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Firm Foundation

This months Nine Star Ki profile of the energy of the Full Moon consists of earth elements only. Earth is the element that reminds you that everybody is in need of a firm foundation to built a life and future on. Without that firm foundation, things might get lost in transition. Things that are in need of a place to land and grow root so abundance can take root too. Things that are in need of a place to come home to. But where is home to you? What is your place, space, land to plant your flag? Where do you feel appreciated, valued, safe, nurtured and honored enough to call it ‘home’? This months Nine Star Ki profile of the energy of the Full Moon not only confirms, but also takes into question what your place is you take up in life.


The Nine Star Ki profile of this Full Moon is 8-5-8; that is 8-earth, 5-earth, 8-earth. Much presence of Mother Earth that is and considering this happens within the yearly cycle of 8-earth energy that governs 2019, this is more than just an invite to get your stuff in order and find the center of self. Because 8-earth is the one that goes back and forward, goes over -and over again- in grinding the stuff of your life until the pieces fit your system so they can be integrated. 8-Earth wrings out the slush of emotional residue so your path is cleared for you to live up to your best live ever.

Yes, I’ve written similar words like this before and will continue to do so for the rest of the year, because 8-earth also loves to repeat things until you get the drift. And 5-earth, well, that’s all about you! Who you are, where you stand in life, what you do for a living, how you connect with others. But foremost, how you connect with self and the way you wear and bear your crown and take up your place in life.


No easy thing that is, because how dó you take up your place in life? Well, for starters, it’s good to have fun and enjoy what you’re doing so you feel good about yourself and your body. It is the best and most powerful antidote to lost of focus, fear and constrains that block your path to bliss and your coronation to an autonomous authority. Be playful and honor the purity of the blissful child that is born from leading a wise and responsible life. Mind you: without becoming childish or unable to grow up and meet the challenges of life, just waiting for someone to come in and solve all your problems. That is not bliss, that is escaping from commitment to life.


Second best thing to do is to love yourself, love your body. Also, let your body be loved and enjoy any form of physical pleasure. Yes, that includes sexual pleasures and also any form of art to which the subtle energies of your body can respond in a positive way. Like listening to beautiful live performed music for instance. I just visited the Geelvinck Muziek Museum next door, for a concert performed by Megumi Tanno. She is one of a kind! Listening to her playing the piano, both energized and relaxed my body completely! As I wrote in my blog and newsletter last week: “earth without ‘art’ is just eh”. So yes, the energy profile of this month encourages finding the kind of art that earths and heals your heart and body and reconnects them to what is sacred to Mother Earth: creation.


For that is what she does best, our dear Mother Earth: create. With inconceivable vigour, she offers abundantly and with no hesitation as she does so this month. She shares her richness and offers endless nourishment on a physical, emotional as well as spiritual level. She encourages passion for she is passionate herself. The third step therefor is reconnecting with your own passion. That, in a way, reconnects you with a natural source of creativity and generates the opportunity to reboot your soul.


Taking up your place in life can also take on the form of generously sharing your expertise, your knowledge, your accomplishments from a place of personal stability, just like Mother Earth does. She doesn’t hold herself back, so why should you? So the fourth step is knowing and owning your s**t -both the positive and the negative- with abundant optimism. By doing so you break the traditions that tend to keep you smaller than you are. Evoke the courage necessary to be your own leader based on what your heart has learned from life so far; live your wisdom more fully and be willing to work with the moment. That, also, is all about the element earth that’s widely present this month.


Also, there’s a warning that comes with this profile. This 8-5-8 Nine Star Ki profile can turn the tables on an instant, be that for the better or the worse. The time of keeping up appearances is ending. This month you can find yourself feeling a completely safe, earthed powerhouse one moment. The next an earthquake of any kind destroys the feeling, shattering you or a situation to pieces. 8-Earth can be very reactive and revolutionary, causing turmoil to change the status quo.

What to do?

Mind the billowing winds of change, they can catch you by surprise, whether that is in the street; in encountering people or opportunities; regarding the financial market; or in your work or relationship. When that happens, reconnect with your place you take up in life! Reconnect with your center of self.

Beware of people who systematically project their nightmares onto others and life itself; make sure you know how they look like so you can distance yourself from them and stay safe. Otherwise you all of a sudden could find yourself trapped in someone else’s emotional swamp.

Avoid the fear for lack; this is a month in which things unexpectedly might run out of stock. Whether that is money, or fuel, or appreciation, or beans & bagels. Remember then that nature is plenty: when focus shifts from economy to ecology, scarcity fails. Keep your focus on what’s there, not on what’s missing. And the best place to look for that is inside, that’s where you can find the firm foundation you need to survive any transition.


Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share my writing, please be so kind to quote it and link it to this post and my website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work (and word) around, I really appreciate it. I really appreciate you! Thank you!

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