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Solstice Moon

It’s a solstice full moon this time. Almost exact on the shortest day of the year, when darkness is peaking, the full moon shines her light as a beacon guiding us back into the light. This solstice tipping point between darkness and light, generates new hope and creates bounty where there was lack. It helps you to relight your fire. 

Solstice-Moon-Relight-your-fire-Nina-Elshof-Feng-ShuiNine Star Ki

The Nine Star Ki profile of the energy of this full moon on December 22nd, is 9-4-1. That is 9-fire, 4-wood, 1-water. The cycle of this profile starts in the third position where 1-water resides this month. From there the energy is guided, via 4-wood in the middle position, to 9-fire in the first position. It’s a cycle full of upward and expanding movement. This expansion however, is not serving outer masters. Since it moves from the last to the first position, it’s in personal service. It’s a cycle that represents the movement away from the dark depths of ending and deaths that belong to the world of 1-water. This cycle takes your energy and invites it to move towards the promising and sparkling bright world of 9-fire. A world where the heart is revived, the self enlightened and love awakened. 


This journey from the darkness into the light can be felt or used as a rebirth. The rebirth of light and of self. It’s a moment in time to cherish, celebrate and honor. Specially this year since the combination of both the moment of solstice and the full moon creates a rare occasion of yang and yin light working side by side to conquer darkness. The yang light is the light of the sun, which from this day onward will regain strength in order to return to shine in full glory again. The yin light is the light of the full moon that not only reflects the light of the sun, but also reminds us, at this darkest of days, that the sun is always just one turn around the corner away. 

Intuitive Wisdom

The yin light of the full moon also is related to the world of infinite and intuitive wisdom that resides in the depths of the world of 1-water. It’s there. Always. But not always as easy accessible as we like it to be. So it demands that we trust. That we have faith, in ourselves. In this intuitive wisdom. In the flow of a live’s current that takes us where we need to go. As long as we, ourselves, are able to stay out of the way, as long as we trust the process, we will arrive where we are supposed to. Even if things seem impossible, specially on our minds, the water has the ability to forge ahead beyond measure. If we only have faith in our ability to expand instead of staying small and start to act on this intuitive wisdom by surrendering to its flow.


That flow starts this solstice full moon. From water the energy connects with 4-wood, the expander, the generous sharer of wisdom, the connector and the bestower of wealth. Wealth that enriches in ways that money never ever can. Immaterial wealth. Wealth that has come to fruition as a result of ones own process of growth. Personal growth. Personal renewal. 

4-Wood also governs the world of generosity and altruism that always follows the universal law of perpetual transmutation of energy; what you are able give is what you will become. Energy is never wasted. So when the aim for growth, for personal growth, is rooted in generosity instead of deficiency, when you are able to share without the need for reimbursement, you will succeed. 


In this profile, 4-wood also acts as the mediator between the extremes of fire and water. Between yang and yin. The archetypal masculine and archetypal feminine. And of light and darkness. Like the solstice, 4-wood is at the tipping point between extremes and bridges the gap so a prosperous flow is generated, instead of a desperate destructive fight between opposites. It’s the exact same flow that takes you where you need to go. Into the light. 


This solstice full moon can prove to be very helpful in stirring up emotions, believe patterns and habits that no longer serve your purpose. Once on the path from darkness into light, from unawareness into awareness, you can not go back to situations you’ve outgrown. To situations that no longer serve your purpose. As the prosperous flow of the Nine Star Ki energy of this full moon indicates, it’s a great moment in time to overcome blockages, bridge gaps and open your heart to invite new possibilities and growth into your life. 


So what are you working on becoming more aware of? What parts are ready to be transformed and are (almost) ready to see the light of day? What new possibilities are ready to replace what’s outgrown? Take some time alone and use the inward-focused energy of the moment to process what has been, to release what has lost its purpose and get clear on your intentions. This solstice full moon is an excellent time to plant these new intentions as seeds that can take root in the composted dirt of what has been. 


Thank you all for all the kind responses and remarks you’ve sent me! It is much appreciated!

I wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year! May the force of light be with you and guide you trough the dark times that lie ahead of us. More on that in my Nine Star Ki predictions for 2019, soon to come!

Much love, light and laughter, always,



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