Time-Map: Nine Star Ki profile of the June Full Moon

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This year the focus of the Time-Maps will be on the Nine Star Ki profile of the Full Moon that is active. It will be a moment in time that I’d like to connect to the Five Elements that are so precious to me and which I work with a lot in my Feng Shui work. These Time-Map blogs will be accompanied by blogs that go deeper into explaining the workings of Nine Star Ki, the archetypal qualities of the Five Elements and how they can be used to understand how the energy of the universe and the earth operate in our lives and influence us.

Now this is an experiment and I really like to hear from you how you receive and experience this explanation of the energetic blueprint that is at work at a specific Full Moon of the month. Please don’t hesitate to post your comment! Even if you don’t understand a thing of what I’m writing.. let me know! There’s always room for improvement!

The energy of the year 2015 is dominated by the element 3-Wood, so you’ll see this element return in every profile of all months. It’s the element that resides in the first position during the whole year. Only the numbers in the second and third position will vary.

The Nine Star Ki profile of today is: 3 – 2 – 6. It’s characteristics are freedom versus restraint.

3-Wood is an element eager to exaggerate. In 3-Wood’s eye everything seems more beautiful, bigger and more promising. But also more stupid, worse or harder than any other element would think or feel about the same situation. Especially in times of pressure or uproar Wood quickly feels threatened or overwhelmed. The liberty-minded energy of Wood needs space to move and to spread it’s enthusiasm for life.

The Nine Star Ki profile of this Full Moon however stalemates 3-Wood. For one thing there is the presence of 2-Earth; an element that, with all it’s characteristics, T-squares the impatient free-style energy of 3-Wood. 2-Earth exerts itself to mother others and to take care of and nurture it’s direct environment. It also is prepared to exert it’s moulding qualities to shape the environment according to it’s own convictions. You can compare this with how upbringing results in shaping the life of a child, a typical 2-Earth skill. 3-Wood however prefers to leave room for everyone to shape and develop their own life and recognizes the need to do this in a personal manner, hence finding the 2-Earth approach rather normative.

On the other hand 3-Wood is confronted with the presence of 6-Metal; the rigid, guiding rationalist that troubles Wood by continuously asking critical questions. This is putting Wood’s enthusiasm to the sword in such way, that it can easily result in Wood crawling in the corner to wither because the sharp-edged Metal has left Wood broken-winged.

These two oppressive influences can lead to confusion and the pressure build by this could find its way out through unexpected outburst of violence and aggression. It will show itself in irritated nerves and stressed reactions on even the least misconduct.

The challenge is to bridge the gap that separates Wood on one hand and Earth & Metal on the other. The element that is capable of doing that and that harbours the solution to this problem, is Water. The challenge of this Full Moon is to recognize the qualities of Water and embrace them fully in order to negate the negative interaction between the elements of this Nine Star Ki profile and turn it into a more profitable one.

So, where do these Water qualities consist of? Water invites you to surrender the sharp-edged analytical ratio (Metal) that always is inclined to understand things mentally, to the Water-world of feelings and emotions and to let your thoughts and mind float away on waves of healing Water. And of course, when the pressure subsides, room for tears and grief -both part of the Water-world, is created. Todays profile could just like that remind you of a painful passing away of or breaking up with (6-Metal) someone with whom you were into an intimate relationship (2-Earth). It also can bring back memories of the mental pain (6-Metal) caused by traumatic events.


During this Full Moon it will help to retreat from environments that provoke you to think or have an opinion. So turn of the tv and put away the newspaper for a bit in order to create some peace of mind. The peace and quietness of the element Water allows you to reconnect with the enthusiasm and the hope of the element Wood. That offers you the opportunity to have yourself re-inspired by a new vision on the future. However, this vision can only be reached by submerging yourself in the Water-world of hidden emotions and accepting and processing what you encounter. The desire to escape might be a big one, for example by befuddling your mind or by victimizing yourself. The only solution is your willingness to surrender to your grief, your tears and all the other emotions that might come floating by. Liberating yourself from those emotions opens up the possibility to reconnect with the essence of who you are.

June 02, 2015 – 06:20pm in Sagittarius – Grass Moon or Flower Moon – Growth: Feeling joy that everything is taking place as desired

July 02, 2015 – 03:24am in Capricorn – Planting Moon – Destination: Everything has found it’s true destiny and come to fruition

July 31, 2015 – Blue Moon – 12:43pm in Aquarius –  Hay Moon or Rose Moon – Sacrifice: Gratitude for abundance; maybe a good moment for a small sacrifice for the harvest to come

August 29, 2015 – 08:35pm in Pisces – Red Moon or Lightning Moon – Wisdom: Harvest in a spiritual way; to gain insight in ones lifecycle

September 28, 2015 – 04:40am in Aries –  Harvest Moon or Corn Moon – Immortality: Harvest; becoming aware of the new seed as part of the new lifecycle

October 27, 2015 – 01:05pm in Taurus –  Hunter’s Moon – Transformation: Transforming harvest into stock for the cold winter months to come

November 25, 2015 – 11:44pm in Gemini – Blood Moon – Survival: The simplicity of survival; taking precautionary measures to be able to survive through winter

December 25, 2015 – 12:11pm in Cancer – Long Night’s Moon  – Cleansing: Letting go of the old in order to gain strength to hive the new

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  2. Penny Butterell

    Thankyou Nina. This is always so accurate when applied to life.Well,my life anyway! I don,t know whether this is the result of the Nine Star Ki, or your intuitive interpretation of it.? I finally completed on the Galatea deal yesterday after 3months of great stress and until 6.0pm last night I did,nt know whether I was going to have to repossess the building.So today I have been drifting around wondering how to reinvent myself,and longing to swim in the sea.I have n,t had such a blank canvas to create the next stage of life on since I was a teenager!! The 3 conflicting elements explain a lot of the confusion.Can you recommend a good book to explain Nine Star Ki to the novice,preferably in English. Hope all is well with you,and look forward to catching up next month. Much love. PennyX

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    1. Dear Penny,
      Thank you for your sincere reaction. I write these blogs using the knowledge of Nine Star Ki, but also combining this with some Western astrology that I use to verify my Nine Star Ki profile. Intuition however is not so much in play. But I’m happy these blogs turn out to be accurate. Thanks for letting me know!

      Happy for you that you were finally able to complete the deal. That must be a huge relief! And yes, a void in your life, at least for now that is. It’s nice that you talk about reinventing yourself. It probably comes down to that I guess when you overcome/overgrow the mommy (2-Earth) and daddy (6-Metal) energy that have a big influence on your life.

      The best book is actually a very small one by Michio Kushi: http://www.amazon.com/Nine-Star-Ki-Guidebook-Relationships/dp/0962852805. Highly recommended.

      Yes, all is well and happy. Very much looking forward to seeing you again too next month!!
      L,L & L, Nina

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