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Just imagine how this world would look like if you’d take the opportunity cosmos is offering you. To explain I need to repeat some things I wrote in my blog on the full moon of May, since it was under the same energetic influence as the full moon of June is. Let me start with where I ended last month:


The energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of the full moon of May reminds you to do just that: take responsibility for yourself and grow up! Spiritually grow up! Exactly as the energetic theme of this year asks you to do. Oh, and in case you still don’t get it you’ll be reminded with an encore next full moon. But then it won’t be offered to you as kindly as it is this month. What is resisted will fester and needs more effort to be resolved. 


And yes, we’ve arrived at this next full moon, June’s full moon and there’s more going on than we could imagine last month; finally the issue of racism is being exposed and protested worldwide in ways never expected. Why, because it takes more effort to resolve what has been resisted for a long period of time. 


That is good because it has grown into a pain we can’t bear anymore. After being restricted in freedom of movement for a couple of weeks now ourselves, something inside us can now more easily relate to feelings of suppression than before. These feelings have found focus in the death of George Floyd. Also, people finally are taking responsibility for witnessing injustice; they slowly begin to understand that anything that harms another person, harms themselves too and vice versa. Corona taught us that.


Last month I wrote: to create heaven on earth, we have to go through the unavoidable process of confronting ourselves with the truth of our lives lived. We have to become conscious about how we’ve behaved, which choices we’ve made and how much damage we did to others doing so. Watching injustice being done without acting on it, and becoming aware how much we damaged others by doing nothing about it, is something we slowly start to become conscious about and take responsibility for. 


Although the protesting is still a relatively small move towards a better world, at least there’s movement! We’re learning to know ourselves along the way: who we are, what we need to thrive and feel whole, what it is that disturbs our peace of mind and what it is that we can and need to about it. But foremost it’s about learning to recognize the almost invisible patterns that set us off in undesirable ways. 

The Happening

This willingness to review our lives and community and be totally honest about it, opens up the possibility of life changing insights. Exactly as it was supposed to happen this year! Because it’s happening: this is why we’re here. This year, this month, this moment in time, this process was chosen by us to be present at and participate in.

Imagine-Nina-Elshof-Feng-ShuiCosmic Process

So I’ll just repeat what I wrote about this profile last month:

We’re in the rare situation that the full moons of May and June, both navigate on the same energetic Nine Star Ki wave of energy: 7-5-7. It also means that the new moon -in between the two full moons- is operating on the same profile which is 7-5-7; that is 7-metal, 5-earth, 7-metal. A profile that represents the energetic theme of the year in which its Ba Gua shows 7-metal occupying the centre position of 5-earth, emphasizing the need for us to become really aware of its importance to us. This energetic Nine Star Ki wave of energy demands your attention. It wants you to become seriously aware of the cosmic process we’re in. Excuses not accepted.  

Tidal Wave

What does that mean? What is the significance of being embedded by the exact same energetic theme that is governing this year’s energetic tidal wave?

Get Real

It means we need to get real. We need to get to the bottom of this 7-metal thing; taking our spiritual responsibility at heart and, at last, grow up into spiritual maturity. Or die trying to.


So the question of the energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of June’s full moon is about getting to the heart of the matter. Where is the heart? Where is your heart? Are you centered? Are you at the center of your life? If there’s any given situation or relationship that provokes imbalance in you, take the time to investigate how this affects you. In which way do you allow yourself to be compromised in mediocre settlements that kick you out of your center? Where does your strength go then? What is it that has caused feelings of separation, isolation, depression? Or is it your own thinking that kicks you off your feet, out of your center, bringing imbalance to your life? 


These heart and center oriented questions are provoked by 5-earth, the element that is at the center of the Ba Gua and also at the center of this month’s Nine Star Ki profile. It is this element in itself that raises these kind of questions and issues. It is in this center position of the Ba Gua, that 7-metal has taken stage. 


