Time-map 2014 – February Full Moon

Already it’s February. Here in Holland it looks like we’re gonna have an early spring; the snowdrops are in bloom, the birds act in a hurry as if it is time already to get a partner and built a nest and overall there’s a sence of the new coming closer. Even the sun feels warmer, or is this just wishfull thinking? However before we will be able to leave the energy of winter behind us, it is necessary to re-connect to January’s Full Moon once again in order to make proper use of February’s Full Moon.

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I’m using the energy of the Full Moon to create a time map that can be used as a directive and that creates a support in guiding you through the year. I think it is just wonderful to notice how the Full Moon can shine a different light on any given situation. This light being far more a sensitive, intuïtive and feminine one. A light that doesn’t blind, but highlights what normally prefers to lay dormant in the shadow of our excistence. Being that tremendously interesting talents and qualities, or maybe itches and aches you’re not so proud off and you rather like to forget.

Using the specific energies of every Full Moon, is a way to go on a path of selfdiscovery and -development. A path that will certainly make you look back at the end of year, realizing you didn’t think of coming this far just by using Full Moon energy as a new beacon of light. You’ll be surprised!

January 16, 2014 – 05:53am(1) in Cancer – Wolf Moon or Hunger Moon – Cleansing: Clearing out even the last parts of the old in order to liberate oneself from the burden

February 15, 2014 – 00:54am in Leo – Snow Moon – Germinative Power: Discern plans in achievable and non-achievable

I hope you managed alright diving into the dark unknown of the January Full Moon because it’s time to move on into the next stage of the cycle of life. While diving into the source of life from which all new is derived, you might have dug up some interesting things you’d like to become manifest in your life this year. Maybe you found an old dream of starting your own business, or you dug up the long wished for idea of organizing a big event or of taking a sabbatical or even getting married. If you haven’t come up with some goals to achieve this year, then that is your major priority at this point now, before the year unfolds itself into a process of growth that doesn’t fit you. So stop, go sit down, get still and wait for thoughts to come to mind. Listen to your inner voice telling you what it is that your soul wants, not your ego. In a way you are connecting to a bigger field of consciousness and therefore are tapping into the energy of infinite possibilities! So take another plunge into the unknown source of your existence and connect with whatever is drawing your attention. And, very important, let it unfold in itself; please avoid starting the thinking process of breaking ideas or feelings down to impossibilities.

What it is that wants to germinate into becoming manifest is not so important. More important is that you have to decide which of your plans and ideas it is you want to follow up on and are worth while enough for you. Because if there are to many ideas that sprouted from your inner source, it could happen that they crowd out eachother’s room for growth and none of them will flourish. So choose and choose wisely. This Full Moon invites you to discern plans in achievable and non-achievable. A process very important to help you focus and avoid spending tons of energy on plans and projects that aren’t worth while. Time to define clear and specific goals your souls wants you to achieve.

To help you make the right decisions and create focus, it is time for a kind of SWOT analysis. You can use the energy of the Full Moon to take a look at the strength of your plans and ideas and also to look at their weakness. This may arise questions about how to overcome this weakness and that will take you to the last step; learning.

