Time-Map: Nine Star Ki profile of the April Full Moon

The Nine Star Ki profile of the April Full Moon is: 3 – 4 – 4

This year the focus of the Time-Maps will be on the Nine Star Ki profile of the Full Moon that is active. It will be a moment in time that I’d like to connect to the Five Elements that are so precious to me and which I work with a lot in my Feng Shui work. These Time-Map blogs will be accompanied by blogs that go deeper into explaining the workings of Nine Star Ki, the archetypal qualities of the Five Elements and how they can be used to understand how the energy of the universe and the earth operate in our lives and influence us.

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Now this is an experiment and I really like to hear from you how you receive and experience this explanation of the energetic blueprint that is at work at a specific Full Moon of the month. Please don’t hesitate to post your comment! Even if you don’t understand a thing of what I’m writing.. let me know! There’s always room for improvement!

The energy of the year 2015 is dominated by the element 3-Wood, so you’ll see this element return in every profile of all months. It’s the element that resides in the first position during the whole year. Only the numbers in the second and third position will vary.

The Nine Star Ki profile of today is: 3 – 4 – 4. It’s characteristics are establishing loving connection based on equality versus the unloading of stressful energy.

The old traditions call this Full Moon the moon of awakening. And that is very true so. The Nine Star Ki profile of this Full Moon, shows an excessive amount of Wood energy: it’s only Wood. And important characteristic of this element is that it literally wants to resurface and show itself. It awakens after a long period of hibernation, just as nature is coming to life again in spring. Wood energy behaves like a lamb that frolics in the meadow, a bud that is eager to open up and unfold it’s leaves, it grows just for the sake of growing and moves just for the movement. 3-Wood likes surprises and swiftness. That’s also how 3-Wood people behave: they like to act fast and furious. They tend to respond quickly, impulsively and in an unpredictable way. 3-Wood people are being inclined to forget to take one step at the time. This swiftness and impulsiveness is dominating the whole of 2015, but this Full Moon the presence of a double 4-Wood is adding to the sum: pressure is building and it might feel like you’re trapped in a pressure cooker.

The energy flow of this Nine Star Ki profile starts in the first position where 3-Wood resides. This first position is connected to your overall appearance, the way you come across and how you present yourself. This means that the energy of this Full Moon challenges you to show your true nature: let your bud burst open, become frolic as a lamb. The question is not íf you show yourself, but hów you will make your appearance. 3-Wood is full of ideas and rich fantasies, it is impatient and a magician with inspiring words that can summon beautiful dream images and visions. There is a tendency that all of this is very abstract and that it drifts off in many directions. 3-Wood lacks focus and the ability to make choices. Because of that this tendency can easily escalate.

That’s where danger is lurking around the corner. Because there’s only Wood energy present during this Full Moon, pressure can built and turn into a potentially explosive concoction. It doesn’t take much to light the fuse. Wood especially likes to blow up the fundaments of established society. It likes to react quick and querulous to other people’s actions, which can cause emotions to rise sky high. Now 3-Wood, within Feng Shui, is connected to the theme of Family. This weekend many people will visit friends and family to celebrate Easter together. Because of the energetically charged situation, I recommend to be very cautious with your response to others. Try to control the 3-Wood chatterbox by taking responsibility for what you say and to not blame others (for anything). Also try to avoid releasing stressful and aggressive energy in contact with others. And last but not least avoid being overly critical and keep your vengeful thoughts under control.

Wood is the element that nurtures itself with water. Water is the element connected to emotions, to the past and the world of feelings. All this Wood energy that is present now, is sucking up a lot of Water energy, bringing it to the surface. A lot of traumatic, emotional things from the past of from your subconscious can resurface. You probably can image that when this happens within the setting of a family gathering, this could lead to clashes or conflicts. If, however, you use the energy of the Wood element to reappoint and transform an old situation, you are really mastering the tidal waves of a shocking weekend.

3-Wood sparkles, is original and authentic. It’s full of ideas and possess the ability to easily solve problems. It wants to renew and regenerate and loves unconditional equality. It is tremendously altruistic. When you are able to connect those qualities with the element of 4-Wood in the second ánd third position of this Nine Star Ki profile, you will be able to guide the wild and untamed energy into a more favourable direction. 4-Wood is the big ambassador, the representative that is able to connect both people and business. Wood is the builder of networks, of communities of cooperations; all based on liberty, equality and brother/sisterhood. It is therefore possible that, especially this weekend, connection are made you thought weren’t possible. There’s a potency for a definite change of our economic and societal system. On one hand because 3-Wood likes to blow up old structures. On the other hand because all this Wood energy provides an insane amount of innovative and transformative energy. Keywords: connection, cooperation, equality, altruism, innovation, transformation. In the Netherlands we’ve seen examples of this in the past few days. One of them was expressed in major opposition against bankers rewarding themselves – again – with outrageous bonusses. They were left no other option then to roll back their decision and turn down the money. Power to the people!

Now what can you do to manage so much potentially dangerous Wood energy? Take Five! Rest, meditate, count to ten before you react, put your hand on your heart if it gets to you so that you’ll be able to reconnect with the organ of love, take a break, be cautious, stay neutral and keep your inner balance.

Happy Easter!

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