It’s happening – Nine Star Ki energy full moon May

Nine Star Ki energie volle maan mei

The Happening

It’s happening: this is why we’re here. This year, this month, this moment in time, this process was chosen by us to be present at and participate in.

Cosmic Process

We’re in the rare situation that the full moons of May and the next one in June, both navigate on the same energetic Nine Star Ki wave of energy: 7-5-7. It also means that the new moon -in between the two full moons- is operating on the same profile which is 7-5-7; that is 7-metal, 5-earth, 7-metal. A profile that represents the energetic theme of the year in which its Ba Gua shows 7-metal occupying the centre position of 5-earth, emphasizes the need for us to become really aware of its importance to us. This energetic Nine Star Ki wave of energy demands your attention. It wants you to become seriously aware of the cosmic process we’re in. Excuses not accepted.

Tidal Wave

What does that mean? What is the significance of being embedded by the exact same energetic theme that is governing this year’s energetic tidal wave?

Get Real

It means we need to get real.

We need to get to the bottom of this 7-metal thing; taking our spiritual responsibility at heart and, at last, grow up into spiritual maturity. Or die trying to.


You don’t know what to expect from growing up into your soul’s authenticity, but mind you, there may be some surprise waiting for you when you get there.

Your truth can be revealed which might not look the way you’ve imagined it to be.


This profile brings you the gift of a child’s mind. Yes, you may think of that as not wise or mature enough to deal with the situation on hand. Maybe. But this is exactly its gift; it has not (yet) been conditioned into pathways of thinking that narrow the freedom of mind and speech. Pathways that narrow the freedom of the soul.


When the child’s mind has grown into appropriate and adjusted ways of thinking that are widely accepted, the child inside dies. A part of us dies. However, if the child’s mind is accepted as the pure, unbiased and authentic expression of a soul on its way to spiritual maturity, a completely different realm of the mind opens up to those who dare to go down that rabbit hole. That’s a mind in which the inner child is alive and integrated. That’s a mind that has captivated innocence and doesn’t understand profit and exploitation nor want to understand them.


So this rare situation is not just some opportunity, this is a big one! And the waves of cosmic energy emphasize this by going over this profile a second time in June. So for several weeks this energetic pattern is retained enabling us to catch up with our homework if we haven’t done so so far.


So, what is there for you to find at the end of that rabbit hole? How does your spiritually evolved world looks like? Bottom line is probably that in the end we all want love. We all want the well-being for every living creature on this planet. We all want healing; for ourselves, Mother Nature, Mother Earth, others. And we want to have fun and laughter and friends and good times and nice music and instant gratification and blissful dreams and good food and good sex and honesty and security and nice weather and…. Wait a minute, that’s heaven we want! Well, to me there’s nothing wrong with wanting to create heaven on earth! But to get there we have to go through the unavoidable process of confronting ourselves with the truth of our lives lived. To become conscious about how we’ve behaved, which choices we’ve made and how much damage we did to others doing so. Access to heaven is free and unlimited. The only thing you need to do is die. So if you want to go on and continue living and at the same time want to live in heaven, you better start building heaven on earth. Which, in turn, means you have to step up to the plate and take responsibility for what you create.


The energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of the full moon of May reminds you to do just that: take responsibility for yourself and grow up! Spiritually grow up! Exactly as the energetic theme of this year asks you to do. Oh, and in case you still don’t get it you’ll be reminded with an encore next full moon. But then it won’t be offered to you as kindly as it is this month. What is resisted will fester and needs more effort to be resolved.

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