Owning your Personal Power – NineStarKi profile – May-Full Moon


May 10, 2017 – 09:43pm UTC in Scorpio; on strength, power, personal power and the lost of these due to a slumbering undercurrent of self-doubt and fear.


This Nine Star Ki profile is: 1 – 5 – 1, it’s about power. Your power. It’s about strength. Your strength. And all the ways this power and strength is drained from you by not owning it. By letting self-doubt, fear, confusion and insecurity rule your world.

If you’re always looking for strength and power outside of you, then you are looking for something that won’t last. Power or strength from an outside source is not power or strength at all. It’s priviledge. Given to you. Granted to you. By others. It keeps you dependent, small and immature. It will weaken your fundament. And it will keep you in a place of solitary and darkness. Relying on others to empower you can easily turn you into a subject of addiction.

Personal Power

Power however is personal. It needs to stem from a source deep within yourself. It needs to be used to your personal benefit. And it should be claimed by yourself. You just have to stand up and own it. Master it.

Tapping into your own source of personal power is like driving a solar-powered car. It will connect you to the biggest and at most source of energy that will never abandon nor misuse you. It’s there. Always. For your sake. Free. And as stable and reliable as a rock.


Maybe you first need to dive into the deep waters of a therapeutic process before being able to enter that place where you can connect to your inner power station that provides you with everything you need. If so, don’t hesitate. This Full Moon helps you to regain clarity on your future, on your strength and how to reconnect with your personal source of power. Trust. The. Process.

Building Blocks

In order to reign over your kingdom or queendom, you need to be able to connect with the deepest and darkest parts of your fears and self-doubt. This Full Moon is about diving into those parts and face them, mold them into certainties, into what is already present and manifested in your life, like people, achievements and results that you can build on and trust. So turn your self-doubt and fears into fuel for your power station. Own them. Use them as building blocks to start off your own process of building the new power-you. Or to re-built the old power-you that got overwhelmed by life, by outer sources of power. Use them to create a new structure, a new fundament you can rely on. Inside yourself.


Within the tumultuous tidal waves of emotions, you can find an anchor deep down in your inner life. Something that goes back beyond this life. Something that reaches further beyond this life. Embrace this center of  your power-you. It’s the well that quenches all your thirsts. It’s the well that is clear, fresh and filled with brutal vitality. This is the well where you can derive your true power from. Step. Into. That. Power!

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