Also, 7-metal is present twice in this month’s Nine Star Ki profile. It is the element that represents the life aspect ‘children’ and it usually has a bit of a hard time focussing on issues that are in need of our attention. This element prefers thoughts that seem to live a life of their own. Like a child’s mind, that isn’t yet completely present in the body, the 7-metal energy likes to wander off to daydream on becoming an astronaut, or rescuing people from a burning building, or saving all the little piggies from being slaughtered and eaten. That, however, is a way of thinking that definitely is not in the now, at the center of life, at the center of yourself, but somewhere over the rainbow.

It lacks connection to reality. For you can dream of becoming a famous artist, but if you lack the basic skills that you can work on and develop, the dream will become an illusion. Any illusion takes your focus away from your center.


Every version of any given story you create can bring imbalance to your life. At the moment that you realize that it’s just a story, your pie in the sky shatters to pieces and the emptiness inside is present again instead. However at the same time you realize it’s just a story, it is also possible to return to your center again; you have debunked your own illusions. 

But life wouldn’t be life, if there wasn’t a paradox just around the corner waiting for you to take a look at!


This profile, as it happens, brings you the gift of a child’s mind as I mentioned. This is the mind that has not (yet) been conditioned into pathways of thinking that narrow the freedom of mind and speech. Pathways that narrow the freedom of the soul. The paradox therefor is that the energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of June’s full moon, through the presence of 7-metal, prompts your mind to wander off and to explore unknown, unfamiliar territory which accommodates possibilities and opportunities and visions only a child is able to imagine. 

Just imagine.


The energy of this month’s full moon is an echo of last months energy. It is a repetition by which you are offered the opportunity to use it differently this time. This month. Use it to dream up a new world. Not just any world, but a responsible one with you at its center. 

Just imagine.


Imagine how you would like to feel, what colors you’d be surrounded by, what scents you’d smell. Imagine which bodily sensations you’d like to experience. Allow your body to become part of this new world. Allow others to join you and enjoy this together with you. Really connect that which you feel to the core, the center of your being. 


7-5-7 Is a profile that allows you access to the vivid imagination of a child. At the same time it helps you to anchor these vivid images in your solid center of self (5-earth), the one and only you need to be in constant relationship with. It is the 5-earth that is anchoring this process, preventing you to dream up a fluffy bunny world that lacks connection with reality. Also, 5-earth is the element and the energy that represents the whole, the collective, the earth as a planet with us on it as its people. 

Just imagine.

  • A world that supports every individual, no matter which race or gender, or what ever planet they originate from.

Just imagine.

  • A world that empowers people and really, really takes care of them.

Just imagine.


Just imagine how this world would look like when the life it supports is healthy and easy for every single living being. And now connect these images to the core of your being. To the center of your Self. Materialize them in your system, in your DNA, so you cannot escape any longer from living this life realtime. 


Use the power of thought to eliminate imbalance, inequality and unease from your system and replace it with thoughts of a world you really want to live in. A world you really dare to live in!

It isn’t hard to do. 

Just imagine.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but now I’m definitely not the only one!

So I hope the day has come that you’ll join me and you realize that no system ever is able to create the world you imagine. Only you can. Because you have a heart. You can work on being centered in self. A system only reflects the lack of heart, the lack of center of the people it was created by. 


Don’t become a victim. Don’t join the violence. Acknowledge your issues, acknowledge where your connective tissue has been torn, raped, abused and disrupted. Know why. Acknowledge your hurt. Use this s**t by turning it into fertile compost that nurtures dreaming up a better world. 

You can. I know you can.


Become aware of the false stories you’ve dreamed up for yourself, about yourself, that undermine your center. That hurt you over and over again and destabilize your center and obscure the true energy potential of this full moon and of yourself. Recognize the almost invisible patterns that set you off in undesirable ways. This recognition engages the dismantle of these patterns. 


So this rare situation is not just some opportunity, this is a big one! And the waves of cosmic energy emphasize this by going over this profile a second time this month. So for several weeks this energetic pattern is retained enabling us to catch up with our homework if we haven’t done so so far. 

And then, just imagine…..

Thank you John!

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