Time-map 2014 – June Full Moon

This Full Moon had it’s pull on me too. Descending into my darker realms, I sort of lost track of time, posting this blog later than planned. It hopefully still will proove to be useful. Enjoy the read!

I’m using the energy of the Full Moon to create a time map that can be used as a directive and that creates a support in guiding you through the year. I think it is just wonderful to notice how the Full Moon can shine a different light on any given situation. This light being far more a sensitive, intuïtive and feminine one. A light that doesn’t blind, but highlights what normally prefers to lay dormant in the shadow of our excistence. Being that tremendously interesting talents and qualities, or maybe itches and aches you’re not so proud off and you rather like to forget.

Using the specific energies of every Full Moon, is a way to go on a path of selfdiscovery and -development. A path that will certainly make you look back at the end of year, realizing you didn’t think of coming this far just by using Full Moon energy as a new beacon of light. You’ll be surprised!

January 16, 2014 – 05:53am(1) in Cancer – Wolf Moon or Hunger Moon – Cleansing: Clearing out even the last parts of the old in order to liberate oneself from the burden

February 15, 2014 – 00:54am in Leo – Snow Moon – Germinative Power: Discern plans in achievable and non-achievable

March 16, 2014 – 06:10pm in Virgo – Storm Moon or Death Moon – Protection: A plan awakens into reality  and needs protection

April 15, 2014 – 09:45am in Libra – Seed Moon or Pink Moon – Rebirth: The new is beginning to take on form; there is trust and confidence that it will prosper

May 14, 2014 – 09:18pm in Scorpio – Grass Moon or Flower Moon – Growth: Feeling joy that everything is taking place as desired

June 13, 2014 – 06:13am in Sagittarius – Planting Moon – Destination: Everything has found it’s true destiny and come to fruitition (2)

Have you found or reached your destination? That’s a big question to answer I guess. Because it suggests that the journey has come to an end and there’s nothing more left for you to do then sit back and relax. Well, we probably are easily willing to accept the latter but the former is something to question. Can the journey we are on ever come to an end? Is there ever going to be something like a finalization of a process that we humans are part off? It depends on how you look at things.

We are taught that time is linear hence, as any line communicates, it has a starting and ending point to it. This way of thinking put things in a rather absolute perspective; once you have done something or made a decision on something, it is irreversible, you cannot come back on it and move in the only one direction you are heading towards. We suffer from that by regretting the mistakes we made, the wrong decisions we took, the clumsy attitude we’ve maybe showing on occasion. In growing older, the list of regrets will expand too, turning into a burden that maybe is hard to bear. It is intoxicating our bodies and specially our minds and to escape from that burden, we subdue these issues in an attempt to erase them from our conscious mind which, on first sight, we succeed at due course.

The thing is however, that every experience we try ‘leave behind’ us, will continue to have a pull on us from a subconscious level. It will act as a constraint, keeping us attached to something we wished not to be attached to anymore.

If we consider time not to be linear but circular, this should open up to a whole new perspective and therefore a new world of possibilities. A circle has no starting or ending point, it represents a continuum of movement as the flow of the tides and the waxing and waning of the moon; there is only change. By that the meaning of reaching your true destiny is put into the different context of a never ending story in which every moment turns out to be a temporary destiny in a flux of change. This maybe could give room to a feeling of despair; why bother trying to reach a goal if that is impossible to achieve, because there is no endpoint to get to and you’re just repeating things over and over again. That’s the paradox of our lifetime I guess. Connecting to the circular movement of time, is connecting to the fact that everything that once happened in your life still is part of the here and now and your everyday you, and at the same time is part of the moving energy of the cyclical time. With every completion of a full cycle, you run back over these past events. Most of the times this will be experienced merely on a subconscious level that unfortunately almost always will have a negative effect on us in that it makes us want to look the other way. No one likes to look at the downside of life, specially that of ones own. Going back to the same places to do the same things may be quite something to experience; karmic recapitulation is at hand.

However if you connect this cyclical principle of time to the idea that destiny is something that is not outside you but inside you, it shall no longer be a place to go to or to reach at. You may find destiny turns out to be a state of mind you can be at or not be at. Question is how you can reach that state of mind. If you run over your stories of past experiences, does each one generate a positive feeling that inspire you to create a more positive reality, or do some reinforce your fears and limitations? Because that what you weight down by negative bias or dark conviction comes back to haunt you a thousandfold, preventing you reaching your state of destiny. However, the past is not set in stone. It changes according to our point of view.

