Review and Learn – NineStarKi profile July Full Moon


Review and Learn

Last month’s full moon energy was fun compared to what we’re facing this month. So I hope you were able to dream up some beautiful visions about how this huge transition we are collectively going through at the time, will turn out. Cause you’ll need them to hold on to when we’re getting ready for the second half of this year. Review and learn!


Last month I wrote about the need to get real about the situation we are up against and about the need to center yourself. There’s a little paragraph I’d like to repeat because it so is in tune with the energy of July’s full moon:

‘Don’t become a victim. Don’t join the violence. Acknowledge your issues, acknowledge where your connective tissue has been torn, raped, abused and disrupted. Know why. Acknowledge your hurt. Use this s**t by turning it into fertile compost that nurtures dreaming up a better world.’ This month the energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of the July full moon emphasizes the need to do just that: review the past and learn from it!


The Nine Star Ki profile of the full moon of July is 7-4-8, that is 7-metal, 4-wood, 8-earth. 7-Metal is the element expressed by the life-aspect ‘children’. It’s the children that hold the promise of the future. But it is the wisdom of the sage, of 8-earth, that knows how to encourage that promise to unfold in a wise way.


8-Earth is connected to the life-aspect ‘wisdom’. Its knowledge is not based on theoretic material. It’s experienced based. It is the kind of knowledge that previous generations gathered in order to lay the foundations for future growth. Also, 8-earth is the element that is capable of turning any kind of personal experience, especially the bad ones, into precious material a next generation can built new structures on. 


It is in the digesting of events that wisdom and insight is created that offers true support. This is the kind of support that goes way beyond the kind that temporary normative structures and traditions offer. Those structures and traditions can really make you feel stuck in time, in the past even. On a deeper level however, 8-earth is connecting to a deeper truth. One that is rooted in the origin of life itself. There, support can be found that is alive and connected to the cycles of nature and of life. That support is not rigid and oppressive, but vibrant and empathic. Any form of digesting of events you allow to take place, will help you to become more alive; more vibrant and empathic.


Within the bigger process of this cosmic cycle we’re in at the moment, 8-earth is the element that demands painstaking self-examination.This month this aspect is reflected in the energy of the full moon. In other words, the energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon invites you to examine your own past and turn your personal manure into a fertile compost on which your new future can take root. 


Take note though, there is something to take into regard this month. Because of the full moon eclipse it’s especially the darker aspects of your past that are in need of being turned into something that is more beneficial to your system and to your soul.

It’s the fear, the shame, the hurt, the anger that holds you captive in situations long gone by. It is these emotions that want and need to be integrated in order for you to be able to move on. To be free enough to engage in the changes that are currently in demand. To liberate yourself from belief structures about yourself  that are built on past trauma, enables you to distill the wisdom they hold hostage.

Review the past.

Review your past!


Or at least that’s what 8-earth recommends you to do. And then learn from it! Learn from what went wrong. From what you assumed was right but wasn’t, from what needed an apology that you didn’t give, from the guilt you took on that wasn’t yours. 8-Earth offers the opportunity to review your past and make adjustments where necessary. It offers the opportunity to correct mistakes and misconceptions, especially those about yourself. 


Also, we need to learn from our collective past. What created the situation we are collectively experiencing at the moment? Review and learn! That’s how we can prevent mistakes from being repeated. Please let us not turn out to be the stupidest of donkeys in the entire universe!


Also, because this year 1-water resides in the home position of 8-earth, there’s an extra layer of deepening energy added to the mix. 1-Water is the element connected to source, to emotions and to the unconscious, both individual and collective. It is in the unconscious where our repressed material is stored, only to become re-activated when touched. 


And boy, how easy is it just to touch what hurts. And how unaware are we about the damage it still causes as a spin off effect. As a matter of fact, repressed material is infectious material: before you know it it damages someone else. So review your past! And then learn from it! That’s how the wisdom in store is released. That’s how the truth will be set free. And in the end that’s how the truth will set you free. 


“Truth needs to be served up […]. Due to the laws of synchronicity, it is a command from the universe. Truth is saying: ‘ready or not, I’m coming.’” – Anthony Howard

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