Turning Point – NineStarKi energy September Full Moon


Turning Point

Now what a moon we have this month! It’s hot and fiery and is offering a turning point of great proportions. It’s a month in which the energy of your soul can ignite and transform the ways you behave and act out. The energies help reshape your life and ideas into a form that supports reaching your souls goal. 


The Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon is 8-4-9; that is 8-earth, 4-wood, 9-fire. The energy cycle starts in the middle position where 4-wood resides. The roots of life therefore are at the core of this profile, empowering the energy of the heart and soul (9-fire in the third position), to connect with the portal of experienced wisdom (8-earth in the first position, closing ranks of the energy cycle of this profile). In other words, this profile invites you to reconnect with the roots of life itself, your personal root energy, so the fire of your soul can enlighten the way you move through life and burn away the debris that obstructs future growth and freedom of movement. 


It’s a full moon that easily can create unrest, irritability and conflict. So mind your calm! What is not integrated receives a large portion of energy that can show itself either as self-pity or hysteria. Either way, it will stir things up to a boiling point of chaotic momentum. Hard to handle when running out of control. But also a great opportunity to resolve long standing problems when the transforming energy of love (9-fire) is added to the mix. So avoid self-critical thinking and more so, self-pity. Use the growth energy of 4-wood to grow up into a new and better version of yourself. 


The energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of the September full moon can help heal past trauma by sending love energy (9-fire) to 8-earth which represents life’s past experiences, both personal and ancestral. This loving fire energy can help clear out the rotting remains of a past that is no longer in service of the future. Remains that block your path to success and undermine the structure on which this success can be built. It’s a process that can feel highly discomforting and confronting. These growing pains however liberate to express your experience, knowledge and inner wisdom in new and creative ways, offering dreams and hope for what is to come. 


The profile comes with the challenge to avoid playing this energy out as a drama-queen. Instead remember that the root energy of 4-wood reminds us that we are all connected individuals, shaping our world at best in altruistic co-creation. Whether we are aware of that or not. Whether this is done with positive intention or with the opposite. So keep your cool, ‘go placidly maid the noise and haste’ (Desiderata by Max Ehrmann), use the turning point energy wisely and do to others as you would have them do to you.

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