Magician – NineStarKi profile January Full Moon


January 2, 2018 – 2:24am UTC in Cancer; on the true driving force behind the scenes of your life.

Today’s Nine Star Ki profile is: 1 – 7 – 8.


Are you the magician that rides the waves of fortune? The energy of this full moon wants you to take a leap of faith into hidden territory. Your personal hidden territory of pure and raw emotions, deep devotion and – of course – your frustrations. As a result this full moon can bring up issues about boundaries, limiting believes, frustrating fears and above all, unexpressed anxieties; 1-water is still all over the place! It’s a very intense moment in time that can surely cause restlessness and confusion due to the energy of 8-earth present in this profile. He’ll probably add some doubt to the mix to complete the sense of being lost in darkness.


It, however, is all for the good. Confusion is a necessary step in the process of finding your personal sense of belonging. Of finding out what is calling out to you. 8-Earth is the element that helps you digest the life lessons of the past year, of your life’s past. 8-Earth transforms them into fertile humus where new seeds of possibilities can come to root. That is how to find your true fortune.

Inner Wisdom

This full moon supports you in sharing what’s bothering you. So don’t let fear hold you back or have it dominate the conversation. Listen to your inner voice of wisdom. Mind you though! Don’t confuse your intuition with the troubled voice of your wounded unconscious.


Use the energy of 7-metal to cut through the momentary darkness so you can start thinking outside your box and find clarity. Think outside your box! Make a choice and let the energy of inspiration, creativity and passionate devotion bring light to your heart.

Flow Of Life

Because now is the moment to reconnect with what is the true driving force behind the scenes of your life. It’s a very potent time to initiate growth and change! Take some time to write down your New Year’s resolutions. Use them to support the changes you want to make in your life breaking habits that no longer serve your cause.


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This full moon invites you to reclaim your position as captain of your ship. To be the magician in your life instead of the victim. If you do, this profile’s energy helps you to navigate out of life’s storm back into safe waters. Back into your personal flow of life. It supports you in finding your personal safe haven where you feel at home. Honoring the path of longing will, in the end, reward you with a tremendous sense of belonging.

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