  • Strength will point you into the direction of your talents and the natural qualities you were born with that you can make use off in order for your ideas and plans to become manifest. Strength is what your personal expert-model looks like since it is you that will turn those ideas and plans into a form that suites you. Maybe you haven’t been in connection to this kind of strength yet, but it is the energy of this Snow Moon that challenges you to connect with this authentic force of energy that lies dormant in you waiting to be recognized. Also strength is referring to your confidence and courage that is necessary to believe in the potential of those plans and ideas. This is something that cannot come from the mind! Since the mind also is the source of doubt and hesitance and all kinds of other limitations that we use as default in approaching new and maybe frightning situations. Embracing this kind of strength is something every woman needs to do when she becomes pregnant. The only thing she can then rely on is to feel and connect to her inner strength of knowing that thousands and thousands of women have gone through this process before and that everything will turn out the way it is supposed to be. Every woman basically is an expert-model in giving birth. Even if the idea of giving birth to a human being, a baby, scares the hell out of her, she is naturally quilified to do so. So what is it that you are naturally qualified to do? To determine if it is the right strength that you are sensing and to check if it is coming from your higher consciousness and it is not based on will power, you can check your heart. This strength is the kind of strength that you truly can feel in your heart; it will warm you and will make you feel happy and cheerfull and certainly isn’t based on willpower. Everything else that sets you back on your path of growth, development and connectedness surely isn’t coming from your heart. Your heart doesn’t know what fear is! That is just your mind playing its tricks with you to keep you where you are right now and prevent you from evolving into your true and complete self.
  • Right, reading that last sentence you might get an idea of the weakness that could threaten your plans and ideas: it’s probably your mind. Think of your mind as a computer; it’s programmed to respond to situations and questions in a certain way. Once programmed it will operate from this fixed default set and create an automatic response to everything new, judging this new through an old and familiar paradigm. Like: ‘If I am going to organize a big event, I have to leave the privacy of my little office. But when I do that, everybody will see me!! Oh God, what if they think it’s totally bullocks I’m doing. Or what if the plan doesn’t work, everyone will see me fail and they’ll probably judge me on how I look too. I better leave this plan, it’s probably a bad idea.’ There you go, the mind boggles you into backing off and returning to the default set of your old you. I know the drill; as a little girl my father used to respond to everything I did by saying it wasn’t good enough, that I could do better. That, for a long time, has trapped a part of me in believing I couldn’t achieve anything. So yes this kind and similar kinds of weakness we are all familiar with and one way to concur it is to tap back into the previous asset of your strength. Also it could be possible to overcome this stage of inertia that is holding you back from realising your ideas and plans by moving on and taking the next step; question. Don’t forget; the Full Moon represents a particular type of energy that is present now and will slowly dissipate into the next stage of movement of energy that will be present at the March Full Moon. So you can move with it or stay stuck at the present situation, stepping out of the natural process of growth and evolution.
  • Question your current mindset. Where is it coming from? Why is it active? What caused it to act in this way; go back to it’s origin to be able to reset your mind. So in my case I looked at what motivated my father to say the things he did which to me felt as a big discouragement and I wondered if that was his true intention at the time. Looking at the situation from a different perspective as an observer rather then a participant, it made me realise that it was his poor attempt to help me grow; he just wanted to stimulate me to overcome my own limitations and to get even better at what I could do well already. Unfortunately the effect it had on me was that of believing I wasn’t good enough hence setting a lot of limitations instead. Questioning your mind in this way can result in a mind-blowing experience and that is exactly what you want to achieve with this step. Blow the limitation of your current mindset so that you can update your computer mind into a next level. This, by the way, is something that will repeat itself time and time again. You start with questioning old input, but when you continue going through this process, you’ll find that at some point you will also question the input you are feeding your mind with right now, creating new opportunities every time again. That will take you to the next step of learning.
  • Learning is about knowing that things, that your mindset, isn’t fixed but can be improved everytime you feel like an improvement is in order. Following the movement of the Full Moon you get the opportunity to step by step proceed on this evolutionary path and overcome your personal weakness that might threaten the realisation of your plans and ideas. And with every step there’s something new to learn; we’re just learning human beings! The February Full Moon invites you to learn to define clear and specific goals you would like to work on this year and that you want to become manifest. She also teaches you to fimly believe in them and trust the inner knowledge from your heart that it is the right thing to do. She invites you take a look at what it is that is holding you back; the stuff that is blogging your mind in order to keep you small and put at where you are now. And she offers the opportunity to learn these life’s lessons and just move on; the Moon is only full for a brief moment taking you with her on her journey of progression and declination. Always in connection with the deeper, darker source of life but never looking back in wistfulness.

March 16, 2014 – 06:10pm in Virgo – Storm Moon or Death Moon – Protection: A plan awakens into reality  and needs protection

April 15, 2014 – 09:45am in Libra – Seed Moon or Pink Moon – Rebirth: The new is beginning to take on form; there is trust and confidence that it will prosper

May 14, 2014 – 09:18pm in Scorpio – Grass Moon or Flower Moon – Growth: Feeling joy that everything is taking place as desired

June 13, 2014 – 06:13am in Sagittarius – Planting Moon – Destination: Everything has found it’s true destiny and come to fruitition

July 12, 2014 – 01:26pm in Capricorn –  Hay Moon or Rose Moon – Sacrifice: Gratitude for abundance; maybe a good moment for a small sacrifice for the harvest to come 

August 10, 2014 – 08:10pm in Aquarius – Red Moon or Lightning Moon – Wisdom: Harvest in a spiritual way; to gain insight in ones lifecycle

September 09, 2014 – 03:38am in Pisces –  Harvest Moon or Corn Moon – Immortality: Harvest; becoming aware of the new seed as part of the new lifecycle

October 08, 2014 – 12:50pm in Aries –  Hunter’s Moon – Transformation: Transforming harvest into stock for the cold winter months to come

November 06, 2014 – 11:22pm in Taurus – Blood Moon – Survival: The simplicity of survival; taking precautionary measures to be able to survive through winter

December 06, 2014 – 01:27pm in Gemini – Long Night’s Moon  – Cleansing: Letting go of the old in order to gain strength to hive the new

(1) All time mentioned is GMT+1

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  1. Penny Butterell

    Hi Nina, I am loving the time map English version.You always seem to be so absolutely right for the moment.At least the moment in my life.I had a good giggle at the bullocks!!! Hope all is well in your world, Lots of love. PennyX

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    1. Dear Penny,
      Thank you! I very much enjoy writing it; putting words to the energy of the Full Moon that is present is merely all I do actually. Well, good you still can giggle about the bullocks. Would there be any other way to deal with them?! Much love, light and laughter to you, Nina

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