Love for life – NineStarKi Energy February Full Moon


Love for Life

Love for life often is obstructed by lack of love for oneself. It has the tremendous ability to make you aware of any fears that prohibit you from surrendering yourself to life with ardour. It is through love that we learn to know ourselves, to appreciate ourselves. We learn who we are and who we can become. But it’s not an easy process, as you probably already have found out. Love demands your action. Without action any love dies a slow and painful death if it only is professed in words. 


Love is capable of breaking open the cocoon of loneliness. It is able to make you realize how you’ve isolated yourself from life. How you’ve isolated yourself from love, by withdrawing yourself in your barbed wired bastille. An inexpugnable fortress of unprocessed past and lessons not learned and integrated. Even love has a hard time with such a challenge if the beloved isn’t willing to allow love to do it’s job by tearing down the work of defense, brick by brick. It’s only than that the tender and injured heart is given room to breath again. Given room to live and love again. 


The Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon is 8-2-2. That is 8-earth, 2-earth, 2-earth. Thus a profile comprised solely of earth elements. Earth talks the language of the body, of the physical life and of all the way life expresses itself in physical ways. 2-Earth is the element expressing the energies of the life aspect ‘relationship’. With its double presence in this profile, this aspect is emphasized and put in a central, focus position. So no escape from relationship questions and themes this full moon; it’s demanding your undivided attention. 😀


2-Earth is, in the first place, expressing the energy of the relationship with yourself. It is this relationship that defines the ways in which you are capable of being in a relationship with someone else. If love, sincere love, is not part of the relationship you have with yourself, than loving someone else in sincere ways is nearly impossible. 

Loving someone else starts with the ability to love yourself and comfort and nurture yourself and your inner world of your soul, like a mother does. Without that ability, you’ll always fall short in appreciating someone else. While that someone, at the same time, expresses the shadows you can’t see for yourself, these kind of relationships that lack self-love are doomed to fail. 


The 8-2-2 Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon is all about love, love, love and self-love and about where it went wrong in the past. Now the secret of a good and healthy relationship, with yourself or with someone else, is to love the process it instigates, not just the results. So the 8-earth in this profile invites you to work your way through the memories and experiences of old relationships and to dig up the gold. The gold that lies in recognizing patterns and integrating the lessons. Doing so helps you to regain your autonomous authority about all matters concerning the relationship theme.


Knowledge, a true 8-earth word, comes with the responsibility to act on it wisely. Acting based on theoretic, none-lived theoretical knowledge alone, can have far reaching negative consequences. Knowledge in itself can deprive you from the possibility to dream up change and a better future. Wisdom however enables you to see beyond the limitations of knowledge and have you recognize the seed of positive progression within any given situation. It is this seed that requires you to take responsibility for it, for only then the seed can germinate and instigate new growth. 


It is also from experienced wisdom, both of yourself and of those who preceded you, that fear can be released that otherwise would inhibit progress and suffocate the flow of new life. Because wisdom knows that the good in the old lives in the new. And that the bad in the old, disfigures the new. Dedicating time on your life-lessons and -experiences is preventing your problems and imperfections to take root in the new life of your descendants. 

[inlinetweet prefix=”‘” tweeter=”” suffix=”‘”]Because wisdom knows that the good in the old lives in the new.[/inlinetweet]


2-Earth not only invites you to take good care of your body, but also – and foremost- of your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Like a mother who chaperons her child through the process of growing up into an independent and grown-up adult, you are obliged to chaperon yourself in the process of developing yourself into emotional and spiritual independence and maturity. So honour the love in your life. The love for yourself, for your ancestors, for life’s lessons and experiences, and for life itself. No doubt a loving partner will affectionately respond to this!


2019 Is an 8-earth year. A year in which for many the world will be turned upside-down. More on that in my Nine Star Ki predictions for 2019, which you read here. You want more? You want to watch the complete Nine Star Ki Predictions-2019 course that Nina developed? Go to get your unlimited access here.

No matter what you choose to read or study, what you do now, this full moon to un-earth what needs to be brought to the surface in regards to the love in your life, can be of tremendous help in the months, the year, to come. Waste no longer your time, nor your truth!


Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work please quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, I really appreciate it and you! Thank you! 

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