Time-Map 2015 – September Full Moon

Child Parent Jung Nina Elshof Feng Shui

Time-Map 2015: Nine Star Ki profile of the September Full Moon

The Full Moon of September is one that has an extra charge to it because of the complete eclipse, so a complete blinding of the moon that is. It is also a super moon caused by the moon reaching her point in orbit closest to earth, making her look bigger than usual. The eclipse will reach it’s peak at 04.48 am CEST at which the earth passes between the sun and moon. Depending on the weather conditions this eclipse can be witnessed in full in Holland and England.

September 28 2015 04:40 am in Aries – Harvest moon – immortality: The harvest; becoming aware of the new seed as part of a new lifecycle.

The Nine Star Ki profile of today is: 3 – 7 – 1 – It’s characteristics being limitation by old conditioning versus creating space by letting go.

The Nine Star Ki profile of this Full Moon brilliantly shows how old conditioning and programming can hinder growth in our lives.

Child Parent Jung Nina Elshof Feng Shui
Child – Parent C.G.Jung

7-Metal is the element connected with the life-aspect Children. This literally can mean your own children, it can also refer to your childhood and to your inner child. Children are constantly busy exploring the world that they are born into, investigating it’s boundaries and limitations. Growing up is one big search into existing agreements on how the world is suppose to work. For instance by exploring the agreements about how people are supposed to behave. Agreements on which words are related to which objects. And of course moral agreements on what is allowed and what isn’t. As a child growing up, you are constantly being programmed and conditioned in order to fit into the world, loosing your open-mindedness and your gullibility on the way and by doing so, also bit by bit loosing your authenticity in exchange of adjusting to the wishes and demands your environment puts upon you.

The Nine Star Ki profile of this month starts in the middle position where 7-Metal is residing. Today’s cycle is therefore rooted into the energy field that is described overhead. You might think there’s nothing disturbing about that, however 7-Metal transfers its energy to 1-Water. Water represents the past, everything hidden – including the (collective) unconscious – and emotions, suffering and trauma. Water also symbolizes the way life goes by, the swerves and turns it takes and the amount of flow that can be recognized. The water element passes its energy on to 3-Wood in the first position which represents growth, renewal, new possibilities and adding a new generation to the family tree.

Mother Child Nina Elshof Feng Shui
Mother – Child via HolySierra.com

The way 3-Wood can develop both it’s growth and it’s quality depends on the quality of water that is feeding this growth. This month the quality of water is determined by the quality of 7-Metal and the old programming and conditioning that we received during childhood and possibly -unwillingly- have caused us damage and harm. Think about the time you were playing ‘doctor’ with your little friend and your parents ‘caught’ you in flagrante delicto causing a fainting fit. Even if they don’t say anything, their reaction will likely add a rough edge to anything to do with physical and sexual contact. In your unconscious you’ve registered that something you did was ‘wrong’ creating an unwanted conditioning that can hinder your future physical and sexual contact with others. If a girl is told over and over again to be nice and act politely otherwise she wouldn’t be able to find a good man to marry her, is another example. Old conditioning and programming will suppress some of our authenticity and innocence, which in turn finds expression in frustration. No one is free of these old patterns in behaviour, because as a child we were all raised to behave in a desirable way.

But there is hope!

Everything that once was learned, can be unlearned. Yep, I guess it won’t be too easy, especially when these patterns go back a long way, but it can be done! See it as the peeling off of layers of demands and expectations that your educators have sticked on your back. It sometimes takes some soaking before it can be released and here the water element comes to rescue; it’s the best perfect soaker agent ever! Water softens, soaks and weakens you, to the extend of becoming baby-like again. Floating in water enables you to touch your inner child; becoming the happy, innocent little kid again that was brave enough to come into this life, filled with hope. By soaking off other peoples labels, releasing old ideas on who you should be, you uncover yourself, literally. Those labels probably have provided you with a varnish that looked nice from the outside. Shedding those labels might cause you to feel vulnerable and loose some sense of identity. So it may sound very easy and relaxed to have the water liberate you from those sticky labels, it takes courage and trust to do so! Courage to persist and trust in a good outcome. But the reward will be tremendous! Clean, clear water, freed from old patterns, will truly create new growth in 3-Wood.

A little warning is in place here: the process that this months Nine Star Ki profile is opening up to, can be very frustrating once you recognize which effect those old patterns had on your life. Having become a very nice and well-behaved grown-up little girl, you maybe find yourself overlooking a life in which you chose to subordinate your own progress in favor of that of your partner, blaming him for it on the way. Or maybe the result of your sexual frustrations caused relationships to fail over and over again.

Honestly recognizing and admitting to these ‘faults in your star’, can turn into a moment of big frustration and anger because of the damage it has caused you (and others). The challenge for 3-Wood will be to not project this irritability, this anger and frustration onto others, but to take it in and transform it into energy that will be supportive of making choices and changes for the better. To take action to identify yourself with what you DO want but never allowed yourself to be or to have.

So the big question is which of the old conditioning and programming, which of the old ideas need to be released to be able to move forward.

October 27, 2015 – 01:05pm in Taurus –  Hunter’s Moon – Transformation: Transforming harvest into stock for the cold winter months to come

November 25, 2015 – 11:44pm in Gemini – Blood Moon – Survival: The simplicity of survival; taking precautionary measures to be able to survive through winter

December 25, 2015 – 12:11pm in Cancer – Long Night’s Moon  – Cleansing: Letting go of the old in order to gain strength to hive the new

This year the focus of the Time-Maps will be on the Nine Star Ki profile of the Full Moon that is active. It will be a moment in time that I’d like to connect to the Five Elements that are so precious to me and which I work with a lot in my Feng Shui work. These Time-Map blogs will be accompanied by blogs that go deeper into explaining the workings of Nine Star Ki, the archetypal qualities of the Five Elements and how they can be used to understand how the energy of the universe and the earth operate in our lives and influence us.

Now this is an experiment and I really like to hear from you how you receive and experience this explanation of the energetic blueprint that is at work at a specific Full Moon of the month. Please don’t hesitate to post your comment! Even if you don’t understand a thing of what I’m writing.. let me know! There’s always room for improvement!

The energy of the year 2015 is dominated by the element 3-Wood, so you’ll see this element return in every profile of all months. It’s the element that resides in the first position during the whole year. Only the numbers in the second and third position will vary.

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