A Powerful Turning Point – Nine Star Ki Energy March Full Moon

Turning Point

This full moon will mark a powerful turning point. Not only does it almost exactly coincide with spring equinox, also the element 1-water will prove itself a helpful companion for the 3-wood element. 3-Wood resides in the third position of the Nine Star Ki profile this month and is therefore responsible for all action. The Nine Star Ki profile of this months full moon, is 8-1-3. That is 8-earth, 1-water, 3-wood.


It is a powerful moment because water encourages wood to find new words to express your story, your creativity, your love and to envision a new future for yourself. Water comes as a surge of refreshing energy, allowing 3-wood to grow into what it is best capable of: leaving the old for what it is and to force new life into being. Like the spring equinox, it bears the promise of new life and the possibility of a breakthrough or rebirth: something new will emerge from the waters of the past. 3-Wood reels in the energy of a new season of growth and with it the blossoming of the cherry trees and the fluttering of butterflies. It’s a full moon Nine Star Ki profile overflowing with fertile energy and joy in celebration of the return of life, like Amor’s kiss that brought Psyche back to life.

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Heart Energy

It’s this combination that can spark your life with new and creative energy that can help you open up to greater happiness and more sincere love. Love that sprouts from the heart, as easy as seeds sprout under the spring sun. 3-Wood brings hope and gives birth to the dreams you hold for your future. This is a great moment to surf this wave of uplifting energy and allow yourself to step up to a new level of spiritual consciousness. A consciousness that is more true to your heart’s energy and which allows for more heartfelt and meaningful connections with others.

Change Maker

3-Wood is the change maker among the Nine Star Ki elements. It represents the ever lasting change in nature and the idea that everything is impermanent. When 3-wood turns up in a Nine Star Ki full moon profile, or in a personal profile for that matter, change is inevitable. But change can take any direction if not guided properly. Then change easily can become destruction without purpose. So it’s in need of solid ground to operate from.


That’s what 8-earth in this profile is able to offer. 8-Earth is capable of taking inventory on how you’ve spent your life so far. How true you have been to yourself and your life’s purpose. How meaningful you’ve approached the difficulties in life so far. And, also, how realistic your belief has been. It also is the element capable of seeing through the structure of karmic patterns that keep repeating themselves until they are recognized. Once recognized you can never return to a state of ignorant oblivion. 8-Earth seeks truth and clarity by digesting what needs to be processed and integrated. That is how change is invited into your life. That’s how life’s experiences are transformed into intrinsic wisdom.



8-Earth uses the wisdom of old knowledge-based systems, like Nine Star Ki, to help you alter the course of your destiny and make life changing decisions through which you can recalibrate your life. However, the decision making is challenged by the muddy waters that the colliding of 8-earth and 1-water can create. There’s a tendency of unclarity and confusion if you let emotions run your day. Be that your personal emotions or those of others. Changing your destiny therefore starts with clearing away (karmic) patterns that disempower, toxic relationships that poison your chi and old habits that are no longer in service of who you truly are. Due to the 8-earth year we’re currently living in, this is a process that will continue for the rest of the year.

8-Earth lifts the carpet and exposes what has been left unattended and in denial. There’s no way you can neatly manage your way through this; the mess uncovered is been thrust upon you. This month. This year! If unlived, this mess will turn your life into a lie of superficial and unsatisfying happiness. Leaving your heart and soul shattered into pieces.


When addressed in time and in a clear and brisk way, this tendency allows for a more careful consideration of all aspects and ingredients of your personal situation, without emotions clouding your judgement. This, in itself, can support an easier and more authentic way of communicating in the future. Because 8-earth lays the fundament of change-making and 3-wood is the element of communication. Preferably communication from the heart.

Life Reprise

Life happens for no specific reason, it just happens. Asking you only to stick with it. No matter how painful it can sometimes get. Stick with it. Don’t bail out on it, on yourself. Just stick with it and accept the happening of the past, the present and the future. It shapes you in ways you might detest and want to avoid. Or, if you surrender to it and accept what it has to offer, can help you turn your mess into gold. There’s gold in every painful, awkward and upsetting situation. If only you are determined enough to allow that gold to surface through what is hurting your heart. Pitying yourself only takes you further from where you desire to be. This full moon offers the chance to pick up your pieces and make a new start. The energy of the universe will support you every step of the way.


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