Reconnecting with a natural order – NineStarKi October Blue Moon

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Reconnecting with a natural order

The Nine Star Ki profile of the second full moon of October is 7-9-3, that is 7-metal, 9-fire, 3-wood. 7-Metal is the element dominating the energy of this year, focusing our energy towards spiritual growth. 9-fire and 3-wood however have a completely different focus. They direct our energy inwards towards transformation enabling reconnection with a natural order of things. 


There’s a different world behind the reality of the world we see as manifested. The energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon invites you to connect with this other reality. To connect with this other dimension. This other world is, although hard to consciously access, omni present. 3-Wood is placed in the third position of this profile and the tendency of this position is that of taking action. In the larger Ba Gua of this year, 3-wood resides in the house of 1-water. 1-Water is all about this different and unseen world behind this one. 1-Water represents the unconscious, the underworld, the world of the (yet) unseen and of intuition. 

The combination of the larger influence and the influence of the Nine Star Ki profile of this month’s full moon, results in the possibility of 3-wood taking action to express in words what is deeply felt in the undercurrent of life and of the collective unconscious (1-water) right now, be that good or bad. 3-Wood does that unexpectedly and impulsively and it gives birth to new opportunities and the need for freedom. It prefers to do that with a loud voice.


From its connection with the world of water, 3-wood takes the surfaced information to connect with 9-fire in the second position of the Nine Star Ki profile of this month’s full moon. 9-Fire wants to expose, wants to climb the stage. It wants to wave its index finger and say: ’I told you so’. 9-Fire likes to be right. As 9-fire is the energy president Trump predominately operates on, you maybe recognize the image that goes with the saying. 

Reconnecting with a natural order - NineStarKi October Blue MoonInner World

However, the second position in any Nine Star Ki profile, is connected with the inner world. That is the personal world of the unseen, the world of your individual unconsciousness. So there is a clash of what 9-fire energy wants, and what the second position is in need for, creating stress between exposing yourself or going on an inner journey. Between screaming from the rooftops that you are right and you want justice; and feeling deeply connected to an inner, different truth that is seeking its way towards exposure.


9-Fire likes to transform and burn up what needs to go. Accepting the information that 3-wood derived from the unseen undercurrent that is a major driving force to all life as we know it (3-wood in the position of 1-water in 2020), and connecting this with the unseen undercurrent in your personal life (second position) and getting clear (9-fire) about whatever it is that gets stirred up by this process, enables you to understand what is a strong and healthy new impuls that is useful in times of change, and what is merely an instinct, instigated by fear, that narrows down both your mind and your heart. The latter needs to go. Allow 9-fire to help you burn what needs to go, clearing your inner space. It will enable you to see more clearly what your personal and intrinsic needs are.


In a way we’re talking here about a battle between the seen and the unseen world, both externally and internally. A battle between different sources of information; seen and unseen, trustworthy and obscure. And yes, in autumn -which is the season of the element metal- the veils between the living and the death, between the seen and the unseen worlds are thin. And although this is a time of great opportunity to connect with what otherwise maybe is hard to connect with, we are not going to be saved by anything or anyone from this unseen world. The work is done here. 


We need to place ourselves as intermediate between these two worlds and remember that we ourselves are conceived of these two worlds. We need to open ourselves to messages from the unseen undercurrent, from the unseen world and translate them into useful words and ideas that can be put into practice. And we need to place ourselves as intermediate between these two worlds: the physical world and the world of intention and help them reconnect. Because we are of those two worlds, nothing else can take up this position.


All we need to do is to reconnect. If you own that position in-between, if you own that position of intermediate, you yourself will own the ability to make change. Being present both as a physical and a spiritual individual allows you to recognize where things are off, out of balance and out of touch with the  natural order of things. 

Natural Order

Reconnecting with that natural order, making sure that both worlds are aligned, allows prosperous energy to flow into this world. To some that sounds like magic but in reality it’s merely being able to get synchronized to what enhances life rather than destroying it. Make good use of this connection: the world is in need for it. Restore the connection with yourself, restore your connection with the natural order.

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