Time-map 2014 – May Full Moon

I’m using the energy of the Full Moon to create a time map that can be used as a directive and that creates a support in guiding you through the year. I think it is just wonderful to notice how the Full Moon can shine a different light on any given situation. This light being far more a sensitive, intuïtive and feminine one. A light that doesn’t blind, but highlights what normally prefers to lay dormant in the shadow of our excistence. Being that tremendously interesting talents and qualities, or maybe itches and aches you’re not so proud off and you rather like to forget.

Using the specific energies of every Full Moon, is a way to go on a path of selfdiscovery and -development. A path that will certainly make you look back at the end of year, realizing you didn’t think of coming this far just by using Full Moon energy as a new beacon of light. You’ll be surprised!

January 16, 2014 – 05:53am(1) in Cancer – Wolf Moon or Hunger Moon – Cleansing: Clearing out even the last parts of the old in order to liberate oneself from the burden

February 15, 2014 – 00:54am in Leo – Snow Moon – Germinative Power: Discern plans in achievable and non-achievable

March 16, 2014 – 06:10pm in Virgo – Storm Moon or Death Moon – Protection: A plan awakens into reality  and needs protection

April 15, 2014 – 09:45am in Libra – Seed Moon or Pink Moon – Rebirth: The new is beginning to take on form; there is trust and confidence that it will prosper

May 14, 2014 – 09:18pm in Scorpio – Grass Moon or Flower Moon – Growth: Feeling joy that everything is taking place as desired

Feeling joy, that is what this Full Moon is all about; connecting with the life force that is abundantly present all around us at this time of year is connecting with the joy of living. To feel alive, to breath, laugh, shout, cry, be happy and sad is what makes life interesting. This Full Moon challenges you to look at how much alive you feel. Do you appreciate every breath you take? Can you laugh and cry full hearted? Can you be angry if necessary and shout out your frustration? Are you able to connect with your emotions – the pleasant and the unpleasant ones – and fully accept the fact that each sometimes is present in your life? If you do and you take a closer look, you shall notice that these emotions also come and go as seasons in a year and tides in the ocean. They sort of emerge out of your system as a by-product of the processes you are going through; as sweating comes as a result of physical exercise. But as the sweating shall stop after you stop the exercise and give your body some rest, so the different emotions can come to ease after the process that caused them will evolve and eventually dissolve.

Feeling joy therefore is being able to connect with all the different emotions, but also about knowing that your intrinsic self is much more then the movement of emotions around you. Connecting to the core of your being as a steadfast continuity will help you enjoy any emotion as something merely passing by, be that a pleasant or an un-pleasant one. Connecting to the core of your being also will generate the peace of mind of knowing (not with your head but with your heart) that true continuity lies deeply anchored inside every person and that the emotions are just dancing around this anchor, this core, to distract you from what is truly essential.

Coming to that knowledge will create true joy, true bliss. It may enable you to feel true joy in your life.

To help you to connect more to the core of your being these steps may be of assistance. You may use the energy of the Full Moon of May to first acknowledge the existence of all of your emotions. From this acknowledgement the next step is acceptance. This will create room for integration and that will lead to true joy.

  • Acknowledgement of your emotions sounds as something easy to achieve but may challenge you a bit when it comes to acknowledging emotions like anger, hate, fear, jealousy etc. In other words we are prone to accept the more positive emotions like joy, happiness and naughtiness more easily then the ones we think of as being ‘bad’, unwanted or socially less acceptable. However to get more connected to your core being it is essential to fully embrace the whole package of emotions, including the nasty ones. Yep, each of them is part of you too! In these times of the New Age I see lots of people sitting on a pink cloud looking for spiritual growth and awareness drifting away in fluffy bunny style, seemingly forgetting about their physical body they inhabit and the material world they are living on. This kind of neglect has contributed to letting things get out of hand on a global level. Escape from the dark side of life – from the dark side of your life – isn’t the solution but will contribute to growth of any problem you convey. The antidote to this is first to acknowledge the emotions you don’t like and truly see them as a result of all the human processes you go (grow) through.  Or – as I tend to say about myself – embrace the bitch, the witch and the body in the closet. See them, witness them, look them in the eye in order to prevent them escaping into the underworld.
  • Now that may have been a hurdle to take. It may even have taken you some courage, now well done! Now the next step is to come to terms with that what you’ve acknowledged before. That is what the accepting part is about. Say yes to being a pain in the ass, say yes to freaking out when frustrated, say yes to the envy you feel. It is essential to accept these emotions you’ve acknowledged before in order to disarm them. Any emotion that is neglected and overlooked is a hidden time-bomb waiting to go off. Probably at a time you least anticipating it. Accepting gives you the power to sort those emotions out and research where each one came from. What was it that ignited them in the first place? Which cause lies at the fundamental basis of their excistance? Which part of you is causing them? The sooner you are able to accept these nasty emotions that lie lurking in the dark of your unconscious, the sooner you may start finding a way to integrate them into your conscious.
  • Integration is showing the readiness of dealing with all these emotions on a day-to-day basis. Feeling the irritation when waiting in line at the supermarket and knowing this irritation has nothing to do with the people who need more time to pay or to pack their groceries, but everything to do with your inability to accept the given circumstance as it is. Integration doesn’t make the supermarket procedure go any quicker, but it shall make you aware of the fact that it is merely your own perception that labels this as irritating. That may help to create some relief around this annoying emotion, maybe even create the possibility to look at it with humor. You may find yourself laughing about the fact that you yourself chose the line and the check out at the supermarket, maybe looking for a test?
  • Once acknowledged, accepted and integrated, any emotion will loose the power it has over you and return you to reign them instead of the other way around. Even better: once integrated you don’t have to juggle anymore in holding them in controle. That will create a huge relief, a freeing of energy you’ve lost so far by keeping them under controle, a liberation of the organs in which these emotions resided that may be felt as shaking off a big burden. This is the opening up into a new reality, one that will take you beyond the world of emotions into the world of true joy; the world of bliss!

June 13, 2014 – 06:13am in Sagittarius – Planting Moon – Destination: Everything has found it’s true destiny and come to fruitition

July 12, 2014 – 01:26pm in Capricorn –  Hay Moon or Rose Moon – Sacrifice: Gratitude for abundance; maybe a good moment for a small sacrifice for the harvest to come 

August 10, 2014 – 08:10pm in Aquarius – Red Moon or Lightning Moon – Wisdom: Harvest in a spiritual way; to gain insight in ones lifecycle

September 09, 2014 – 03:38am in Pisces –  Harvest Moon or Corn Moon – Immortality: Harvest; becoming aware of the new seed as part of the new lifecycle

October 08, 2014 – 12:50pm in Aries –  Hunter’s Moon – Transformation: Transforming harvest into stock for the cold winter months to come

November 06, 2014 – 11:22pm in Taurus – Blood Moon – Survival: The simplicity of survival; taking precautionary measures to be able to survive through winter

December 06, 2014 – 01:27pm in Gemini – Long Night’s Moon  – Cleansing: Letting go of the old in order to gain strength to hive the new

(1) All time mentioned is GMT+1

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  1. Martien Dalessi

    Nina dit is weer een schot in de roos. Krijg iedere keer weer een mooie bosbloemen van je op deze manier. Ontdekken dat ik al een stuk onderweg ben en dat het pad de juist is geeft mijn inzicht om door te lopen. Dikke hug, ben bij je.

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