Pressure and Death – NineStarKi profile April Full Moon


Pressure and Death

At first this whole Corona-crisis was challenging but also thrilling. To some. Death wasn’t still real, yet. New ideas and solutions surfaced to continue life as we knew it or, at best, they tried to. News spreads like wildfires leaving us in shock and aww, and in despair looking for solutions. For answers about how to return to normal life as quick as possible. Then human inventiveness kicked in. It is at its best when our comfort zones are under threat, because there’s not much we wouldn’t do to avoid change. 

However, the pressure is up. More needs to be released. And even more so. 

Cutting deep

The Nine Star Ki profile of Aprils Full Moon is 7-6-6; that is 7-metal, 6-metal, 6-metal. A profile that consists of metal only. And metal likes to cut. Deep. It is the most penetrating of elements, leaving no room for escape. Since 6-metal also is the gate-keeper of death, the energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of this month leaves you no escape in acknowledging the fact that living leads to death. Death is inevitable. Though you might be pretty, good looking, wealthy, charming, bright and kind, you too have to face death in the end. 


In a society that is so focused on outlooks, prestige and performance, death is something we collectively have been avoiding. We’ve placed elderly people in nursing homes, dying people in hospices and we’ve placed the solution for illnesses in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry. At some point in our evolution, we’ve decided to mistrust our body and to mistrust nature and the natural process of things. So we took control. We thought.


And you take your vitamins and smoothies, go to yoga class and follow a meditation routine, which all make you feel better. Probably, you think, better than the rest. It’ll also probably make you feel in control over your life. However, still, death is inevitable. Decay is inevitable. And the need to let go what has lost its purpose is inevitable. Even for you. 


We’ve separated life from death, creating the make-believe that, as long as we make the right choices, we can conquer death. But death equalizes. It reaps without mercy, without regards to persons and without regards to how the life was lived that it takes and with what intentions it was lived. 


That also means that in the face of death, living becomes inevitable too. It’s in the face of death that you regard your life as a success or a complete failure, mostly something in between the two. All stories from people who had a NDE, a Near Death Experience, tell about the process of looking at their life in retrospect and weighing the worth of the presence of love in their life. They speak of facing and conquering personal challenges and overcoming them with gusto. They speak of the prices being payed when not acting out of love, empathy or consideration. And above all, they speak of growth in consciousness and personal insight when accepting change and resisting easy and comfortable choices.

None speak of their bankaccount, real estate or other worldly possessions as achievements to be proud of. They do however speak of regret on opportunities missed, on excuses not made, on love not lived. Opportunities to make the most of life by choosing the right thing. Which almost never is the easiest thing to choose. 

Death as a Portal

Now the energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon, leaves you no room to bail out. It’s one big process of turning inwards. More so, of being pushed inwards if you like it or not. It’s a bit like facing death, you have to go through the portal to find what’s at the other side, in this case, on your inside. Maybe you don’t like what is there, what is present in your inner realm. However relieve of the situation we are collectively in, is not found in the outer world anymore. We’re not allowed access in the outer world anymore!

The only place you can find relieve is in your inner realm. In the inner world of unconsciousness. It’s there where we can dive up what is hidden. It is there where we can dive up treasures yet unknown. But in order to do that, we have to take the dive and surrender, unconditionally, to this world where form looses shape. 


Here comes the adventure into play, because for most turning inwards is quite a challenge. Focusing on yourself, your inner Self, might be quite an adventure in itself. Since many of us have been avoiding this adventure, this journey, the cosmos is on a mission to help you stop this avoidance. It’s the greater energetic cycle of a cosmic-man-on-a-mission that allows no escape. 

Cosmic Pressure

Know that this cosmic pressure isn’t after you personally. It is just looking to re-establish balance. A new balance, because we humans, the so called caretakers of this earth, didn’t do our job well. Now we’ve entered a time, a process that presents us the consequences; not as in a process of trial and justice, nor as punishment, but as a naturally way in finding new equilibrium. 

In order to achieve that, the old needs to go, the quicker the better. Because what follows on release is the space, the room for something new and yet unknown to come into being. So go and release what needs to be released: anything that doesn’t fit one single (emotional and spiritual) suitcase, needs to go. For the ride will continue to be rough coming months, right until the end of next year!

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