New Impulse & Storm – NineStarKi energy October Full Moon

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New Impulse

Despite everything that is still in tempestuous change, creating some frenzy here and there, a new impulse is looking for a way to come into being, pushing against the obstacles of a process in which you got stuck. A process that was well on it’s way to suck the life out of your heart, trying to derail it in a blunt and brutal manner. So there’s a lot of tension in the air right now. 

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But you can stop it. You can stop this process before it can stop you. Reconnect to source, to the well from which life springs into a new cycle, so a new impulse is invited in. Then the old will be in awe and shock about what’s going on, watching you turning tables. It will still try to hold on to what was, resisting change that can’t be resisted. But if you focus on wanting to grow more, instead of being right, you can clean up your act and your part of the dynamics you’re in, making room for this new impulse. 


The Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon is 8-3-1; that is 8-earth, 3-wood, 1-water. The energy cycle starts in the last position where 1-water resides, replenishing your energy from the source of life itself. From there the connection is made with the family tree of growth, renewal and new impulse: 3-wood in the middle position. This middle position is connected to our sense of connection to others. But most of all to our sense of being connected to oneself and the psychic energy that wants you to grow and develop into a new version of yourself. But all new starts in the dark. The dark depths of the world of water.


If you haven’t done so yet, this full moon invites you to reconnect to source, to what is called the archetypal feminine, the yin, to mother earth, to your personal reproductive and creative energy, to what  remains in the dark but has nevertheless a tremendous influence on who we are and what we become. 

Reconnecting to source, in a way, is connecting with what is far below the surface yet incredibly close to your heart. This allows to emerge from the waters of the past, that what demands your courage to clean up and break the negative imprint it has on the waters of your body. Find the courage to fight your demons and the fear they hold you in control with. You can’t change the past but you can change how you deal with it in the here and now.


Clear yourself from the grudges you hold against your past and surrender to the river of life-force energy that is beyond your control. It will carry you to your destination. No matter what. Just surrender and rest in the process of dissolving and creation. Don’t forget to communicate your feelings along the way; be honest, foremost with yourself. That too can be a life long work in progress. 


Also, 3-wood invites you to reconnect to family. Hold those who are dear to you close to your heart, close to the most sensitive and vulnerable part of your body. Where every word, gesture, smile, harshness or remark leaves a permanent imprint. Choose the good ones by avoiding loud and aggressive persons, even if they’re family! Stay honest with yourself and your needs!


Next month it’s possible you experience the feeling that it all was for nothing. That the old succeeded in derailing your heart. But it’s not! After a last attempt of resistance, your personal breakthrough will be inevitable and definite. Not that the turmoil will be over then! It probably will become worse because this process simultaneously takes place in the world around us. But there it’s way much harder to stop the old that’s in effect and allow the natural cycle of life replace the artificial world created by men in suits. But by building pressure, in the end it’s inevitable that everything becomes fluid.

Eventually every old process that’s long overdue, will come to a standstill and start loosing it’s grip on the situation, allowing structures to fall apart. This has to happen in order for society to be able to take a turn into a new direction. From next month onwards we will definitely experience great and devastating upheaval, probably at a scale, we haven’t experienced before in our lifetime!


All new starts in the dark; free of judgment and criticism, it takes the liberty to flow freely into becoming. Any constraints can lead to a misshapen in the process of taking on form. So trust the process; allow the process to take place. Fill your cup and allow your cup to be filled!



Since the energy of autumn is connected to Archangel Michael, a little Waldorf school song might help you stand the storms of time:

‘Michaelmas, Michaelmas the time to show both courage and scorn

Look well around ~ Inside you must wake

Trees may shake ~ I shall stand the storm!’


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