In order to help you recognize if you’ve reached the state of mind that may be called destiny you’re not asked to reach outside of you, but to go within. The June Full Moon offers you the opportunity to follow the tide of your emotions and descend like Hades, into the underworld of your subconscious. I invite you to go back to long forgotten events and experiences that want to be remembered. Once you’ve remembered them you can then become aware of all the aspects of that event; the colors, the sound maybe, etc. The next step is to integrate this complete picture into your conscious.

  • Descending into the underworld of your subconscious is something every Full Moon invites you to do. You’re no longer blinded by the light of the sun. That enables you to look behind the things as they appear at first sight and see the nuances of everything. The Moon is catching the light of the Sun and redirecting it to the Earth. It sort of bends the light into an angle as if it would be coming from around the corner. Descending is sort of the same thing; no longer striving to go up and out, but bending inwards and down, as if diving into your own body and looking from the inside out instead of from the outside in as we normally tend to do. The descend into the watery world of your emotions may help bring to the surface wounds of separation or early childhood programming that limits your vision of what’s possible, preventing  you from connecting to your state of destiny. Descending invites you to deeply seek the other side of yourself.
  • Being in your ‘inside’ so to say is something like looking around the corner, behind the scenes of your ordinary day existence and behaviour, opening up to past experiences. Now I invite you to connect to one of your experiences and not connect to the picture or story you drew up to handle it, but to it’s true origin. There are always little things, details we tend to forget about past events because. The bigger parts are jumping around in the bright spotlight, catching all the attention casting a shadow on the little details. It’s these bigger parts we use to draw up our own version of events. The details can be discovered not by dragging them into the spotlight – some probably will squeak and scare away from too much attention – but by using the softer approach that the Full Moon offers us. It’ll put them in a different perspective at which you can look at from a different angle or viewpoint, seeing the pain and hurt of all parties involved. It is in your willingness to enter fully and through any pain you encounter, that lies the healing power. It shall enable you to feel the grief that dissolves the past.
  • This probably may add some interesting information to your memory of the original experience I guess and it’ll make you aware of aspects you weren’t aware of playing part in this. As mentioned these aspects may be things such as color, sound and stuff like that, but it more certainly will be a word you or someone else said, a gesture, or a (hidden) emotion you picked up from the other party. Becoming aware may upgrade your memory from a 2D to a 3D level or even beyond opening you up to the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective, from ‘around the corner’ so to say. As a result of that all of the constructions you made up in your mind cannot hold on much longer when new information is added to it.
  • That can start off an interesting process of completely reorganizing the vision you had on this experience, freeing it from projections that no longer fit the newly obtained information. This helps you open up to the possibility of an easy and full integration of this experience into your conscious level of existence. Integration will disarm the hold it had on you when operating from a subconscious level, thus helping you to let go of preconceptions and old belief systems based on this experience and to release your old victim stories. Completely integrating old experiences is connecting them back to the cycle. By doing so each one will loose the constraint it had over your progress in life, when you thought you just could leave them behind by turning your back at them. Integration will turn them into a fertile breeding ground. By opening up to the gift that is in the wound or pain and integrating this in your life, you will no longer feel the need to escape from it through addiction and distraction. The broken fragments of you can be reconnected again restoring your sense of what your true destiny is.

July 12, 2014 – 01:26pm in Capricorn –  Hay Moon or Rose Moon – Sacrifice: Gratitude for abundance; maybe a good moment for a small sacrifice for the harvest to come 

August 10, 2014 – 08:10pm in Aquarius – Red Moon or Lightning Moon – Wisdom: Harvest in a spiritual way; to gain insight in ones lifecycle

September 09, 2014 – 03:38am in Pisces –  Harvest Moon or Corn Moon – Immortality: Harvest; becoming aware of the new seed as part of the new lifecycle

October 08, 2014 – 12:50pm in Aries –  Hunter’s Moon – Transformation: Transforming harvest into stock for the cold winter months to come

November 06, 2014 – 11:22pm in Taurus – Blood Moon – Survival: The simplicity of survival; taking precautionary measures to be able to survive through winter

December 06, 2014 – 01:27pm in Gemini – Long Night’s Moon  – Cleansing: Letting go of the old in order to gain strength to hive the new

(1) All time mentioned is GMT+1

(2) Sources used as inspiration for this blog: Virgo magic by Emily Trinkaus and Red Skywalker

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