year. Take responsibility for what you come across at the core of who you are in the 8-earth world of the second position. Connect that with the general energetic tendency of this year. And by doing so you will show your willingness to learn from past experiences, hurt and trauma and grow a stable spiritual and mature self from that.


This willingness opens up the possibility for the Self, your Self, to evolve into a stable, spiritual and mature Self. 4-Wood, in the third position, the position that wants to act out, is disconnected from 8-earth and 7-metal. This leaves it with empty hands for a moment, just for this month. And that’s perfectly fine. For it creates a break, a moment to reflect on your personal growth so far, without the need to act on it immediately.


This break is just for the moment, yes, because deep down we know: very little is going to remain the same! One of the things that will change this year, is the source we derive our power from. Most of us have built a life using the material world around us to establish self-esteem, confidence, status-quo and more of the sorts. This cosmic turning point however, is directing the energy inward, inviting you to turn to yourself as an authentic and unique source of power.


The energetic tendency of the whole year directs you towards a paradigm shift which will enable you to change the way you look at the world and to really step into your own power. This paradigm shift tilts our world view; the edifice we use to explain the world will change. No longer will anything outside us be bigger than us and beyond our influence, we will find we are greater than we think we are and able to influence the world from the core of our true Self. Both in positive and negatives ways, depending on our own state of consciousness. The energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon invite you to notion this shift and forms the prelude so to say for what is to come.


When you’ve worked hard so far to establish a profound, independent and mature spiritual life of your own, you’ll find yourself able to manifest your dreams in ways you couldn’t image before. So there’s a lot in the offing for those who did the work. And this full moon offers a sneak preview on that.


On the other hand there will be people who just lived their lives without really taking responsibility for it. They never really owned their lives and, more specific, they never really owned the parts of themselves that live in the dark. That puts them in a position from which it’s harder to deal with the changes ahead of us. For those a turning point can feel like the earth shifting beneath their feet. Like war is heading our way. Like we will become victims of fast spreading virus and desease.


The energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon helps to take a moment to define where you stand. From there you can feel how you relate to 2020 as the cosmic turning point. It helps you by asking whether or not you are willing to take on responsibility for every piece of your life. Including that which lives in the nooks and crannies of your unconscious, including the consequences that come from it. The Nine Star Ki profile of this Full Moon helps to step back and be still.


It’s in the stillness of this moment that you can listen to hear what the future wants to tell you. It probably is something you didn’t expect but it’s nevertheless something to take responsibility for too. For that what wants to manifest itself through your dreams into your life and wants to take on shape. It’s easy to dream of a life in Utopia. But what if Utopia arrives at your doorstep and wants you to step into this self-imagined, newly created world?


Use the energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon to step back and listen. And to take on the lessons that want to be learned, by you and no-one else but you. For that, truly, is changing the source you derive your power from. And for that, truly, is contributing to the change the world is looking and hoping for. For it all starts and ends with you!

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