Are You A Light-Bringer? – NineStarKi Energy November Full Moon


Are You A Light-Bringer?

After the digesting and integrating energy of Octobers Full Moon, it’s time to re-light your fire. It’s time start your engine going again. The Nine Star Ki profile of this Full Moon is 9-5-9 and it’s energy encourages you to ignite a flame of hope that chases the shadows of doubt away. Now doubt was well around with last month’s Full Moon energy. It maybe created a bit of darkness in your head and heart. If so, than please remember that light often comes in the darkest of times.


Now it’s time to cut through that foggy and confusing darkness with a fierce fire of truth, love and sincerity in order to regain clarity again. And also to burn a hole in situations that have become stagnant. Let this fire transform you into pure light, love and passion so you’ll be able to reach a totally new level of self-respect, courage and authenticity.

Personal power

The victory of light over darkness, of knowledge over ignorance and of hope over despair will grant you a higher awareness of personal power. The energy of the Nine Star Ki profile has the ability to awaken your ambition. It also magnifies the power of transformation so that issues of the heart may reach a passionate turning point. Regaining personal power or reaching a higher awareness of your personal power, can help to re-connect with a more clear sense of independence,  self-respect and personal boundaries, while deepening your understanding of your needs and desires.

[inlinetweet prefix=”‘” tweeter=”” suffix=”‘”]The victory of light over darkness, of knowledge over ignorance and of hope over despair will grant you a higher awareness of personal power.[/inlinetweet]


Because fire can both purify and destroy, these two faces of this energy are emphasized by the two 9-fires in this Nine Star Ki profile. They escort -so to say- the 5-earth in the center of this profile, like two sphinxes guarding and protecting sacredness. Yes, there’s sacredness to be found in 5-earth, since it represents the wholeness of things, of people, of us. This wholeness takes tremendously arduous and diligent work to achieve. It also takes a tremendous amount of courage to be brave enough to recognize any imbalance and imperfection in yourself and to purify this. Consider the energy of this Nine Star Ki profile as a wake-up call to face the fundaments of the shadows that hide behind the superficial appearances of life. 


No doubt it takes some courage to overcome the resistance, avoidance and revolt to light up your lantern and descend, like Inanna, into your underworld. But the two 9-fires offer helpful support and light up this path. Use this energy wisely as deep and profound change is going to look for your attention next year. Many things will flip and certainly will possibly make you feel that the world is turned upside-down. Transform now what otherwise next year will be a cause of upheaval. Make good use of this energy for darker times are awaiting us! More on this will be addressed in the Nine Star Ki predictions for 2019, soon to follow. The ones of this year can still be read here.



Also, things can easily become overheated in the process. People who already suffer from heart problems, should be warned not to take on too much stress by taking things too personal. Relax. Love yourself and the ones who bare you the gift of bringing about the harder lessons in life. Have compassion. Be compassionate. Choose to be a light-bringer instead of a light-taker.

Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, I really appreciate it and you! Thank you! 

2 gedachten over “Are You A Light-Bringer? – NineStarKi Energy November Full Moon”

  1. Liesanne van der Naald

    Hoi Nina,
    Wat is het NSK profiel van deze maan?
    Wel genoemd maar niet de positie.

    Lieve groet,


    1. Ha Liesanne,
      Da’s dom, ga ik zo meteen aan de blog toevoegen. Dank dat je me er even op attent maakt! Het profiel is 9-5-9. Straks komt de Nederlands talige versie online.
      Groetjes, Nina

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