Change: Re-Invent Yourself! – NineStarKi Energy April Full Moon


Change: Ever thought about re-inventing yourself?

NineStarKi energy Full Moon – April 30, 2018 – 02:59am UTC in Scorpio

Today’s Nine Star Ki energy is: 9 – 3 – 2


Change is necessary, but many people are in distress at the moment; there’s a restlessness and agitation that affect many. Things are changing with a vast quickness and this combined with the influence of the 9-Fire year, reminds us of the inevitable fact that life is all about change and transformation. About movement, progression, regression, transformation and change. When things come to a standstill, life stops. 


If you feel a lack of flow and progress in your life. If you find yourself in a situation that you’ve been in before, one that is repeating itself over and over again. And if you feel that life is passing by without you being part of it. Then its time to realize that all this stickiness isn’t generated through external forces. It’s our own personal creative force that was neglected, overlooked, left unsupported and frustrated by all the hidden tribulation and as a result created the unrest and blockage you’re feeling right now.


If you want to be able to deal with this restlessness and chaos, the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon encourages you to create room for something new to come into your live. To let yourself be inspired by your own hidden potential of wonderful abilities and unique talents. To facilitate this however, it is necessary to release something that’s in the way of the new. We all have, figuratively speaking, things hidden on the back shelve of the closet, under our beds, in our attics. Are you comfortable enough to sit with them? To embrace and accept them as a part of your life? They contribute to the energetic and emotional fabric your life is made up of and accepting them is a way of integrating their energy so it can become yours again.


It’s from this acceptance that transformation can find it’s way into your life. Acceptance is kind like forgiveness; the fighting and suppressing stops and as a result stressful energy is freed and released. Making you feel happier, lighter, more creative and brighter as a result. 3-Wood can be a fighter on one hand. But on the other also is the optimistic bringer of hope and renewal. 3-Wood in this profile can be like a fresh wind that can bring in the desperately needed change and blow away the clouds of despair. 


This full moon, supported by all the lightning power this 9-Fire year poors down on us, combined with the fresh winds of 3-Wood, is disruptive enough to bring things to the light that no longer can be suppressed or covered up. It releases what has been in hiding. Be that your wonderful abilities and talents. Or information, unhealthy addictions, secret agreements, hidden agendas or secret lovers; we have to look them in the eye and confirm their presence.


Journalist Amy Chozick wrote a book about Hillary C.: ‘Chasing Hillary’, a tarnish behind the scenes of her campaign that she’d probably rather would have kept there. Jelle Brandsma and Jan Kleinnijenhuis, both also journalists, revealed a bunch of secret memo’s in the Netherlands about discarding the dividendtaks. The government and even the prime-minister have long been in denial about the existence of these memo’s. And, of course, Mark Z. had a bit of a hard time answering questions about FB’s role turning a blind eye to the misuse of his platform in regards, amongst others, to the situation in Burma. 


But this is it. And it’s ours to deal with. You can use the energy of the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon as a giant refresh button that replaces your repeat button. That is how new growth and opportunities are invited to come into being; learn and move on. That approach of your personal stressful situation is highly supported with this energy!

Acceptance is the key-word to unravel potential new growth.


And remember, everything is ok. Even things that are not ok, are ok. Acceptance is the key-word to unravel potential new growth. A new start. Or a new way of being in relationship with yourself. A possibility to re-invent yourself. Embrace who you are. Fully and to the max! The world is in need of people who are able to stop projecting their shit onto others. People who are able to solve their problems by grabbing them by the balls (thank you herr Trumpf). Everything else is just a waste of time. 

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    1. Dag Astrid,
      Fijn dat je jezelf in deze fase kunt herkennen. Mooie kans om een frisse wind in je leven te brengen.
      Overigens wordt de Nederlandstalige versie dit weekend gepost.
      Hartelijke groet,

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