Time-Map 2015: Nine Star Ki profile of the July Blue Moon

Although the Full Moon of today is the second one this month and is therefore called Blue Moon, it is not at all about feeling blue. At the contrary!

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July 31, 2015 – Blue Moon – 12:43pm in Aquarius –  Hay Moon or Rose Moon – Sacrifice: Gratitude for abundance; maybe a good moment for a small sacrifice for the harvest to come

The Nine Star Ki profile of today is: 3 – 9 – 8. It’s characteristics are creating  transformation and establish human interconnectedness versus heart- and soulless ego action.

Dreams by Nicole Rogers Nina-Elshof-Feng-Shui
Dreams by Nicole Rogers

The Nine Star Ki profile of this Full Moon is a special one, since it is one of only three profiles that carries the energy of ‘a woman or a man on a mission’. The only profiles that can generate this kind of energy in someone’s life are: 2-6-1, 3-9-8 and 9-8-6. People born with this type of profile, among others, are: Barack Obama, Mother Teresa, Mick Jagger, Ernest Hemingway, Bill Clinton, Herbert Hoover and Salvador Allende. Quite a collection of powerful people that have brought about change in the world and in society.

Although it might look tempting to live a life that is governed by such profile, it can be (and is) a bit of a burden; there is always the urge to work for the greater good and serve a higher purpose in life then just one’s own. Now this Full Moon emphasizes this theme on an individual level; everyone becomes a woman or a man on a mission for one day and you are challenged to stop thinking small and drop the fear of being as big as you can possibly be. Find the mission in your personal life. Find your life’s purpose!

3-Wood is the element that thinks big and can easily envision a spectacular future, especially for mankind. It always focusses on possibilities rather then impossibilities and is very good in distinguishing what is good for society and what isn’t. Together with 4-Wood, it is the most altruistic element in Nine Star Ki and it therefore hates injustice, falsehood and dishonesty. 3-Wood fortunately finds no problem whatsoever to resist these tendencies, even better, they will turn 3-Wood into an obstinate and courageous warrior against any form of inequality, looking for ways that lead to liberation of humanity. Yes, 3-Wood really can think big!

At the same time 3-Wood can suffer from the pressure of all the things that demand our attention and need to be done in too little time. It has a hard time to stay focused in an information driven world with lots of distraction. So in order to get things realized, to bring your personal mission into realization, you have to ask yourself what it is you need to be and stay fully in contact with your true self so that you can hold a clear vision – not a fantasy! – of your future.

This profile also encompasses the energy of 9-Fire, the most highly charged element in Nine Star Ki. It is connected to both our soul and our ego. This Full Moon wants us to take a look at the adumbrative effect the ego can have on our soul. We loose clarity of who we truly are because of the ego obscuring the light radiating from it.

9-Fire is pure energy: enthusiastic and enlightening. It governs the heart, love, passion, transformation, creativity and most of all our ability to make ourselves present and visible in the world. 9-Fire asks you whether you are able to play the lead role in your life’s theater. It also forces you to take a stand towards the deeper reason why you want to perform this role: out of need for applause and personal recognition, or out of need for transformation of everything that is not in sync with the frequency of the heart and soul. Adding 3-Wood to this principle and you will see a need for transformation of social inequality and heart- and soulless situations. Starting in one’s own life.

The downside of Fire energy is the ego luxuriating in his power demanding stringent obedience. So power and how you use it, is highlighted through the energy of this Full Moon.

Now back to 3-Wood. As I wrote in a previous blog, 3-Wood is related to the aspect of ‘family’ and the need for interconnectedness of human beings. 3-Wood wants to create one big, happy family and is very happy to overlook any root-related problems that we all know are so familiar to family constellations. Overcoming one’s own family-related problem, is overcoming one main obstacle in manifesting your personal mission. You can also ask yourself which role you play in the interconnected events of change that are taking place right now. How do you fulfill your part and with what intention?

In the third position of this Nine Star Ki profile, we see 8-Earth. It’s a much needed

stabilizing, balancing and grounding element that can support our need to get things materialized. 8-Earth is able to make things concrete and tangible. It is an element very strongly connected to the need for contemplation and offers the possibility of an

High Horse by Stephanie Heendrickxen Nina-Elshof-Feng-Shui
High Horse by Stephanie Heendrickxen

philosophical approach on any given situation. It never hurries nor rushes into action or conclusion. It takes it’s time and by doing so is able to slow down the tendency of creating inflated idealism by 3-Wood in co-operation with 9-Fire. It invites you to step down from you high horse, but by doing so please don’t loose your dreams! Just get rid of what is merely a fantasy and let your true believes and authentic goals and visions like a Phoenix re-emerge from your ego’s ashes and your stubborn will. Let nature, as a representation of your soul’s nature – take it’s course.

August 29, 2015 – 08:35pm in Pisces – Red Moon or Lightning Moon – Wisdom: Harvest in a spiritual way; to gain insight in ones lifecycle

September 28, 2015 – 04:40am in Aries –  Harvest Moon or Corn Moon – Immortality: Harvest; becoming aware of the new seed as part of the new lifecycle

October 27, 2015 – 01:05pm in Taurus –  Hunter’s Moon – Transformation: Transforming harvest into stock for the cold winter months to come

November 25, 2015 – 11:44pm in Gemini – Blood Moon – Survival: The simplicity of survival; taking precautionary measures to be able to survive through winter

December 25, 2015 – 12:11pm in Cancer – Long Night’s Moon  – Cleansing: Letting go of the old in order to gain strength to hive the new

This year the focus of the Time-Maps will be on the Nine Star Ki profile of the Full Moon that is active. It will be a moment in time that I’d like to connect to the Five Elements that are so precious to me and which I work with a lot in my Feng Shui work. These Time-Map blogs will be accompanied by blogs that go deeper into explaining the workings of Nine Star Ki, the archetypal qualities of the Five Elements and how they can be used to understand how the energy of the universe and the earth operate in our lives and influence us.

Now this is an experiment and I really like to hear from you how you receive and experience this explanation of the energetic blueprint that is at work at a specific Full Moon of the month. Please don’t hesitate to post your comment! Even if you don’t understand a thing of what I’m writing.. let me know! There’s always room for improvement!

The energy of the year 2015 is dominated by the element 3-Wood, so you’ll see this element return in every profile of all months. It’s the element that resides in the first position during the whole year. Only the numbers in the second and third position will vary.

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