Building Heaven On Earth

hemel op aarde bouwen, Nina Elshof, Conceptual Feng Shui

Building Heaven On Earth; Who Doesn’t Want That?

Building heaven on earth is not about building something new, something that doesn’t exist yet. At the contrary! Building heaven on earth is much more about unearthing what has been present since the beginning of ages. Something so profound and full of bliss, we weren’t able to handle its high frequency so far.

hemel  op aarde bouwen, Nina Elshof, Conceptual Feng ShuiSo, we’ve sort of covered it up

We’ve covered it up with the mucus and debris of life itself. We’ve covered it up with our own creations of what we thought would be good for us, what would be suitable, what we thought we deserve and what we thought would serve us right. We thought we owned things and we owned the right on control over life. We thought we were in control.

Layer upon layer was created by us, of false information, ridiculous interpretation, misjudgment of situations, of others and ourselves. And the most syrupy, sticky, stinking layer of all: the idea that we are not good enough to live in a heaven created on earth.

So We Started To Feel Guilty And Blame Others For It

We started to suppress this nagging feeling of shame, blame and guilt by making others feel ashamed, blamed and guilty. We started covering up the cover up too with sugar, booze, burgers and possessions. With power play, politics, villains and vaccins. 

And we alienated from our souls, unable to bear such heavy burden. It was as if the weight of the burden we’ve created for ourselves, pressed the soul out of our system, like juice is pressed out of an orange.

It Made Us Dry Up Internally.

It made us thirsty for the juice of life that’s called chi, the life-force energy that supports and nourishes the soul. The same energy that enables us to love and feel loved, and to really, deeply be able to connect. Once you’ve quenched your thirst for this juice, you can start sharing it with others and the rest of the world.

Building Heaven On Earth Is Definitely Not A Seemingly Impossible Dream Or Illusion.

It is just that we started off on the wrong foot gazing at the stars in the sky looking for a God that should save us, instead of looking inside where our bodies harbor the patterns, the rhythm that are key to unlocking the mystery of life itself. The same patterns and rhythm that our ancestors already were able to read and use, but that we have long disregarded as undeveloped knowledge that lacked intelligence and scientific evidence. 

That Was What We Thought

We thought heaven was above us, somewhere unreachable. That was what we were taught. We thought that we were dependent on others to be granted access. We thought we were not good enough. 

The Result Is That We’ve Been Looking In The Wrong Direction All The Time!

Heaven is already here! It’s right here beneath our feet. The only thing we need to do is redirect our focus and start unearthing what is already present but has been thoroughly covered up and suppressed by our head taking control over matter(s). The same matter (materia = mater = mother = archetypal feminine or yin) where ratio (mind = thinking = father = archetypal masculine or yang) doesn’t know anything about: the logic of life itself.

It Is This Logic That Conceptual Feng Shui Gives You Access To

Because Conceptual Feng Shui speaks the language of patterns and rhythm that is recognized by our bodies, our senses, but denied by our heads and reason. That is why you can feel and sense that there is something wrong in a room or in a house, but you can’t explain it with intellect and reason. Feng Shui knows why because it can translate feelings into words so that you can start to comprehend what your body and senses are telling you.

Conceptual Feng Shui Translates The Subjective, Sensitive, Reality Into Understandable Words And Values

In a world in which we’ve done everything to avoid heaven being built on earth. In a world in which we’ve done everything to create an illusion of heaven on earth, we’ve now come to the point at which this illusion is blowing up in our face. What seemed beautiful, turns out to be built on and from a whole lot of ugliness. Devilish at some point, humiliating, dishonest, unethical and unjust. A non-world that is need of replacement.

That Is What This Year, And The Years To Come, Is About: Transformation

The transformation of the world with and through the people that live on it. Because it all comes down to us. We need to look out for that what has been kept from us for so long: heaven on earth. That means that you need to roll up your sleeves and make your hands dirty. Because centuries of layers of stinking mucus and debris of life itself, isn’t cleared out on instant. It also seems like something of improbable size. Too big for you as an individual to handle, because, where to start?

Exactly, home. With yourself and your own life!

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