Self-knowledge; know yourself – NineStarKi Energy October Full Moon



‘Where this element goes, a river of knowledge flows’, a saying that is well suited to describe the influence 8-earth has on this months full moon nine star ki energy profile. All year long the energy is dominated by the transformative 9-fire energy. This month 9-fire invites 8-earth to take a courageous deep dive into the spiritual depths of self-understanding and self-knowledge and to transform these. The Nine Star Ki energy profile of this full moon is: 9 – 6 – 8.


With this energy as a support, it is more easy to digest and integrate past and present experiences. What is the wisdom (8-earth) that resides in what happened in the past and is happening now with and around you? What is the blessing that this situation has brought to you? Take time to digest what clogs and drains your system. When the fundaments of a situation or a relationship is based on a system that harms, one day you’re inner knowing understands that not alle situations or relationships are meant to last. As soon as you understand and accept these experiences, old patterns will drop away. 


Now is the moment to reconsider your love life and to cut some bonds. Whether to free yourself from someone else, or to free yourself from yourself. Clear yourself from unhealthy relationship patterns by understanding the experiences you had so far! End a toxic job or relationship and restore your energy where it became imbalanced so you can live your life on the right side of the human story again. 


Why? 8-Earth is longing for a transformative process (9-fire) that brings the truth (6-metal) through understanding (8-earth). Be that in relation to something around you, or to something that hides in your unconscious. Still. So when you’re tired of compromising. When others continue to be disrespectful in regards to the boundaries you set. When contacts and contracts continue to be challenged because of inequality and injustice, which, by the way is a real big no go for 8-earth. And when you doubt yourself and feel exhausted and hopeless because of all of this. Then it’s time to ask yourself why. Then it’s time to redefine and sharpen the personal vision you hold on life.

It’s time to create the opportunity to be reborn again. To live a life that’s filled with just love. Love that is just. And to open up to new realms of awareness where you can gain new knowledge about and get new insights in the world of the unseen, including the one of your own. Part of that includes honoring death and the dead as being part of live by the way!



The Nine Star Ki energy of this full moon supports the process of detoxifying yourself, by turning your attention inwards. After you digested all that went on in the past and that’s going on in the now and found the little treasures of wisdom that were hiding in the murky chaos, it’s time to let go of all that is unhealthy to your system, including all you created yourself. Focus your intention on and only interact with what is honest, sincere, loving, respectful. Focus on what is based on justice, equality, dignity, independence and balance. It’s time to become clear about how you create your life and partnerships and about how you want them to be!

Some questions to do some soul-searching:

  • Where did your life got off track and you someday started following somebody else’s route?
  • When did you switch to survival mode that still is operating your behaviour, even though the threat is long gone?
  • When did you sign a contract of sorts, that is no longer a safe haven but has turned into something that holds you captive?
  • Where do you have to deliver more, at the cost of your own expenses, because others don’t stick to their part of the bargain?
  • When do you not speak up even when treated disrespectful? 

Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, I really appreciate it and you! Thank you! 

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